Watch: Quad Gets Visibly Irritated with Dr. Jackie in Interview

quad and greg married to medicine
Photo Credit: YouTube/Ok Magazine

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The current season of “Married to Medicine” has been a difficult one for Quad Webb Lunceford.

She has accused her estranged husband Gregory Lunceford of being unfaithful and filed for divorce.

Gregory has denied the accusations. And he also revealed that Quad has been sleeping in their guest bedroom since 2014.

In fact, he claimed that Quad hasn’t been intimate with him for years. So he and others like Mariah Huq question why she hasn’t been truthful about this on the show.

Regardless, Quad feels like she isn’t getting enough support from the rest of the cast.

On the most recent episode, she even accused them of not being “sisterly.”

But most of the cast feels Quad is the one who hasn’t been sisterly because she’s been avoiding everyone.

Quad addressed this in an interview and got visibly irritated with Dr. Jackie in the process.

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