Vonshae Taylor-Morales Responds to Backlash from LHHMIA Fans Over Treatment of Amara La Negra

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Amara La Negra and Vonshae Morales had a nasty fallout.

Love And Hip Hop Miami” fans have a lot to say about Amara La Negra and Vonshae Morales’ ongoing feud. Although they started off friendly, things went left after Vonshae and Gunplay received a lot of backlash for a GoFundMe campaign. As we reported, their daughter had some health issues that required hospital care. So they asked for some support from friends and GoFundMe was the platform used to raise funds. However, DJ Envy popularized the campaign on “The Breakfast Club.” So it blew up the situation and resulted in some people calling out Gunplay and Vonshae. They were accused of not needing the money. And people felt like prior to the campaign, they were trying to make it seem like they had an affluent lifestyle on Instagram.

Amara said she noticed the backlash that was taking place. But she didn’t really know how to reach out to Vonshae about it. Amara wasn’t sure what to believe. She also said that she didn’t think Gunplay and Vonshae handled the situation the best way. Amara stated being flashy on social media and then asking for help via GoFundMe just wasn’t the best look for the former couple. So she didn’t understand how the criticism caught them by surprise.

On the recent episode, Vonshae and Amara attempted to talk about the situation while Shay Johnson was supposed to mediate. However, it didn’t take long for the meeting to go left. Vonshae came in hot. She accused Amara of being a fake friend when she needed her the most. At the height of the tension, Vonshae threw a drink at Amara. And Amara responded by throwing a plate at Vonshae.

Some of the words exchanged during the heated moment have also been discussed on social media. In particular, Vonshae told Amara she was a “walking cemetery.”

Vonshae Morales is standing by her harsh words for Amara La Negra.

LHHMIA fans have been critical of Vonshae’s treatment of Amara. Many feel as if she has taken things too far and they don’t think her anger makes any sense. Amara doesn’t think Vonshae’s actions make sense either. She said they were only friends for a few months. Regardless, Vonshae had some things to say on X. She responded to some of the comments made by the viewers.

One X user wrote, “Vonshae expected so much from Amara in the ‘budding’ friendship, and for them to have known each other a few months, I understand why Amara was caught off guard #LHHMIA.”

Vonshae responded, “She’s a liar I’ve known Amara from BEFORE I was even pregnant if y’all pay attention to IG. My post still up y’all do the math. I’m not with the TV bs.”

Another person wrote, “See I would’ve gone straight to **** if I was Amara. Don’t mock someone’s miscarriage or bring up their kids when your baby is struggling. I would’ve gone in on Vonshae’s baby and asked God for forgiveness later. That ***** would’ve wanted to shoot me when I was done #LHHMIA.”

Vonshae caught wind of the tweet and alleged Amara lied.

“She spoke on my child first 🤷🏽‍♀️ just wasn’t aired. So yes, everyone gonna know you had 6+ ********* in one year.”

Vonshae told another X user that editing isn’t accurate because she’s really mad about something else.

“The girl laughed at someone wishing death on my child & talking crazy. All these scenes were after that. The way production editing everything ain’t how **** is.”

One viewer took to X to call out Vonshae for throwing her marriage to Gunplay in Amara’s face.

The person wrote, “Vonshae was throwing in Amara’s face about how she’s married & not a single mom like Amara. But Vonshae’s husband (now soon to be ex-husband) is an old *** ex *** trafficker. & He pulled out **** on her???? #LHHMIA”

Vonshae clapped back, “And hers is a married man. I wasn’t a side chick who got pregnant and played victim.”


  1. I truly think Vonshae is taking the anger and frustrations she has for Gunplay on Amara. Women do this often unfortunately.

  2. Pick me’s are something else. They’re the only ones delusional enough to think it’s worse to be a side chick than marrying and procreating with a violent criminal. Vonshae needs therapy.

  3. Like I’ve said before….that lil girl Vonshae has issues with her husband and she’s taking it out on Amara…I don’t blame Amara,I wouldn’t mess with u either…the way she’s carrying on trying to have a “moment” to be relevant for the show…All that anger and energy she’s throwing towards Amara should be her on her knees praying that she gets out of that toxic and dangerous marriage and for the better health of her daughter!!! Vonshae is not dumb…. she’s just stupid…any woman could have seen that Gunplay was fighting his demons and had problems….any man that can disrespect your mother is definitely not a man to marry,let alone bring a child into the world with!! That was a marriage for convenience (in my opinion) so that she can get on the show!!! I pray that girl seek help…. QUICKLY!!!

    1. Couldn’t agree more. She new what he was about. It’s sad to be used by someone. Not agreeing with how he treated Vonshae, if that is all true. I feel there’s more to that story and she’s not telling the whole story. Feel bad for the little baby.

  4. She needs to grow up and stop blaming others for her life and what’s going on in it. She has a sick child and a husband that is questionable. Like I said grow up and take care of your child and stay away from drama. You have enough in your household.

  5. Wait a min now Amara did say something to the nature about what was going on about the go fund me situation she didn’t want her name attached to her like that . So it’s okay for your manager to tell you that Safari’s Reputation can taint your reputation for business …. You screamed and was like what the h-ll he has to do with my business but Vonsha you didn’t want to be attached to her and her situation hmmmm Weird … Anyway also why didn’t you just say you aren’t dealing with her like that nomore . It’s the Fake sh-t for me … Speak up you are grown if your not feeling someone Just f****** say it . It is so simple.

  6. Vonshae is a whole mess. She should stay off Social Media. I don’t understand how you can claim to be friends or in love with someone and then put them on blast whether true or not. The petty vindictiveness is not a good look. This industry is slow to forget and forgive. Now no one will trust Vonshae. That 5 minutes of fame isn’t worth it. She turns everything that happens into something it’s not. Friendships are not built within days or months it takes years to build a relationship.

  7. She’s a Ph.D for sure. Pathetic and highly delusional. Putting another woman down for being a side chick while you’re married to a violent coke-head. How is your situation better? Hopefully the producers realize she’s useless and decide not to bring her back.

  8. I agree, Vonshae is needy she wants Amara to be up under her but, Amara has her own problems and issues, shes bullying Amara because she knows Amara is pretty peaceful and she views her as a weak link.

  9. I think she drove Gunplay back to drugs…look how she act in public! Just imagine how she cut up at home…Ijs! I wouldn’t care about some short term friend being there for me. She got some issues, while trying to ruin someone else’s character and hers is an epic fail. God is the only person we should need, because he’s always there.

  10. Please don’t bring Vonshae back to Love &Hip Hop. I really really don’t like her personality. Gunplay was the star in that relationship. He was trying to do better. I hope he gets the help he needs. And I’m team Amara.

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