Dr. Greg Slammed by Alleged Mistress During Radio Interview

dr. gregory mistress
Photo Credit: YouTube/V-103

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Dr. Gregory Mistress speaks?

It looks like Dr. Gregory Lunceford’s recent interview has pushed his alleged mistress Jackie Presley to speak out once again.

In Greg’s interview with V-103, he claimed that Jackie told a lot of lies.

He claims they didn’t do anything s*xual at the hotel, and she’s been trying to extort him.

Quad Webb Lunceford also claimed that Jackie demanded money in exchange for her silence, but she believes that Jackie and Dr. G did do something that night. In fact, Quad believes they at least had oral s*x.

Jackie is now speaking out once more and she clapped back with a V-103 interview of her own.

And things are getting messier.

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