Bobby Lytes Comes For Amara La Negra & Amara Claps Back

Amara La Negra
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: A.J. Niles

“Love and Hip Hop Miami” star Amara La Negra was arguably the breakout star for the show’s debut season. She captivated audiences earlier this year with her signature afro look and unabashed loyalty to her afro-latina roots.

She rubbed some viewers the wrong way with her unashamed blackness but for the most part, her cast mates and viewers loved her. Now months later, that may be changing.

A few weeks ago, LHHNY star Brittney Taylor called her out for allegedly trying to cozy up to her boyfriend in his apartment. Now her cast mate Bobby Lytes called her out after she blocked him on Instagram.

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  1. I’m starting to think Amara is messy on the low and people are tired of her pretending she’s such a positive person. This is like the 4th person who has exposed her. They can’t all be lying.

    1. They say the same thing about Beyoncé ?. Y’all be so quick to believe anything negative about someone. Bobby is the same person who kicked Trina(his own cousin) back in for fame like come on

  2. Amara is doing another season of LHHMIA? Last season was positive for her and I can see this one won’t be. You have to give it to Cardi. She left the show after it became a problem for her image. That was the best thing she could have ever done too. She left right on time.

    1. Cardi’s image is the same, and she too did 2 seasons so Amara still needs another season to keep her name relevent but I think this season she’ll be exposed as a fraud

  3. Bobby did actually defend her though when people said she was using colorism as a gimmick. So I hope she wasn’t talking ish about him behind his back.

  4. I use to like her but she is full of it. Always crying victim saying people don’t like her for who she is. hunny you don’t love urself that’s why you hide behind all that weave and make-up. I was very disappointed when she did that beautiful photoshoot supposedly showing her true self and every picture was of her in a different wig. smdh

  5. What is Amara’s end game? This needs to be her last season or she won’t be able to be anything more than a reality star.

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