‘Power’ Recap: Tommy Gets Caught Up + Ghost’s Grief Turns Violent

Problems start brewing for the Serbs.

The episode opens up with two of Jason’s men (the Serbs) arriving at a port that happens to now be Jimenez territory. Apparently they have no idea that the port is no longer in the possession of the Serbs, as Tommy promised. 

When they are confronted by the Jimenez crew, guns are immediately drawn on them. 

They play like they are retreating and want no violence, but pull out their guns too. A shootout ensues. They are both shot and killed by the Jimenez crew. 

Their bodies are dumped in the water.

Back at the St. Patrick house, Tasha is crying over Raina in Raina’s bedroom. Ghost and Tariq hear her. 

Tariq comes in to check on her but she tells him she’s fine and she quickly leaves. 

Angela looks on at the board at crime scene pictures and mugshots ahead of a strategy meeting. It appears Uriel’s murder will be a topic of the meeting. 

When John Mak enters, he complains about not being chosen to lead the meeting. Angela doesn’t seem to care about his bitterness. 

The meeting kicks off, and Angela begins discussing Uriel. She says he was the lead of the Toros and was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head, with nails in his hands and shoulders. 

“It’s sick to think someone would take pleasure in doing this.” – Angela

When it is suggested that some cartel members may have done this, Mak says that Uriel was already on thin ice because 86 keys were discovered at the raid.

With it looking like Uriel’s death is a result of all the drugs discovered at a previous raid, they now shift their focus to the remaining Toros members who are fighting to replace Uriel. That would be Arturo and Lorenzo.

They are considered possible suspects. 

Angela says they should see if they can get a match on the gun discovered at the scene.

“It’s definitely a Narcos gun. Maybe it’ll lead to the connect.” – Angela

Mak says he’s convinced someone knew who Uriel was working with because criminals gossip. 

“Someone will talk.” – Mak 

Tommy keeps Keisha in the dark.

When Tommy arrives to the St. Patrick residence, he’s immediately distracted by the scent of breakfast. Turns out Keisha is there making her banana pancakes.  

Tommy gives her an awkward greeting. 

He tells her that it’s kind of her to be as supportive as she’s been to Tasha and Ghost. He remembers how happy he was to become a godfather to both Raina and Tariq. He blames himself for Raina’s death and wishes he would have protected her. 

Keisha then asks Tommy what went down because Tasha has asked her to be an alibi for her and Tariq. 

But Tommy places his hand on Keisha’s leg and tells Keisha it’s for her own good that she doesn’t know. Tariq listens on around the corner from the kitchen. A frustrated Keisha gets up to check on Yas, after once again not being told the truth. 

On her way to check on Yas, Ghost asks Keisha if she’s seen Tasha. She tells Ghost Tasha would only says she was going out. 

Tommy and Ghost prepare to leave and start their day.

Tasha meets Angela at a restaurant.

“I thought you said we weren’t going to meet with each other again.” – Tasha

Angela asks Tasha if anyone else knows Tariq knew Raymond Jones. Tasha isn’t sure and Angela urges her to find out. If not, Tariq could be linked to Ray Ray’s murder and all of them will be implicated. 

Before leaving, Angela hands Tasha a burner phone to contact her when she finds out more info. 

Jason makes some demands.

Tommy and Ghost meet up with Kanan. 

As soon as they see Kanan, Tommy asks what went down with the Dre hit. Kanan says that Dre behaved as if someone gave him a tip. He also blames it failing on the Italians. 

“The real question is who could have warned him?” – Ghost

Kanan then shows them the card that was left on his windshield. Tommy and Ghost confirm they have cards too. They then tell Kanan that Dre has linked up with the Jimenez crew. 

Unfazed by this news, Kanan says he has no problem taking out the Jimenez crew to get to Dre. 

At this moment, a car speeds towards them. They all take out their guns. 

Men in black exit the vehicle with guns drawn. It’s Jason Micic and his crew. 

Tommy tells Ghost and Kanan he moves Jason’s weight and to put their guns down.

“I thought I told you to stop working with Ghost.” – Jason

Tommy tells Jason he was just about to call him and has his money but Jason is not hearing any of this.

He explains that two of his men were killed the previous night at the port that Tommy promised him. 

Turns out the Jimenez are now claiming the port and took his $2 million shipment. Jason says Tommy owes him $2 million.

“The problem is I don’t know what will give me more satisfaction. Getting my money or killing you.” – Jason

Jason’s men move in to shoot and kill Tommy, but Tommy promises that he’s going to get Jason his money and that port. 

He tells Jason he’s willing to kill the Jimenez if that’s what it takes.

After being told this, Jason says that both Ghost and Kanan have to help Tommy take out the Jimenez. 

Jason leaves, and Ghost tells Tommy the only thing he wants to do is kill Dre. But Tommy said he was forced to say what he said because their lives were on the line.

Ghost says they have no access to the Jimenez and they need an inside guy. But Kanan says Dre will lead them to the Jimenez and they can kill them all. 

“Do you hear this? If we kill the Jimenez and Jason has our back, then Dre becomes a clean kill. This is a beautiful idea, K. Ghost are you down?” – Tommy 

Ghost then says he has no choice because Jason didn’t give him one. 

Diego puts the pressure on Dre.

Dre walks in on Diego having “relations” with two women, with the one getting his most attention being named Francesca. 

When Dre offers to just wait outside until Diego wraps up, Diego tells him to stay and watch. This makes Dre very uncomfortable. 

After the ladies leave, Diego tells Dre that one of their stash houses were raided. It was a Toros house. 

“It’s all over the news. Your federal agents seized 86 keys of my product.” – Diego

“Who’s f*ck up is that?” – Dre

“The Serbs were in our port. We got rid of them. Took their product. Now I got a big shipment coming and I’m counting on you to make up for the money that I lost in the raid.” – Diego

Diego then asks when the Bassett family is going to give Dre control of their international clubs. 

Dre says he’s on it. Diego then says that Uriel’s death leaves an opening for his replacement and a Toros leadership problem. 

“There’s infighting gong on for his spot. Fix that sh*t. And I ain’t got time for f*ck ups and neither does my sister.” – Diego

The feds are beginning to put the pieces together of Maria Suarez’s fiancé’s death.

They are convinced that Ghost probably murdered him in the loading dock at Truth. 

Mak is not so convinced that Ghost will kill someone in his own club. He also doesn’t think Maria would make a strong witness because she was blindfolded the entire time. 

But Saxe is convinced Ghost is guilty and proving such would redeem everyone there plus take Angela down.

While Mak wants Angela gone as well, he says there’s only one person who knows the truth. It’s assumed he’s talking about Proctor. 

“If I get that person to talk, it’s the witness of a lifetime.” – Mak

Ghost is meeting with Councilman Tate. Tate is going over the model they will use for their fundraising efforts. 

They will have an official ribbon cutting ceremony once they reach the $15 million mark.  

There’s just one catch, Ghost will have to talk Tasha into doing a press conference about Raina’s death. 

Tate believes doing a press conference, offering awards to find Raina’s killer and giving the NYPD leads, will make Ghost look less like he has any criminal connections. 

Ghost isn’t sure about this but plans to talk to Tasha. 

Sammy gives Tommy an update.

Sammy pulls up on Tommy and says they need to talk. He makes it clear to Tommy that he won’t take no for an answer. 

Sammy takes Tommy to an unfamiliar place and tells him Connie’s placebo isn’t working out so well. She’s getting sicker. 

It’s also revealed that Carmine is still alive. 

He’s not in good shape when Tommy sees him. Sammy tells him that Marco died. 

Carmine explains that Dre was strapped and they had no idea. 

“We had him. But he got the drop on us and ran. F*ck, Sammy. We gotta tell Vince what happened. That you hired us, Tommy.” – Carmine

Tommy then goes to the side to pull out his gun as he plans to finish Carmine off. But Sammy stops him and says they don’t do things that way.

“He’s Vincent’s godson.” – Sammy

Tommy then says he just needs to talk to Teresi to figure everything out. 

Sammy tells Carmine they will be back later with a doctor. 

Mak gives an offer Proctor refuses.

As Proctor is at a bar eating and talking to a friend, Mak walks up on him. 

He tells Proctor that he will make sure he gets to keep his license if she rats out a few of his clients. 

Proctor refuses and Mak reminds him to think of his daughter’s future before walking away. 

Back at the penthouse, Ghost asks Tasha where she was. She says she was running errands and he says he’s getting ready to do the same. Both are aware they are lying to each other.

Ghost tells Tasha that Tate wants them to do a press conference. She’s against this. She feels it can cause Tariq to be linked to Ray Ray. 

She then asks who else knows Tariq knew Ray Ray. Ghost says he only knows of Dre. 

Tasha tells Ghost to ask Kanan since he introduced Tariq to Ray Ray. Ghost says he will ask. 

They switch the topic to Tariq’s future. She thinks he should still go to Choate. Ghost is unsure now because he feels he needs to keep Tariq close to keep an eye on him. 

Dre comes up with a plan for the Toros.

Dre is talking to his friend Two Bit. Two Bit brings up how savage it is that someone killed Callahan. Dre lies and says the Albanians must have did it. 

He then changes the subject to the upcoming Jimenez shipment. He wants Two Bit to be ready. 

“I’m counting on you to be there to take delivery of the product.” – Dre

Cristobal arrives, and tells Dre they need to talk alone. But Dre says Two Bit is cool and can hear what needs to be said. 

He tells Dre and Two Bit about the infighting going on in the Locos between Arturo and Lorenzo. Auturo thinks Lorenzo killed Uriel to take Uriel’s spot.

When Dre asks Cristobal who he thinks should be the Toros new leader, he says Lorenzo has more experience and can hit the ground running. Arturo is young and doesn’t know enough.

Two Bit says with Arturo being young and not knowing much, Dre could tell him what to do.

“I like that.” – Dre 

Dre decides Arturo will be the next leader of the Toros. Cristobal doesn’t think this is a good idea, but Dre says that it’s his call.

He then says that they need to hire people to take out Lorenzo because they can’t have his murder linked back to them.

Cristobal then says that the killers have to be taken out as well to keep them from being found out. Dre agrees to this. 

“‘I’ll call the hitters Cris, and when they’re done, we’ll take them out.” – Dre

As Two Bit and Dre walk out, Ghost and Kanan are sitting in a car watching them. Ghost says they could take out Dre right at that moment, but Kanan reminds him that they need Dre to lead them to the Jimenez crew.

Kanan then tells Ghost he’s sorry about Raina’s death. 

He asks Kanan if anyone else knew about Tariq’s connection to Ray Ray and Kanan says the only person he knows of is Brains who pulled a lick with Tariq. But no one has seen Brains in a minute.

“But Brains wouldn’t f*ck with Tariq. He knows that’d be f*cking with me.” – Kanan

While Kanan thinks Tariq is cut out for the street life, Ghost says he doesn’t want that life for Tariq. He also wants out of the game after Dre is dead. 

Kanan then says that Ghost could have been out the game by now and Dre dead if it wasn’t for Tommy. Ghost ponders on this. 

Mak runs into Silver.

He questions why he’s not testifying on behalf of Proctor for his censure hearing.

When Silver says he refuses to aid Mak in his personal vendettas, Mak hands him a subpoena. 

Ghost finds Tasha in Raina’s room and tells Tasha that Brains is the only person left who knows about Tariq’s connection with Ray Ray besides Dre but Kanan thinks he may be dead. 

Tasha thanks him for the info. 

He says that he now agrees Tariq should go off to Choates. He also admits he’s been avoiding being in Raina’s room.

“I know. You can’t come in and I can’t leave.” – Tasha 

She tells Ghost she wants to attend to church’s upcoming grief group meeting. Ghost says he doesn’t need to go but Tasha says she needs it. He reluctantly agrees to go. 

Tasha then texts Angela about Brains.

Angela pulls up his info in the database where it’s confirmed that he’s deceased. 

She also finds Big County’s file and sees he’s deceased as well. She begins to question how Tariq knows these two dead men who have been linked to a robbery ring.

Tamieka knocks on Angela’s door and asks if she’s ready for the meeting. She says she’s ready.

At the meeting, Angela says they found out that the gold gun discovered was used in the deaths of Celeste and Mason Cruz.

Celeste died of a gunshot wound while Mason died in an execution style drug overdose.

The Jimenez card was discovered at the scene and their baby is missing. 

The drugs had the same chemical composition as the drugs discovered at the scene of Uriel’s death.

Tamieka figures out that the Jimenez crew are the connect of the Toros. 

They believe that the motive of Celeste and Mason’s deaths were the Jimenez learned that Celeste was getting ready to snitch.

Angela asks Saxe to reach out to the NYPD to have files regarding the death of the Cruz couple sent back to the feds. He writes “ok b*tch” in his notes.

She’s convinced whoever owns the gold gun is their link to the “Jimenez brothers.”

“Nice job, Angela. If we can convict the Jimenez, everyone in this room is going to the big leagues.” – Tamieka

Teresi is not happy with Tommy.

Tommy goes to visit Teresi. He tells him about Connie and Teresi tells Tommy not to ever tell Connie that Tommy is his son because it will kill her faster than her illness. 

Teresi then talks in code and tells Tommy he made a huge mistake in hiring Carmine and Marco behind Vincent’s back. 

He tells Tommy to tell Vincent the truth, apologize and take the punishment.

“You should’ve come to me first.” – Teresi

He then angrily ends the conversation. 

The walls close in on Proctor. 

It’s the day of Proctor’s hearing. 

He tells the court that Mak is just being petty because he lost Ghost’s case. But the judge says this is his third censure meeting. 

The judge then points out that witnesses for Proctor’s previous censure meetings disappeared. She questions if any of Proctor’s clients have anything to do with that. He denies this. 

“I’m not a gangster.” – Proctor

The judge then brings up the fact that Proctor’s birth name is Joseph Civello. He says his father died and he took his stepfather’s last name when his mother remarried. The judge then points out that Proctor’s birth father died before he was acquitted of attempted murder. She mentions that his paternal side of the family has a long history of documented convictions. 

“That’s why I changed my last name because that is not who I am.” – Proctor

It’s time for the last witness and that happens to be Silver.

When he walks in to gives his testimony, Proctor appears uneasy. 

Silver gets on the stand and says he knew that Proctor had also represented Tommy. 

He also admits that he thought it was a conflict of interest between Ghost and Tommy. Silver says that he thought it was questionable for Proctor to not push Ghost to take a plea deal.

Silver also says that he asked Proctor to recuse himself from the case, but Proctor refused and said it wasn’t a conflict of interest. 

When asked if Proctor is an ethical attorney, Silver says no in a roundabout way. 

Proctor then questions Silver and asks why Ghost needed to take a plea deal for a crime he didn’t commit. 

Silver says that Proctor not pushing Ghost to a plea deal benefited Tommy as well. 

“I know the rules, Joe. You didn’t follow the rules.” – Silver

The judge tells Proctor a decision regarding his license will be made soon.

2 Bit makes an impulsive decision.

When Sammy, Tommy and a doctor go to Carmine’s hideout, they discover that he died. 

After the doctor leaves, Tommy calls out Sammy for ratting him out to Teresi.

“You didn’t even give me a chance to fix this.” – Tommy

“Why would I? Clearly, you’re out of your f*cking league. Now you gotta explain two dead guys to Vincent.” – Sammy

While driving with his friend and comrade Spanky, 2 Bit discusses how happy he is Dre put him in charge of the shipment. 

2 Bit spots Lorenzo walking down the street, the Torro Dre wants dead, and tells Spanky to turn the car around so he can take Lorenzo out. 

Spanky doesn’t think this is a good idea, but 2 Bit forces the issue. 

After Spanky hits a U-turn, 2 Bit shoots Lorenzo multiple times, killing him. They then speed off.

Tasha and Ghost attend the grief group meeting at the church. 

As parents discuss being without their children, Tasha gets emotional. 

One couple in particular reveal their son Luke was killed by a drunk driver while walking home from school. 

He was a week away from celebrating his 16th birthday. 

The father says he still follows his son’s killer, Jeff, who still frequents a liquor store on 23rd in his work uniform. 

He feels it’s only a matter of time before he kills another kid and he questions if it’s wrong for him to want Jeff dead.

The counselor tells the man that it’s normal to feel angry because anger is part of the grieving process. 

When the pastor asks if there’s anyone else who would like to share, Tasha begins to raise her hand but Ghost stops her. 

This angers and hurts her. 

On the way back to the penthouse, Tasha goes off on Ghost. She questions why she can’t talk to anyone and Ghost tells her that they aren’t like everyone else.

“Ghost, I need to talk to somebody.” – Tasha

“Tasha, that’s not the appropriate place to talk to someone. Those people don’t understand what we’re going through.” – Ghost

“You know what, maybe we should ask Reverend Macedon to refer us to a support group for families of murdering drug dealers. They’ll understand us right, Ghost?” – Tasha 

She then storms out of the car. 

Tasha enters the penthouse alone as Ghost picks up his phone to call Tate. He says Tasha isn’t in the right place mentally to do a press conference. Tate tells Ghost to try to talk her into it anyway, and Ghost agrees.

It’s confirmed Tate is planning to run for governor. 

Dre goes off on 2 Bit.

Darryl Gaines, the employe whose name Angela used to log in and delete files out the system about Tasha’s gun,  walks into Angela’s office and hands her the files on the Cruz murders. 

He congratulates her on her promotion and asks if she can talk to the IT department because he hasn’t been able to log into the system lately. She says she will look into this. 

Before walking out of her office, Darryl apologizes for calling Angela “radioactive” before. Ghost calls Angela but she ignores his call. 

Darryl also tells her he’s glad she’s been keeping away from Ghost. 

“Yeah, me too.” – Angela 

Ghost leaves a voicemail telling her he needs to talk to her before drinking from a bottle of liquor in a brown paper bag. 

2 Bit walks up on Cristobal and Dre and proudly tells them they can cancel the “hitters” because he killed Lorenzo himself while Spanky drove.

“What you mean you lit his a*s up?! You had one job! To get the shipment.” – Dre

“I did get to the shipment and I took that motherf*cker out. I had a busy f*cking day.” – 2 Bit

2 Bit questions why Dre is upset because he saved him “money and time.”

An outraged Dre tells 2 Bit to leave and get out of his face. After 2 Bit heads outside, Cristobal tells Dre he now has to take out 2 Bit and Spanky.

Dre says he will handle it and for Cristobal to run the Blind Pig. 

He heads outside to go off on 2 Bit again. Dre explains that the hits can’t come back to them and 2 Bit says no one saw him.

Dre goes off and says that when he tells 2 Bit to do something, he has to do it his way. 

2 Bit then tells Dre that the Jimenez connection and club stuff has Dre thinking he’s better than everyone else. 

“Just remember, you wasn’t sh*t when we met, my n*gga.” – 2 Bit

“I ain’t your n*gga no more, boy. You work for me, Francis. And from now on, you do what I f*cking say. That’s my sh*t. My organization. You and Spanky ain’t running the Blind Pig no more. Cristobal is.” – Dre

2 Bit tells Dre that Spanky didn’t do anything wrong because 2 Bit made the call, but Dre isn’t hearing it. 

Since Spanky didn’t stop 2 Bit from making the hit, he’s just as guilty in Dre’s eyes. 

Kanan watched the entire confrontation go down not too far away in his car. 

While waiting for Tasha to arrive at a restaurant, Angela plays the voicemail left by Ghost. 

When Tasha arrives, Angela hangs up the phone. 

Angela confirms that Brains is dead and he was killed with an associate Big Country. Both were linked to a robbery ring. She asks Tasha if she knows if Tariq had anything to do with the robbery ring and Tasha says no. 

At this point, Angela says everything she should be fine if Tariq isn’t linked to any of the robberies. 

Tasha tells Angela she’s sending Tariq away for school and Angela thinks this is a good idea.

Kanan is still plotting.

Dre and Cristobal meet with Arturo and the rest of the Toros. Arturo introduces Dre as their new boss. Dre tells Arturo he heard he killed Lorenzo and Arturo lies and takes the credit. This gives Cristobal and Dre a cover for now. 

Kanan meets with his boys and tells them that Dre is still alive. The plan is still to take out Dre but Kanan now wants to focus on taking Tommy’s Serbs connect away and taking over Tommy’s organization. Now that he’s met Jason, he knows what needs to be done. 

While Tariq is playing video games, Tasha says she needs to talk. She tells him that her and Ghost have decided to still send him to Choates. He’s okay with this. 

But he feels like Raina’s death is all his fault and his parents agree. Tasha lets him know she will love him always. 

She then tells Tariq that Brains and Big Country are dead. Kanan confirmed this. She asks if she now knows all of Tariq’s doings and he says no. 

He promises to get on the straight and narrow path now.

Ghost and Tasha show up to Tate’s event while he’s speaking to the press. He invites them up on the stage to talk about Raina’s death. 

Both are furious that he forced them into a press conference. 

Ghost speaks first and says he’s thankful for the prayers and support. 

Tasha then speaks and breaks down crying. She says that Raina didn’t deserve to die and she feels like everyone, including her, is responsible for Raina’s death. 

Ghost then calmly and silently reminds her not to say much more. 

Sammy has had enough of Tommy.

Saxe and Mak tell Tameika that Teresi is Tommy’s dad. He’s been to prison to see Teresi twice in the last few weeks. 

“The question is why now?” – Tameika

Back at Carmine’s hangout, Vincent arrives and Tommy confirms his role in Carmine and Marco’s deaths. 

Tommy says that he took care of the person responsible. This is a lie but Sammy backs him up. 

After apologizing, Vincent tells Tommy he will now take a 50 percent cut of the drug profits from his drug business and pay restitution to the families of Carmine and Marco. He wants Tommy not to make another wrong move because it will damage Teresi’s legacy. 

After Vincent leaves, Tommy tries to thank Sammy for covering for him, but Sammy punches him in the face a couple of times. 

“I told Teresi I wouldn’t let Vincent hurt you, I’m not lying for you ever again.” – Sammy 

Tommy is forced to silently deal with his bloodied lip as Sammy storms away.

After the forced press conference, Tasha goes off on Ghost even though he says Tate set the both of them off. 

“F*ck you.” – Tasha 

She storms off before Tate greets Ghost.

Ghost tells Tate it was low for him to do what he did. But Tate says Ghost will see it was the right thing to do when the money begins to roll in from investors. 

Angela begins to inch closer to the Jimenez crew.

Angela leads another meeting, and tells the others that Diego was the one who killed the Cruz couple. She also confirms that the Jimenez are currently in the state.

There’s video of Diego leaving the Cruz’s place with a woman in front of Diego holding a baby. 

That woman is Alicia but Angela and the others cannot ID her as of yet. Angela decides they must find Alicia and ask her some questions. 

“Whoever she is, I can get her to talk.” – Angela 

Back at the club, Karen’s associate Quinn tells Dre he’s doing an amazing job with the club. He thanks her with a flirty smile on his face. 

She tells him there’s an “a*shole in VIP” who ordered alcohol and refuses to pay. Dre says he will go handle it. 

As he walks over, the “a*shole” is revealed to be Diego.

Diego congratulates Dre on how he’s been handling things and is happy Dre confirmed he’s been handling the Toros situation. 

He has Francesca and other women around him and tells Dre to take Francesca to the bathroom to have some fun. 

When Dre says he’s busy working and can’t do that, Diego tells him he has no choice. 

Dre them heads to the bathroom with Francesca.

Once inside, Dre asks how much he must pay Francesca to be quiet about them not doing the deed. But Francesca says they must because Diego will kill them if they don’t.

After Dre makes a few thrusts from behind, Diego walks in and tells Dre to keep going because it’s his turn to watch. 

“My turn to watch.” – Diego

“I’m good, man.” – Dre

Dre gets flustered and walks out.

Diego then laughs. 

Ghost becomes a vigilante.

While doing some more research on her computer, Angela gets another call from Ghost as he sits in his car. She ignores his call, again. He leaves anther voicemail saying they need to talk. 

He then hangs up and puts on his hood. He exits the vehicle and sees Jeff doing his usual walk from the liquor store. 

Ghost approaches Jeff and tells him he shouldn’t be drinking and driving. 

Jeff tells Ghost it’s none of his business and then Ghost asks Jeff if he killed a kid named Luke. A drunk Jeff says he doesn’t know the kid’s name and begins to walk away in a back alley.

Ghost runs behind him and begins stabbing him multiple times, killing him. Once realizing what he’s just done, Ghost stares at the dead man in shock before walking away. 


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