Azealia Banks and Joseline Hernandez Call Out Nicki Minaj

Azealia Banks is currently trending on twitter as she effectively ended her truce against Nicki Minaj. Earlier today, Nicki posted a photo of herself dressed up in a mermaid costume.

The costume is part of the music video for Nicki’s song “Bed,” featuring Ariana Grande. “Bed” is a suspected single off Nicki’s upcoming album “Queen.”

Not long after Nicki posted the video, Azealia Banks went into a tizzy on social media. In multiple comments, Azealia accused Nicki of stealing her Mermaid schtick. First, she reposted the photo to her own Instagram account with the following caption:

Chicken of the sea sis. Stay in your own lane. @nickiminaj lol you running out of ideas girl. #TREASUREISLAND

Next, Azealia commented on Twitter criticizing Nicki’s look in the costume, telling her to “get some art.”

Check out the tweets below

Of course, Nicki Minaj’s fan base responded quickly to Azealia’s shade. However, Azealia quickly had responses for them. Azealia reiterated the “Auntie Chicken of the Sea” shade she threw earlier, and brought up how people accused Nicki of stealing Lil Kim’s looks over the years.

She also made a complete 180 when it came to Cardi B and Nicki. Azealia said that Cardi will eat her alive and Nicki’s reign in hip hop is over.

Interestingly enough, Joseline Hernandez let her thoughts known on the matter. On Twitter, Joseline said “everyone” in the industry does not like working with Nicki Minaj, because of things she did behind the scenes. She also called Nicki a “flawed b****.”

Check out the tweet below.

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