‘Queen Sugar’ Recap: Hollywood and Violet Clash & Charley Reveals a Landry Secret

Violet winces at the thought of being a “Desonier.”

The episode opens on the day of Violet’s 60th birthday. Hollywood brings Violet gifts, including a card from Marquita. While in the office, Violet shows Hollywood the contract she received from Jerry.

She’s frustrated that he wants 60% of her pie business. She says it makes it seem like she’s an employee of Jerry. Violet will also pitch drawings of her own pie shop, as she’s sick of using other people’s kitchens.

“I do not want to spend the rest of my life in somebody’s kitchen, pumping out pies like a well-paid nanny.” – Aunt Vi

Hollywood then surprisingly presents Violet with an empty box.

“You’re a woman who knows what she wants, and whatever you want for your birthday, I’m gonna fill that box up with it because nothing is too good for Miss Violet Bordelon Desonier.” – Hollywood

Violet gives Hollywood a weak smile.

Charley is out at a restaurant for breakfast. She gives pause when she comes across Romero’s number in her purse. Jacob surprisingly arrives, and Charley’s not pleased to see him. Jacob apologizes for Charley’s troubles with Davis and then asks her out. However, Charley declines.

“I like you, but I need some time, alone, to sort things out. It’s best we stick to business, for now.” – Charley

Disappointed, Jacob bids farewell to Charley and leaves.

Ralph Angel gives Benny a second chance.

Meanwhile, Ralph Angel meets Benny at the restaurant. Benny’s apologetic towards Ralph Angel and asks to keep his job. Benny explains that he had no idea his friend he invited over would have guests.

Ralph Angel is angry with Benny, but he’s not giving up on him.

“Somebody gave me a second chance. I’ll do the same for you.” – Ralph Angel

Darla calls while he’s talking to Benny, and he answers. Ralph Angel tells Darla Blue’s not talking about living with Darla anymore. Darla’s ready to pick up Blue for her time with him, but Aunt Vi’s birthday is that day.

“Kids say things that they don’t mean. Adults sometimes too.” – Darla

Darla’s disappointed to hear about Aunt Vi’s birthday party. So she agrees to pick him up a day later.

Nova learns the depth of her father’s pain dealing with the Landry Family.

Nova’s interviewing Prosper, asking him about his time farming. Prosper left the military and leased as much land he could from the Landry family. He tried to buy the land but Sam Landry would never sell.

“I think we were friends because he could trust me.” – Prosper

Nova learns that Prosper and her father became friends over their farming bond and struggles dealing with the Landry Family.

He later revealed that Ernest really stressed out after Nova’s mom passed, dealing with pressure from the Landry family to sell. The farm also had a tough time producing sugar cane for profit. As a result, Ernest contemplated suicide, and Prosper talked him out of it one night.

“Your father was wondering the fields with a gun that night.” – Prosper

The revelation shocks Nova, who calls her father strong. Prosper agrees with Nova, noting that Ernest had the strength to show that vulnerability to him that night.

Violet gets a surprise visit from Hollywood’s mom, and a surprise party.

Hollywood and Violet are arriving back at their home. As Violet hurries Hollywood to take them to their favorite restaurant for lunch reservations, Hollywood’s mom Willa Mae shows up to the door. Violet’s surprised to see Willa Mae, who she doesn’t get along with.

Willa Mae greets them both and throws a little shade towards Violet.

“It’s not everyday a woman reaches 60.”

Violet takes Hollywood to the side, asking if she’s going to stay in a hotel. Hollywood says he’s not putting his mom in a hotel, and Violet sucks her teeth at this.

But her mood changed when Aunt Vi opens Willa Mae’s gift box; a custom apron. When Willa Mae asks if she needs to get a hotel, Violet happily disagrees, saying she can have the guest room.

Somehow, Hollywood kept Aunt Vi’s surprise birthday party hidden from Violet. When they return from lunch, her family is there waiting. Hollywood surprised Violet with all of her friends from St. Joe’s, and set up a dance floor reception in the back yard.

As Ralph Angel’s playing dominoes with Hollywood and Remy in the kitchen, Trinh stops by the party. Everyone is pleasantly shocked to see Trinh show up. Trinh then presents violets for Violet. Ralph takes the flowers and Aunt Vi takes Trinh to the bar.

Later on, everyone is line dancing, doing the electric slide. Trinh and Ralph Angel join in. But Nova and Remy are off to the side. Nova’s still saddened by her father’s suicide contemplations. Violet tries to get Nova back to the party but Nova’s too saddened to do anything.

Back at the party, Ralph Angel introduces Trini to Blue, but he doesn’t seem interested in meeting her. Violet stops in the kitchen to have Ralph Angel pick up ice from the corner store. So he takes Blue and Trinh with him on the trip.

Willa Mae questions Hollywood’s motives of marriage to Violet.

Hollywood brings a drink to Willa Mae as a thank you for not causing trouble with Aunt Vi. Willa Mae asks Hollywood where he fits into Violet’s life. Hollywood tells her that Violet is his soul mate, and they want the same things.

“She’s my soul mate. I can’t help what package it came in or what date is stamped on it.” – Hollywood

Willa Mae isn’t hearing that, and she brings up children and Hollywood’s other goals.

“I put away a lot of my dreams to have a family at home, and I didn’t have the luxury of anything else. You could do anything you want, but you’re so busy taking care of her. When are you gonna take care of you?” – Will Mae

This gives Hollywood some pause.

As Ralph Angel, Trinh and Blue walk back to the car with the party ice, Darla catches them as she’s getting gas. Ralph Angel is the only one who sees her. Darla gives them an angry and sad look as Ralph Angel drives off in his truck.

Nova and Remy share another moment.

Meanwhile, Micah and Keke are making out in a bedroom. Violet catches them and makes them join everyone at the party. As they leave the room, his friend Ant texts. He asks Micah to hang out. Micah asks Keke if she wants to go, and she says no.

“I thought y’all were friends.” – Micah

“Back in the day, we were.” – Keke

Remy’s helping to clean up when he comes across Nova. They stay silent as Nova does her best to avoid him as she washes dishes. Eventually, she grabs his hand and stares him in his eyes. Aunt Vi calls for Nova, and Remy walks away.

The party continues, and everyone appears to be coupled up. Prosper heads off the dance floor, walking towards Charley under a huge tree. Prosper notices Charley’s still reeling from Davis’ news. He reveals to Charley he married twice, encouraging her to keep moving forward.

Hollywood and Violet give a toast to everyone, thanking them for showing up. He also toasts to Violet, announcing her as Violet Desonier, and Violet gives another half-hearted smile.

Violet reveals she wants to keep her last name, angering Hollywood.

Once the party ends and everyone goes home, Hollywood and Violet are in their bedroom. Violet looks sad as Hollywood sings “Happy Birthday” to her. She dismisses him and he knows something’s wrong.

Violet tells him that she wants to keep her last name.

“I don’t want to hurt you, but the gift that I want Is something I already have. My name.” – Violet

This news angers Hollywood. He professes he doesn’t want anything else from her but that. Hollywood brings up how he compromised on everything he wanted to do for her.

“It’s getting to the point all I can give you is my last name, and you tell me you don’t want that, neither?” – Hollywood

“I don’t need you. Not like most folks talk about. But I want you.” – Violet

She stands firm on not taking his name. She doesn’t want to feel like his property, as she felt in her previous marriage. Hollywood scoffs at this notion.

“You taking my name lets the world know I belong to you. That I’m yours.” – Hollywood

As Violet sheds tears over this, Hollywood angrily heads to another room to sleep.

At a diner, Charley hangs out with Romero. She’s asking about Romero’s childhood, and he reveals his family is still in Mexico. As a result of not being around family, he works really hard. Romero’s goal is to bring his entire family into the United States.

Overall, their date seems to go well and he invites her over to his place for next time.

Hollywood and Violet have second thoughts, and compromise.

The next morning, Hollywood and Willa Mae talk. Hollywood tells his mom about Violet wanting to keep her last name. When Willa Mae says she isn’t surprised by this, Hollywood asks why.

“I said don’t give up your dream for hers. What’s that got to do with a 60 year-old woman not wanting to take your name?” – Willa Mae

It’s explained to Hollywood that Violet’s at a place in her life where she is satisfied with her place in life, dealing with her struggles.

“For us, we had to fight out there in the world and in our own house. Just because a woman comes through a battle, don’t mean she ain’t got no scars. Some things you’ll never forget. You just have to learn to live with.”” – Willa Mae

Afterwards, Hollywood and Violet meet in her office with good news for one another. After thinking it over, Hollywood’s okay with Violet keeping her last name. Wanting to compromise, she’s going to give him the big wedding he wants.

“Let’s blow it out. Spend that money.” – Violet

Hollywood then gives Violet a big kiss on her forehead.

Blue and Ralph Angel are at home when Darla arrives to pick up Blue. When Blue goes to finish getting ready, Darla confronts Ralph Angel about the night before.

She wants to get an official schedule for their custody. When Ralph Angel says he’s not trying to keep Blue away from her, Darla asks who’s Trinh to him.

“A work friend.” – Ralph Angel

The Landry Family wants the Bordelon Farm so they can build a jail in the parish.

Charley meets with her private investigator who has big news for her. The news shocks Charley, who tells her family.

They are kicking everyone off their land, which surrounds the Bordelon farm. This is happening because they are working with the Louisiana government to build a private prison on the land.

“They need our land to complete the deal.” – Charley

“They want my father’s land so they can build a jail on it? H*** no. That ain’t gonna happen.” – Ralph Angel

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