Tommie Denies Getting a Beat Down + Gets Arrested, Again

Recently, Tommie’s in Miami, as she apparently moved from Atlanta. While down in Miami, Tommie did an interview with host Supa Cindy on 99 Jamz. Cindy asked her if Akbar really assaulted her in an Atlanta recording studio.

Tommie flatly denied the claims.

When asked about the altercation, Tommie said the following:

Mariah Carey’s cousin? I don’t know her.

So many people make up things about me, because that’s the thing to do. The only way they’ll talk to certain people is if they bring my name up.

It is what it is. People gonna feed into it because it’s about… Tommie.

Of course, when Akbar caught wind of the post, she quickly became angry. Not long after Cindy posted the interview clip to her Instagram page, Akbar posted a reply to Tommie. Firstly, Akbar told people not to send the clip to her, and told Tommie to stop lying.

Next, Akbar posted a photo of Tommie, highlighting the black eye and swollen lip she allegedly received from the assault.

Finally, Akbar posted an interview of her own, detailing the alteration with Tommie. Apparently, Tommie was belligerent towards Akbar and others in the studio that night, which included Memphis rappers 8-Ball & MJG.

Check out the interview below.

In related news, Tommie was recently arrested for assaulting a valet driver Monday morning at the Royal Peacock club.

Reportedly a cop told Tommie to get out of the roadway and that angered her. Cops say she refused to follow instructions and became belligerent.

A valet driver was on the receiving end of her wrath.

After she allegedly assaulted the driver, cops decided they had enough. The driver didn’t want to press charges so she was arrested for disorderly comment while under the influence.

We told you weeks ago that it appeared as if Tommie has not stopped drinking.

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