Spice & Erica Mena Clash over Safaree Samuels

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Spice and Erica Mena fell out over Safaree Samuels.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Erica Mena and Spice are currently not on the best of terms. Months ago, Spice took to social media to slam Erica. She said they got into a heated exchange while they were filming scenes. Apparently, they were arguing over Safaree Samuels. And at one point, Erica weaponized the table they were sitting at. So Spice was furious. When she responded back on Instagram, she alleged Erica has been lying about the co-parenting drama she’s been experiencing with Safaree. So Spice felt like it was her duty to defend Safaree even though she was supposed to have friendships with both of the exes.

Interestingly enough, all of this will be addressed on the upcoming episode of LHHATL.

In the trailer, Safaree and Spice discuss Erica’s social media actions.

Spice says, “Every time I go on the internet, Miss Erica comments.”

In response, Safaree says, “She’s pretty much using the kids as a weapon, crying and making everything seem like, oh I don’t get child support.”

He proceeds to show Spice that he’s been paying child support this year.

Spice is Team Safaree.

Spice later tells Rasheeda and Shekinah Jo that Erica has been lying about not receiving child support. Eventually, Shekinah forwards this information back to Erica.

Shekinah tells Erica, “Spice pulled up on Safaree today, showing where he paid child support.”

At this point, Erica whips out her receipts that show Safaree just started paying in 2023.

“He just started paying and that’s because all the **** these blogs…”

Regardless, Spice still accuses Erica of trying to bamboozle people for sympathy.

“He mentioned every time he sees you, he **** you. Stop playing with me, Erica! We not doing that!”

On the previous episode, Erica told Bambi and Sierra Gates that she slipped up and got back in bed with Safaree a couple of months prior to filming. And she realizes Safaree likes to use his children to get his way with her and other women.


  1. I don’t care for Spice or Erica. But it’s something about the women on this show that doesn’t sit well with me…most of them are male identified. It’s been in overdrive this season. Erica Dixon and Diamond are doing Scrappy’s dirty work like him and Momma Dee didn’t try to ruin them years ago. Amy and Erica Banks are arguing over Khaotic like he isn’t dusty and corny. Now we have Spice putting on a cape for Safaree like her own baby daddy doesn’t drag her on the internet daily for sport. And Erica Mena sleeping with Safaree like he’s not the reason she’s depressed and lost so much weight. This is not entertaining. It’s pathetic and I may need to tune out again.

    1. So I’m not crazy then. It’s like just about all of them are pick me’s this season. And it’s wack as h-ll.

    2. All of the women on this Love and Hip Hop franchise are Male identified.
      I have been saying it for years. It makes me cringe 😬 😫.

  2. The men on this show will always have a group of silly a-s women to defend them. It’s sickening. You don’t have to like Erica. But defending Safaree like he doesn’t have a solid track record of not being sh-t will never make sense to me.

  3. Spice will do anything for a storyline. She does not carry herself like an international music artist. And Erica needs to move on with her life. She looks dumb complaining about someone she’s still sleeping with.

    1. Yep. And Safaree only wanted to sleep with Erica for leverage. Now he’s using it to make her look like a liar. This is why you never entertain exes. Most don’t have good intentions.

    2. Idk but lately spice been thinking she’s special and more than anyone else I’m tired seeing spice they need to let her go I’m team Erica cause spice wanna sleep with safare so bad till her purple/blue looking a-s wanna take his back smdh,bad look for descent women

  4. Didn’t Safaree just play in Amara’s face and she threw a drink at him? Spice this ain’t the hill to die on. That man been a menace. Ask Nicki.

  5. Safaree must put it down STRAAAAIGHT because Erica can’t leave him alone. She’s doing all of this cry baby mess to cover up dancing in the sheets with Safaree. I’m itching right here but Erica is scratching elsewhere. I didn’t believe her from the start.
    Bambi is running with the same narrative(to me)
    The divorces ard final it’s time to keep it pushin.

  6. I have one question ⁉️ Why is it’s always the MEN fault when things go wrong on these shows?!…. Why aren’t any of the women being held accountable for their part in what’s really going on?!… Don’t get me wrong,but it’s not always the man’s fault,but that’s how the show is designed to make the men look like they’re the blame for everything that’s going on… That’s my opinion!!!

  7. Spice is messy as I don’t know what. Why repeat what someone tells and show you? I see why Erica overthrown that table. I would have too.

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