‘Power’ Recap: Tariq Makes Another Bad Move + Angela Makes a Tough Decision

Angela puts the pieces together.

Angela begins to panic as she pieces together the fact that Ghost may have had something to do with Raymond Jones aka Ray Ray’s murder.

After arriving to the scene of the crime, she steps out on the rooftop to catch her breath and thinks things over.

She’s beginning to feel like Ghost pulled the trigger himself since Ray Ray killed Raina.

A sergeant from the NYPD finds her and tells her the bullet found in the wall looks like it came from a .380.

They are going to take it to ballistics and see if it matches a gun already used in a past crime.

He wants Angela to leave a statement for the crime scene file since she was the one who discovered the bullet.

Angela politely refuses, telling the sergeant she doesn’t think he needs her statement. She wants the crime scene investigators to take the credit for her discovery.

“You can leave me out of your report. Since Detective Jones isn’t here there’s no reason for me to be here either.” – Angela

She then gets on the elevator to leave.

An agent from Internal Affairs arrives and spots Angela leaving. She asks the sergeant who Angela is and is informed that Angela is the Federal Prosector and Head of Criminal for the Eastern District.

He also tells her he’s annoyed that Angela refused to be in his crime report.

The female agent finds this all to be suspicious and makes it a point to remember Angela’s name.

Dre walks up to Ray Ray’s building and sees that cops are everywhere. Realizing something must have happened to Ray Ray, he calls Tariq’s cell phone.

While in the bed, Tariq answers the phone and tells Dre he can’t talk after Dre asks what happened.

“I can’t speak right now.” – Tariq

Dre then calls up Cristobal and tells him they have a problem and need to meet up.

Tasha needs a favor from Keisha.

Back at the house, Tasha arrives by elevator. She immediately asks Keisha if Tariq ever left his room.

Keisha says no and asks what’s going on.

Tasha doesn’t tell her but asks Keisha to be her and Tariq’s alibi if something goes down.

Feeling like something major happened, Keisha hugs Tasha and tells her they can talk in the morning.

Ghost, Tommy and Kanan are walking the streets and discussing their plan to take out Dre.

Ghost says it needs to be someone who can’t be traced to him and Tommy so the Jimenez won’t figure things out.

Kanan says he can do it because Dre has no idea he’s still alive.

Plus the Jimenez never heard of him before.

Ghost and Tommy think this could work as long as the Taino hitmen Dre hired to take out Kanan aren’t discovered dead by Dre.

They enter Tommy’s building and on the way in, Ghost asks Kanan how he knows Kanan can be trusted.

Kanan reminds Ghost he’s had multiple opportunities to kill him and Tommy.

“Dre’s the problem, right?” – Kanan

“Right.” – Ghost

Tasha puts the pressure on Angela.

The female witness, Maria Suarez, is back at the department telling Saxe that she’s sure it was Ghost who killed her fiancé. Although she was blindfolded, she can ID him by his voice.

She knows nothing about anyone named Tommy Egan.

John Mak later tells Saxe and Tamieka that voice ID is not going to work in court. Tamieka says to still get a statement from the witness, but not to move forward until they can get feedback from Angela.

Saxe thinks it would be best to not involve Angela but Tamieka disagrees. She then questions where Angela is at the moment, in which no one knows.

Angela then meets up with Tasha.

“Why are you blowing me up?” – Tasha

Angela tells Tasha that she doesn’t believe Tariq was ever really missing. She thinks Tasha lied and Jamie is the one who killed Ray Ray.

Since Angela gave Tasha Ray Ray’s location, she realizes she can now be implicated in the case.

Tasha says Ghost didn’t kill anyone and she really did need Angela to locate Tariq.

“Bullsh*t. I’m going to have to turn you all in now, Tasha. And I’m going to have to testify against you and Jamie.” – Angela

“Tariq shot him. With my gun.” – Tasha

Angela is shocked by this news.

“I didn’t lie to you. I was looking to stop him. Look, no one is going to jail, Angela. No one even knows anything you just said. I handled it. I took every precaution.” – Tasha

At this point, Angela tells Tasha that she was just at the scene of the crime and a bullet was discovered.

Tasha said her gun is gone and was reported stolen.

However, her gun is in the system because Angela retrieved it when she originally did a search on the house.

“It’s going to trace back to you and we’re all going to jail.” – Angela

They have abut 24 to 30 hours before they can match the bullet with Tasha’s gun.

Tasha tells her to stop the process because she can’t lose two of her kids to Ray Ray.

“You want me to stop the process.” – Angela

If investigators aren’t able to match the gun to the bullet, none of this will get back to any of them.

Cristobal and Dre prepare for Tommy, Ghost and Kanan.

Dre meets with Cristobal to discuss their next move. With Ray Ray dead, the streets just got hotter for them.

Cristobal also confirms that the hitmen he hired to take out Kanan never came back.

“Oh, f*ck.” – Dre

Dre says that Kanan isn’t their only problem because Tommy knows they took out Julio. He learned this from Callahan. Cristobal asks why Callahan skipped their last meeting, and Dre confirms he took him out.

Cristobal says Uriel is the only other person who knew they took out Julio. But Tommy or Ghost had to be the ones who just killed Uriel.

They realize that Tommy, Ghost and Kanan are after them. When Cristobal suggests they let the Jimenez handle the trio, Dre says they should let the trio come to them since they promised the Jimenez there would be no war.

The next day, Tommy and Ghost meet up with Councilman Tate, Tariq and Tasha in front of the church the funeral will be. Tasha spots that Kanan is near the car.

She immediately asks Ghost what he’s doing around Kanan.

“We’ll talk about it later, Tasha.” – Ghost

On the way inside the church, Tasha gives Kanan a cold glance.

Inside the church, the reverend and councilman discuss funeral plans. They want to make sure cameras are there so the media can be involved.

Tasha thinks this is low but Ghost and the others say it will be helpful for the charity work they are doing. They will dedicate the buildings to Raina. Tasha hates that these decisions were made without her.

Apparently Councilman Tate had no idea the buildings were going to be dedicated to Raina’s honor either.

Ghost says this will be a great way to remember Raina and move the project forward.

He also believes this will help with donations.

“My daughter is dead. That’s not a got d*mn opportunity!” – Tasha

After this display of anger, the reverent calms down Tasha and assures her that they will make sure the press is carefully selected and respectful.

Councilman Tate then asks if Tariq would like to do the eulogy. Both Tasha and Ghost say no but Tariq says he wants to do it.

Outside of the church, Kanan and Tommy have a conversation about Ray Ray’s demise. Kanan asks if Tariq got to Ray Ray first, but Tommy lies and says Tariq wasn’t there. They got to Ray Ray first.

“Tariq got there after.” – Tommy

“How’s he hanging in there with his sister and all?” – Kanan

“Yeah, you know. He good. Don’t worry abut Tariq, K. Family got his back.” – Tommy

Kanan reminds Tommy that if he didn’t call, Tariq would be dead. Tommy then reminds Kanan that Tariq would have never met Ray Ray if it wasn’t for Kanan.

“You stop f*cking with Tariq, K, and you and me, we cool.” – Tommy

Ghost goes off on Tariq.

When the St. Patrick family gets home, Tasha asks Tariq why Ray Ray was following him. She wants to know why Raina was killed.

Ghost then goes off and says he knows about all the licks Tariq pulled with Kanan.

“Wait, Kanan is behind this?” – Tasha

Ghost then tells Tasha that Kanan is the reason they found Tariq and Ray Ray at all.

“No, Dre is the problem, Tasha.” – Ghost

Ghost then asks how did Dre know Ray Ray and why he sent Tariq to confront him about Raina.

“You’re just a little kid.” – Ghost

“I’m not a little kid.” – Tariq

At this point, Ghost explodes.

“Yes, the f*ck you are!” – Ghost

Tasha tells Ghost to calm down. He calms down and continues to ask Tariq questions.

“How did Dre know Ray Ray? Answer the question…you gonna answer these questions.” – Ghost

“He met him at Kanan’s place after I did.” – Tariq

“And how long did Dre know Kanan was back?” – Ghost

“The whole time.” – Tariq

This upsets Ghost and Tariq tells him that Dre told him to stay away from Kanan. But Tariq told Dre that he would tell Ghost Dre knew about Kanan if he didn’t give up Ray Ray’s location.

Plus he also pulled Tasha’s gun out on Dre.

Tasha tells Tariq he’s lucky Dre didn’t kill him.

Ghost says that Dre should have called him, Tommy or Kanan. Or Dre should have given Tariq the wrong number or taken the gun away from Tariq.

“That little motherf*cker sent you to Ray Ray to die.” – Ghost

Tariq said he had to kill Ray Ray to make things right for Raina. After Tariq asks what Ghost would have done if he were in his shoes, Ghost then gets in his face.

Tasha interjects and says that Tariq should have told her, Ghost or Tommy what was going on with Ray Ray. She questions how long Raina knew Tariq was in trouble.

It hurts her that Raina didn’t come to her because Raina used to tell her everything.

Ghost then figures out that Raina didn’t tell because Tariq told her not to.

“Cause he thought he could handle it all on this own. If you wasn’t so f*cking doggone stupid, your sister would still be alive!” – Ghost

He then grabs Tariq by his clothes and they begin to tussle as Tariq tries to storm off to his room.

Tasha tries to calm down Ghost but he’s not backing down.

He pins Tariq to the wall and Tasha urges Ghost to let Tariq go.

Tariq storms off to his room.

Tasha tells Ghost that it’s not all Tariq’s fault. He agrees and says Tasha wasn’t watching him.

“Are you f*cking kidding me? Alright. Go ahead and blame everyone in this house of Raina’s death, including her, if you want to. But that still doesn’t change the fact that Kanan is the reason Tariq is in this mess.” – Tasha

She calls Ghost out for hanging around Kanan with Tommy but he’s convinced this is all on Dre.

Ghost then leaves.

Tameika doesn’t trust Angela, Angela gets a visit from Blanca.

Angela is in her office, on the computer very close to logging in and deleting the file on Tasha’s gun. But she decides not to go through with it. She is then interrupted by her boss Tameika who questions why she didn’t answer her phone last night. But Angela says she didn’t have her ringer on and she was home and fell asleep early.

Tameika then tells Saxe that she doesn’t think Angela was being honest with her about where she was last night. So she doesn’t want Angela to briefed on the potential witness, Maria Suarez, just yet.

This makes Saxe happy.

Blanca Rodriguez of NYPD Affairs drops by Angela’s office to question why she was at Ray Ray’s crime scene.

She says she was called in to investigate Ray Ray’s death because he was an undercover cop and they have discovered that he has fence items that he never reported to the department.

Blanca also tells Angela that she found it odd that Angela refused to use the sign out sheet for the crime scene file. That’s against protocol.

“It was an oversight.” – Angela

“Why were you there?” – Blanca

Angela says she was just checking Ray Ray out to see what kind of witness he would be.

Blanca asks if Angela has ever spoken with Ray Ray and Angela says she never got the chance unfortunately.

“He came onto my radar shortly before he went missing.” – Angela

Angela then says she’s late for a meeting so they must cut their conversation short.

While on the way to see Callahan, Tommy is greeted by a young guy he doesn’t know. The young guy says Callahan told him to seek out Tommy is something ever happened to him.

Tommy is informed that Callahan was stabbed to death. The young man says he thinks Callahan’s new connect may have something to do with it.

At this moment, an upset Tommy realizes Dre is responsible.

Dre gets the upper hand.

Later that night, Ghost and Kanan reminisce about the good old days while sitting in the car. They both agree that Tommy always needed someone to take care of him. Kanan is convinced that Ghost is that person.

Kanan questions if the Italians Tommy has been talking to really have his back. Ghost doesn’t think that they can be trusted.

Tommy gets back in the car and they ride to go find Dre.

They get to a warehouse, and Tommy and Ghost look for Dre on feet while strapped.

After a cigarette is tossed their way, they realize they have been set up.

Dre, Cristobal and their men begin shooting at Tommy and Ghost. Tommy and Ghost return the fire. Ghost is shot.

Kanan then pulls up in the car, and gets out and starts shooting. This helps Tommy and Ghost who return to the car. They drive off, failing to take out Dre.

Right after, the trio meets with Proctor and an undercover doctor to treat to Ghost’s wound.

They discuss what just went down in front of Proctor, but he reminds them his license was taken away, so he won’t be able to protect them if the police get involved.

He tells Ghost he only answered the phone because of Raina’s death. But until he gets his license back, he doesn’t need to know what they are up to or who Kanan is.

Before leaving, Proctor tells Ghost he will be at the funeral.

Tommy asks Proctor if they are all family and he says yes, still very uncomfortable with Tommy.

Later that night, Ghost cries in the shower as he reflects on Raina’s death.

After he gets out the shower, Tasha asks about his wound. Ghost refuses to talk about it and she asks if he killed Dre.

He doesn’t answer and Tasha says that if he dies chasing Dre, she will never forgive him.

“We’ll all feel better after this is over, once we get Dre.” – Ghost

“I will never feel better. Ever.” – Tasha

When Proctor gets back to his building, he sees Angela sitting in the lobby. He’s not happy to see her.

“I heard you have a bar hearing coming up.” – Angela

He tells her that John Mak really wants to get him disbarred.

Angela questions why Proctor hasn’t called her because she knows he didn’t break the law during Ghost’s prosecution.

“I’d be your best witness.” – Angela

He reminds Angela that she blackmailed her way into her promotion.

“Whatever game you’re playing with John Mak, leave me the f*ck out of it.” – Proctor

Before leaving, Angela asks Proctor if he had to do it all over again, would he still have helped Ghost.

He says probably and that no good deed goes unpunished.

“Watch your back, Joe. Mak’s not gonna go away easy.” – Angela

“But hopefully you will.” – Proctor

She chuckles softly before leaving.

Keisha will hold down Tasha.

Back at the house, Tasha and Keisha are making some more funeral decisions. Tasha picks out the pallbearers.

She cries as she remembers some of Raina’s most tender moments, including her leaving her favorite teddy bear at McDonald’s.

Keisha gets emotional and tells Tasha that she will be her alibi. Tariq’s too.

They hug.

Tommy, Ghost and Kanan are once again discussing how to take down Dre. After their failed attempt and realizing they were set up, they know they have to make sure Dre doesn’t see them coming the next time.

They know Dre’s current location, so Ghost says they should send Kanan’s crew in there next time.

Tommy says this isn’t a good idea and they should instead send some white Italians knows since Dre won’t recognize them.

“He’s going to be looking for black hitters. He ain’t gonna be looking for white hitters. I know you don’t trust them, Ghost, but I think we need to use them. Dre won’t see them coming.” – Tommy

“Bingo. We use em both.” – Ghost

Tasha gives Angela a reminder.

Angela and Tasha meet again. Tasha asks Angela if she’s deleted her gun file from the database and Angela says she hasn’t.

“There’s an internal report and federal database, Tasha. I checked the federal database. You gun isn’t in there yet. I can keep that from happening as just lost paperwork. But the internal report has already been filed. I have to log in as someone and delete the file.” – Angela

“Okay.” – Tasha

“Tasha, if I do this, it’s obstruction of justice. It’s evidence tampering. It’s disbarment. Official misconduct conspiracy, and that’s before I’m an accessory to murder, before and after the fact.” – Angela

“So don’t get caught. Okay?” – Tasha

Angela asks why Tasha went to her for help in the first place and Tasha says because she knows Angela still loves Ghost.

“Tasha, that’s not true.” – Angela

“I don’t care. The version of me that used to care, I don’t even know that person anymore. She had three living kids and she had time to worry about her husband sleeping with another woman. Look, you still love him and you still owe me. You ripped my family apart the first time you took him, and then the second time. And don’t think just because you gave him back it evens the score.” – Tasha

Angela says she’s very sorry about Raina and what happened to Tariq. She’s only doing it for them. Tasha thinks this is BS.

“You’ll be doing it for yourself.” – Tasha

Tasha then walks off.

Tommy gets some help from the Italians.

Tommy meets up with his father’s right hand man, Sammy.

They meet at the Italians hang out spot and Tommy is to be introduced to the rest of the crew. Sammy explains that he and Tommy’s dad Teresi were the most terrifying hitmen back in the day in New York.

Sammy says that title now belongs to four youngins in the crew. Two of them are Carmine and Marco. Both are busy working on a car while Sammy and Tommy are talking. But he warns Tommy to stay away from Carmine and Marco because they will corrupt him.

Not too long after, Sammy introduces Tommy to Vincent. Tommy wastes no time in asking Vincent for help.

“Yo, I got a boatload of some quality product coming in. If you use your guys to move my weight – and I’m one loyal motherf*cker – I’m gonna make you so much money.” – Tommy

“I heard you were a dope man. And you want me to move your weight? Why? Where’s your crew?” – Vincent

“I had to let them go. I had one bad one in the bunch, and he spoiled them all.” – Tommy

Vincent says he will help out Tommy because he’s Teresi’s kid.

“I’ll take 75 percent of what you got off your hands.” – Vincent

They shake on it.

Tommy leaves, and Vincent asks Sammy if he vouches for Tommy.

“You vouch for him?” – Vincent

“I do.” – Sammy

On the way out, Tommy goes against Sammy’s advice and strikes up a conversation with Carmine and Marco.

After Tommy asks them if they are looking for some extra employment, they tell him everything they do must go through Vincent. Tommy challenges this and jokingly asks if Vincent is their parole officer. He tells them he will pay them $60,000 for a hit.

This gets their attention.

They tell him to make it $80,000 and they agree to the deal.

Tommy stresses that they don’t even have to kill Dre. He just wants them to bring Dre back to him.

“I wanna be the one who pulls that trigger.” – Tommy

As he leaves, Sammy sees Tommy telling Carmine and Marco that he’ll be in touch.

Blanca goes by to talk to Ray Ray’s cousin. Blanca tells her she should receive whatever pension Ray Ray had since she’s his next of kin, unless it’s proven that he was a dirty cop.

She’s not convinced Ray Ray’s body will ever be found.

On the way out, Blanca notices there’s a business card left by Angela.

She asks Ray Ray’s cousin if anyone else came to speak to her about Ray Ray, including a woman. Ray Ray’s cousin says no, and only Ray Ray’s coworkers and some from the NYPD came by.

Tariq ruins Ghost’s chances of killing Dre.

It’s the day of Raina’s funeral.

Councilman Tate sneakily asks the media to keep the camera on the first pew where the family is sitting, especially on Tasha.

He then tells Tasha and Ghost that he hopes the Lord will give them strength and refuge.

“Bless you all.” – Councilman Tate

He directs them where to sit and Tasha gives Silver a quick glance.

When Tommy enters the church, Councilman Tate refuses to let him sit with family on the first row. This upsets Tasha and she starts to go off. But Tommy says he’s okay with sitting in the second row.

He sits next to Keisha. She’s not thrilled. Once she begins crying, Tommy puts his hand on top of hers.

Tommy then gets a text letting him know that all of their men are in position to get Dre. He whispers this to Ghost.

“K says they’re in position. Eyes on Dre.” – Tommy

Tariq hears this.

After the pastor wraps up his speech, Tariq walks up to give the eulogy.

In the middle of the eulogy, Tariq fakes like he’s getting too emotional to finish and walks off the stage. Ghost comes up to finish the eulogy.

He then goes to the bathroom and sends a text to Dre to “run.”

Dre receives the text and begins to run as he’s being chased.

He escapes Kanan’s men and makes it to the garage. There Carmino and Marco surprisingly ambush Dre and place a cover over his head. Dre takes out his gun while under the cover, and begins to shoot, fatally wounding Marco, and shooting Carmino in his stomach (Carmino survives it seems).

Angela logs into the system as Darryl Gaines and deletes the file.

After Raina is buried, Silver confronts Tasha as she breaks down. Silver says he knows she’s protecting Ghost.

“I will protect you instead.” – Silver

They kiss. Silver then leaves. Her mother catches all of this and questions why Tasha did what she did.

“Mama, you wouldn’t understand.” – Tasha

“You’re right. I don’t.” – Tasha’s mom

Tasha then says she’s going back to the guests and walks off. Her mother is speechless.

Back at the gravesite, Ghost apologizes to Raina. As he’s apologizing and emotional, a hooded Dre approaches him. He tells Ghost he knows he’s not strapped at Raina’s funeral and they need to talk.

He makes it clear to Ghost that he’s now a protected man and running with the Jimenez crew. Coming after him means coming after the Jimenez. He warns Ghost that if they try to kill him again, the Jimenez crew will kill everyone he loves. There will be more funerals and burials of Ghost’s loved ones.

As he’s talking, Tommy arrives to his apartment and sees a card left by the Jimenez crew.

Kanan arrives back to his car with a woman, and finds a Jimenez card left on his windshield.

Dre hands Ghost a Jimenez card before walking away.

Ghost angrily tears up the card.

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