‘Power’ Spoiler for Season 5 Episode 6

On the upcoming episode of “Power,” Ghost will do the unthinkable.

He’s currently wanting Dre six feet under, but he’s forced to deal with Dre after Councilman Tate makes Dre the face of the Queens Child Project.

After getting Dre fired from Karen Bassett’s club, he seemingly has a change of heart.

On the next episode, Ghost will meet with Dre and call for a truce.

Ghost explains that they can achieve much more together than at each other’s throats. Dre isn’t sure he can trust Ghost, and assures him that he had nothing to do with Raina’s death.

To prove that he’s serious about wanting a truce, Ghost tells Dre that he will help him get back in Karen’s good graces. Apparently he can find a way around the non compete clause that got Dre fired.

Despite all of this, Dre is still not sure he can really trust that Ghost can move on from their beef.

Check out the preview below, via TV Guide.

Do you think Ghost has really had a change of heart about Dre? Or is Ghost setting up Dre’s death? Leave your thoughts below.

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