Amara La Negra’s Ex Allan Mueses Goes Too Far on the Upcoming LHHMIA Episode

Amara La Negra LHHMIA Season 5
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Amara La Negra’s ex disrespected her on an upcoming LHHMIA episode.

“Love and Hip Hop Miami” star Amara La Negra has been vocal about her contentious co-parenting relationship with her ex, Allan Mueses. She’s accused him of not spending time with their twin daughters. Amara said she had to pick up the slack during his alleged lack of involvement.

In response, Allan hopped on social media to make his own accusations. He alleged Amara was preventing him from seeing their daughters. Allan also alleged Amara was angry with him because he pulled the plug on their romance. And he believed she was using their children to get her revenge against him. 

Amara decided the best way to deal with Allan was a one-on-one conversation. When they talked, both agreed to work towards a cordial co-parenting relationship. Allan even suggested they take a trip to the Dominican Republic so the twins could meet his side of the family. Amara said she’d consider this. Well, the peace between them unravels something profound in the upcoming episode.

In the preview, Allan gets a little too close to Florence El Luche’s sister Gaelle Jacques, which causes Amara to feel disrespected. When she confronts Allan, the drama only worsens.

Allan says, “You’re ******* ghetto as ****! Nobody wants your black ***!”

The encounter leaves Amara in tears. She tells Brooke Valentine she can’t believe Allan would speak this way about the mother of his children. 

Another dramatic moment in the preview occurs between Shay Johnson and Estelita Quintero. Estelita thinks Shay taunted her about being violated by her father while she was a child. During the past heated exchange, Shay told Estelita, “Girl, you better go suck your daddy’s ****!” 

In the trailer for the next episode, Shay denies referring to Estelita’s childhood trauma. However, Estelita isn’t buying it. So she tries to run up to Shay.


  1. Shay that’s hitting below the belt. You better worry about Fabo for taking him back like a dumb woman. Your mom has every right ✅️ to say keep him AWAY from me. Good 👍 luck with that GIRL!

  2. So nobodies going to talk about Gyal alway being in someone’s mans face first her sister then her comments about Fabo and now Amara baby daddy She’s like a dog with pink thing showing and she needs to be neutered. Or beat tf up period!!!!!!!!

      1. Exactly oh yeah and let’s not forget Flo girlfriend calling her a clout chaser when Gyal in the most trifling person in Love and hip hop history more than Stevie J and Peter Gunz and that says a lot

  3. Turns out Florence just as bad as her ignorant azz sister which it appears the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree because who mama telling them to get back wit a man who slept with their SISTER like woooow!! Shay is a looser and a non mf factor she doing all that to be with that dude who ain’t worth a wooden nickle HEADS UP LADIES DONT TELL YO BUSINESS CUZ SHE GONE TELL IT 🤷‍♀️

  4. The way I would let loose on Shay ain’t even funny. She’s a grown a$$ child with a child and her ignorance wooo child is astounding and shameful. She never listens to nobody she has all the damn answers and gets mad when the truth is told. That man of hers is nothing to brag about he cares about nothing and no one except HIM! But she is so blind and ignorant to see it.

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