‘Greenleaf’ Recap: As James & Mae Put Up a United Front, Their Marriage Gets Worse

James may be back at home, but Mae’s still furious.

Bishop James tosses and turns in the guest bed. Uncomfortable, he gets up and heads to the master suite where Lady Mae is laying down.

As he gets into the bed, complaining of his back hurting due to the guest bed, Mae tells him to sleep on the couch. He brings up the united front they must have, and Mae doesn’t care.

When James heads to the couch, he runs into Grace. He tells Grace that they’ll work things out in a week. However, Grace doesn’t believe that, noticing something is really wrong between her parents. Meanwhile, Mae notices Grace slipped into the house again late at night.

Mae digs into Grace, once more.

The next morning, Grace calls Rochelle. Grace lays the compliments on thick to Rochelle and tells her about a project she would like her to help with. Sophia notices how bright Grace voice was during the call.

Jacob preps Kerissa for their meeting with a streaming TV company regarding live streaming Triumph services. Zora comes into the room asking to make a phone call. Jacob says yes but wants her to call right in front of him so she doesn’t call Isaiah.

Kerissa says he should loosen up on Zora after what happened.

James and Mae are sitting together at breakfast, preparing for their marital counseling seminar they’re leading together. Grace walks in and compliments her parents for working out their issues, which Mae takes offense to.

“I just think it’s great you two have good news to share about marriage.” – Grace

An annoyed Mae brings up how Grace keeps walking into their home late at night after spending intimate times with Darius.

“The way you scamper back and forth across Memphis like a rabbit at all hours of the night, tiptoeing in here when…” – Mae

Not to be out done, Grace claps back mentioning her parents arguing and “slamming doors.” However, Mae doesn’t let up her critique of Grace, saying her romantic behavior is unbecoming of a church leader.

James and Mae’s united front works on Connie.

When Grace leaves, James and Mae head over Calvary, walking in hand in hand. When they run into trustee Connie, Connie brings up the multiple stories behind Mae not showing up Sunday to church.

James and Mae quickly get on the same page saying she was both sick and out-of-town tending to family. Connie seems to accept this answer.

They then head to Corrine and ask her to get Clara on the phone to invite her to dinner and ask for $2 million dollars.

Grace meets with Rochelle and Rochelle’s impressed in Grace’s defense fund for abused women. Rochelle suggests they look at trying to raise $50,000 and will work her contacts to get the money.

She then brings up to Grace how she doesn’t get along with other women in power positions.

“Some women view other women as a threat.” – Rochelle

She then runs into James and they exchange pleasantries. Rochelle tells James about Grace’s legal defense. When James tells Rochelle he moved back into his home with Mae, her mood changes.

Despite that, she congratulates James for trying to work things out with Mae.

Rochelle then runs into Mae and asks about Zora. This surprises Mae but she keeps a sharp face. When Rochelle brings up how she’s happy Zora’s home, she mentions running away rarely isn’t a solution to issues. Mae gets shady with her response.

“Well, I haven’t tried it myself, so I can’t really speak to the subject. I always stand and fight.” – Mae

Not to be out done, Rochelle throws subtle shade of her own.

“Watch out, Rochelle. You don’t know who you’re dealing with.” – Rochelle

Charity’s on a video chat with Jabari. He tells her he needs her back on tour Wednesday. And she promises to be there.

Tasha walks into Jacob’s office with new information cards for their member introduction meeting. As they are talking, they seem to be happy to talk to one another.

Kerissa’s frustrated with Tasha being confused as First Lady.

Meanwhile, Kerissa is talking to the parents of Jeremy, a student at her school. They are big donors at the school and they aren’t happy about Jeremy getting a B on a report. They want her to change the grade to an A, despite Kerissa standing behind Jeremy’s teacher.

Afterwards, Kerissa arrives at the end of their new member orientation. She meets with Jacob and Tasha. As they’re talking a woman walks up who confuses Tasha with being the First Lady.

Kerissa’s frustrated with being confused with Tasha being the First Lady. She then runs off to pick up Zora from counseling.

Charity’s frustrated with Kevin’s ultimatum. However, she agrees with him about taking their son on the road.

“Charity, I’m his father. Leave him with me. He’ll be okay.” – Kevin

Tasha stepped in and checked Jacob budget for Friday’s meeting. He thanks her and she notices he’s online shopping for Kerissa. Tasha convinces Jacob to head to her favorite jewelry store, who serves champagne, for a gift.

James and Mae sits down with Cora for dinner. Cora notes that something doesn’t feel right in James and Mae’s home. They think Cora’s talking about their marriage, but she’s brought up paintings being switched out from her last visit.

Cora brings up their marriage and notes they’ve been married for 45 years. The two of them get silent, and Cora notes how blessed they are.

James and Mae reluctantly go on with their act.

Tasha helps Jacob pick out Kerissa’s gift.

At the jewelry store, Tasha points a gold and pearl necklace. A worker in the story points out its from a new necklace and encourages Tasha to try it on. Tasha’s really impressed with the necklace. Jacob brings up Basie buying Tasha nice things, and she brings up how he would get into gambling situations after doing something that nice for her.

Afterwards, Jacob arrives at home with the gift and Kerissa there giving Charity advice on how to deal with Kevin. Sophia’s in Zora’s room. Zora tries to convince Sophia buy her a pre-paid phone with the money stolen from the collection plate so she can call Isaiah.

Sophia says no and leaves out of the room in disgust.

“He hits you and treats you like crap. I can’t and I won’t.” – Sophia

After dinner, James and Mae bring up a tax bill. Cora asks if that’s why they asked her over for dinner, and James says yes. He admits that they can’t afford to pay the bill by themselves.

“The church needs your help.” – James

At Darius’ place, the two are drying off from bathing, and Grace brings up James sleeping in their guest room. Darius tries to suggest James may be trying to lead on Rochelle. She then says she’s heading home so Mae won’t be on her back about having sex.

Darius tells her to be honest and keep doing what they’re doing, and this angers Grace.

Later on, Jacob brings Zora’s tv back into the room, thanks to Sophia. When she turns it on, most of the channels are blocked.

Mae grills James about Rochelle, again.

James is quite happy because Cora agreed to help with their tax problem, but Mae’s no longer wearing her mask. Waiting for James at the front door. As he brings up a trip idea, Mae brings up Rochelle knowing about Zora.

Mae deduces Rochelle was at the Biltmore Hotel with James.

“Don’t you see you’re willing this non-existent affair into being?” – James

Mae doesn’t back down from her beliefs about James and Rochelle.

“Only God creates from nothing. I’m just trying to clean up your mess.” – Mae

“Well, what about your mess?” – James

He then walks off.

When Charity and Sophia leave, Kerissa expressed being worried about Jacob showing up home late. He tells Kerissa he noticed how hard she works.

“I just want to say you are the First Lady, and your are my First Lady in every way.” – Jacob

He then gives her the necklace Tasha liked. That lifts Kerissa’s spirit very much. Before heading to the bedroom, Jacob delete the photo of Tasha trying on the necklace.

Grace learns of Mae’s affair with Lionel

At home, Grace stops by to see James watching tv. Grace brings up Mae crying in their bedroom suite and how Rochelle was in his office the other day. James insists he’s not doing anything with Rochelle and questions why Grace is even working with her.

“If this woman’s presence so troubling, why are you working her?” – James

Unmoved, Grace then brings up the affair with Aunt Mavis. At this point, James had nothing to lose, bringing up Mae’s affair with Lionel.

“Your mom had an affair with Lionel.” – James

The news about her mom stuns Grace who walks out of the room.

Later on, Grace heads to Mae’s suite and confronts Mae about the affair with Lionel.

“I don’t believe that man.” – Mae

This begins an argument as Grace tells her Mae to stop blaming her for all of their problems.

Aaron is caught staying at Kevin’s, angering Charity.

Charity is at Kevin’s place impressed with how he’s set up to take care of their son. However her mood changes when Aaron comes by with food. Aaron says he’s just visiting for a few days.

She then calls Jabari, telling him she can’t leave her son.

“You’re making a huge mistake.” – Jabari

“Look, it’s just a job. We still have us.” – Charity

Jabari doesn’t see it that way and surprisingly hangs up on Charity.

Mae goes off on James, declaring their marriage is over.

Rochelle’s giving Grace the good news about her contacts willing to donate to the fund. But, her mood changes when Grace asks about her relationship with James. Rochelle takes offense to the question and storms out of the office.

After a moment of thought, she walks back in and tells Grace they have work to do.

“We have work to do. This is the work of the Lord. You’re stuck with me now.” – Rochelle

The episode ends with Mae storming into James’ office. Although he’s on the phone, Mae demands he get off the phone. She lets him have it about him denying an affair with her sister or having one with Rochelle.

She’s also angry he revealed to Grace her having an affair with Lionel.

“And now… You’ve shared the only secret that I have. A sin I committed only because you had broken my heart so completely. So what kind of fool would I be to stay married to you now?” – Mae

She then proclaims that their marriage is over once Clara’s check clears. Before storming back out of the office, Mae calmly tells James it’s rude to keep someone on hold for too long.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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