Watch: Ray J. Thinks Safaree Got Lyrica Anderson Pregnant?

Did Safaree Sleep With Lyrica Anderson and get her pregnant?

That’s the big question Ray J. ponders on tonight’s LHHH.

In a preview for the episode, Ray J surprisingly invited Safaree to a dinner he was invited to by Lyrica and A1. Ray J. invited Safaree to the dinner so he could lay everything out about what really happened with him and Lyrica.

Ray J. and Princess Love arrived to the dinner first, and Ray J. surprises her with the news. Brooke and Marcus arrive with Lyrica and A1 not too far behind. Ray J’s plan gets thrown for a loop when Lyrica announces her pregnancy to the group. Ray’s eyes got big, and in his interview, he suspects that Safaree could be the baby’s father.

Time out! These two were separated for weeks. Weeks! The only thing I could wonder now is who’s baby is this? A1’s or Safaree’s?

It’s been reported previously that Safaree denied sleeping with Lyrica.

Check out the preview below.

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