‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Recap: Van Accuses Jenn of Cheating + Charmaine Goes Too Far

It’s day one of Charmaine’s stint as the boss of the shop.

The gang is still not happy about her putting the LLC in her name. While the group is discussing things, Charmaine walks into the shop and tells them to focus on building a strong foundation. 

She also gives them a new list of rules. When a client walks in, they must immediately pay at the front desk. She also wants everyone to get paychecks every two weeks. 

This annoys Phor, but he still refuses to leave the shop and go work at Ryan’s new shop. 

But the last straw is when Charmaine says every artist must give back 50 percent of their income back to the shop. No one thinks this is a good idea except Charmaine.

Later on, Charmaine tries to enforce these rules and even Danielle feels she’s taking these too far. Charmaine actually walks up to Lily’s client and asks for payment. This angers Lily. 

Lily and Charmaine start arguing because Lily feels taking 50 percent of everyone’s income is just way too much. 

Van gets mad and turns over a table. In a green screen interview, Van says he now understands why Lily assaulted Charmaine. 

On day 3 of Charmaine’s reign, Lily says Charmaine is using “white tacticals” to run the shop. She says they should all go on strike. 

“I’m with Lily.” – Reese

Both leave the shop to get their signs ready while everyone else thinks they are doing too much. 

Junior returns to the new 9Mag.

He meets Ryan at the shop and they see that there is graffiti already on the outside of the building. Ryan is not happy. 

They struggle to remove it. 

Bella arrives and they hand over the task to her. 

They make small talk and Bella says she had a baby at 18, it was her first time being intimate with anyone. Ryan says that he has kids and an almost wife. Junior says he isn’t a father yet. 

Junior and Bella ask him when he plans on marrying Rachel since they have been together for 15 years. 

“It’s coming. I just gotta make sure sh*t is all the way together.” – Ryan 

Van and Jenn clash over cheating rumors.

Van is livid after his brother calls him and tells him that Jenn has a side piece. He claims to have seen them together in a bar. 

They have been together eight years and he can’t believe she’s supposedly cheating on him with another man. 

He pulls up to Jenn’s place and demands to talk. 

She comes outside angry about how he’s acting. 

In a green screen interview, Jenn says that Van’s biggest issue is that he’s jealous. She denies cheating.

After Van starts cursing at Jenn, she gets mad and gets up in his face. 

“I’m the real gorilla, b*tch!” – Jen 

Security intervenes and Van knocks down one of the cameraman’s camera. 

He then angrily drives off. 

Ryan surprises Rachel.

It’s Mother’s Day and all of Ryan’s family members are together having a big dinner. 

After dinner, Ryan sits down with Rachel’s father and his mother. He tells them he wants to do something special for Rachel. Rachel’s father feels this is a good idea. 

He takes Rachel outside and the rest of the family follows. 

A new Benz with a ribbon pulls up. It’s Ryan’s new gift for Rachel. 

She’s elated when she sees this and she cries tears of joy. 

Don is struggling to be a single father to DJ.

They decide to FaceTime Ashley since it’s Mother’s Day. DJ misses his mother. 

In a green screen interview, Don says he misses Ashley but chooses to focus on becoming a better version of himself. 

Charmaine’s mom is in town from New Orleans. 

She gives her mother an update on what’s going on at the shop.

Her mother reminds Charmaine that she’s not even a tattoo artist and she’s going to run people away being bossy. 

“You should have came to them as a group. They have been in the business way longer than you.” – Charmaine’s mom

After this is said, Charmaine begins to shed some tears. But Charmaine’s mom lets her know it’s not too late to make things right. 

Jenn gets even. 

Nikki and Jenn catch up. 

Jenn says that Van hasn’t been answering her phone calls because he’s convinced she cheated on him.

Even though they were supposed to go to a bar, Jenn changes her mind and pulls up to Van’s place instead.

She decides to break in Van’s house through one of the windows. 

Van isn’t home but he’s on the way. He tries to call Jenn but gets no answer. 

When Jenn gets inside the house, she starts gathering all his clothes and shoes with Nikki’s help. They are able to leave before Van makes it back. He arrives and gets angry once he sees the mess Jenn left behind. 

Rachel tells Ryan that she’s happy she got a new car instead of a an engagement ring. He assures her that they will get married one day and Rachel says she doesn’t even want an actual wedding when that day comes. 

Charmaine and Lily clash, again. 

Lily and Reese begin their protest. Lily also got an inflated witch to symbolize Charmaine. 

They begin to chant and hold up signs. 

Charmaine and Danielle pull up. Charmaine has decided to no longer apologize. She goes inside the shop and attempts to call the police. This angers Phor and he snatches the phone away from her. He tells her everything is her fault. 

Inside the shop, Charmaine says they should have a grand opening party to bring everyone back together.

Minutes later, Cobra pulls up and learns about all the shop drama from Lily. 

Cobra doesn’t agree with Charmaine’s new rules either. But she decides to walk into the shop and speak to everyone anyway. After Cobra questions what she’s been told, Charmaine decides to go outside and confront Lily and Reese.

“This strike ends now.” – Charmaine

Charmaine tries to take down the inflated witch. This upsets Lily who attempts to stop her by putting her in a headlock. 

After Charmaine falls to the ground with Lily, Don tries to break everything up. He gets completely frustrated with everyone. 

“Shut the f*ck up!” – Don 

He tells everyone they need to get it together because everyone looks stupid. 

What are your thoughts on the episode? 

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