Watch: Is Loyal Ink Dead? Ryan Henry Plans to Take Over Loyal Ink’s Lease

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Earlier this year, Charmaine put out claims that Ryan wasn’t the sole owner of 9Mag. It turned out that while he owned 9Mag, he didn’t own the shop itself. He leased the shop, and over the course of the season, he moved out of the original 9Mag shop, with much controversy.

As Ryan set off to build a brand new 9Mag shop, his old crew, led by Van, was able to take over Ryan’s old lease. Loyal Ink was established, with Charmaine creating the LLC in her name only.

As the season progressed, Charmaine clashed with Lily over this, but both sides were able to reach an understanding.

Now the season finale of “Black Ink Crew Chicago” is here, and we may have seen the last of Loyal Ink. Lily and the artist she hired, Reese, left Loyal Ink. Charmaine also went to Ryan to make amends.

On the season finale, Ryan gets a call from the old shop building’s owner. Apparently, the building’s owner wants Ryan to take over the lease once more.

In a clip for the episode, Ryan drives Phor to the shop, delivering the news to him about the lease in his Jeep. Ryan seems likely to take over the lease, and subsequently kill off Loyal Ink.

“Loyal Ink is dead.” – Ryan

Check out the clip below.

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