Courtney Kemp Addresses THAT Major Character Death + Spills Tea on Tariq’s Future

Tasha and Tariq finally came together on the most recent episode of “Power.”

Ghost was hoping he could pin Ray Ray’s murder on Dre.

But Tasha and Angela had other plans.

Kanan would be the better target because he has a lower profile than Dre.

But when Kanan realized he had been set up and jail was imminent, he decided to take out every arresting officer.

He got shot in the stomach during the epic shootout, and died from his wound.

However, some viewers still think Kanan may really not be dead.

Even a scene with his body in a morgue isn’t shaking their faith. And it’s all because Kanan has escaped death a couple of times on the show.

Courtney took to Twitter to confirm that Kanan is dead this time.

She also hinted at Tariq’s future now that Kanan is out of the picture. Courtney responded with a wink emoji after a fan guessed what is in store for Tariq.

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