Does Dr. Damon Kimes Cheat on Dr. Heavenly? Mariah Huq Spills the Tea

Fans of “Married to Medicine” know that Dr. Heavenly Kimes loves her husband Damon. She affectionately refers to him as “Daddy,” and appeared to have one of the most stable marriages on the show.

But an argument with Mariah Huq may lead to some tea being spilled.

On the preview of the season 6 premiere, Dr. Heavenly attempted to make things right with Mariah by gifting her with a new poster.

As you may recall, Heavenly ruined Mariah’s original poster during the season 5 reunion. She actually drew a mustache and devil horns on Mariah as she remained in her dressing room.

When the ladies attempt to meet up after the reunion drama, Mariah receives the new poster.

But she feels the poster is shady because the photo used was a bad one.

Mariah pointed out that Heavenly was being shady and chose a picture of Mariah while she was at her heaviest.

This of course led to an argument, and Heavenly ended up saying that Mariah’s husband Aydin has a small p*nis.

To be expected, Mariah then went all the way off and claimed that Damon cheats on Heavenly.

Heavenly accused Mariah of lying and Mariah said she’s got the receipts.

Check out the messy exchange below.


So is Dr. Damon Kimes cheating on Heavenly? We can’t confirm anything, but there have been rumors floating around that Damon has stepped out on Heavenly multiple times.

He wouldn’t be the first “Married to Medicine” husband to cheat though, if he has.

Dr. Jackie’s husband Curtis was spotted out with his former mistress which almost led to a divorce.

Then of course Dr. G crossed the line while being married to Quad. They are now separated.

Cecil had what Dr. Simone feels is an emotional affair with his female best friend Tammy.

Mariah herself confirmed Aydin had an affair but they worked through it.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Damon has been unfaithful?

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