‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Star Lily Slams Black People Who Are Offended by N Word Usage

Fans of “Black Ink Crew Chicago” have a lot to say about the most recent episode.

On the episode, both Loyal Ink and the new 9Mag come to blows in Jamaica after Lily runs up on Junior and his girlfriend.

During the brawl, Reese accused Junior of punching her in the face two times.

However, viewers quickly noticed that Junior didn’t hit Reese at all. It was actually his girlfriend Adriana who landed the blows and pulled Reese’s hair.

Charmaine has already backtracked on her previous statements. But Lily is refusing to back down.

In fact, she called Junior out in a recent video. She claimed that Junior just got saved by editing.

She ended up getting slammed for the video because many disagreed with her and then she once again used the N word.

After getting called out left and right, she penned the following message to black people who were offended.

After the backlash got worse, Lily turned off the comments.

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