‘Greenleaf’ Recap: Sophia Suffers + Charity Struggles to Cope

Greenleaf Season 3 Episode 5 Closing Doors
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Clara declines to help the Greenleafs.

The episode opens as Lady Mae’s looking over brochures for Howard University’s School of Divinity. Clara calls and Mae hears her say she isn’t giving them the money. 

Mae heads over to James’ office to deliver the news, but he heard from Clara’s money manager. Clara heard of their marital troubles too. 

They begin to argue over the details of how James and Mac handled their tax issues. Mae suggests he tells the congregation they’re divorcing and step-down for her to take over. 

James tells Mae that if they divorce, she’s not getting Calvary. 

“That’s nature’s way.” – James

Meanwhile, Zora’s awaken by Mae for bible study. Sophia joins Mae and a grumpy Zora before she heads out for a run. Mae has Zora read a scripture and tells her that God will bring them back. 

Kerissa’s in Zora’s room cleaning when she comes across a paper crane.

Back in her room at home, Charity’s with her child and she’s packing. Grace came by and Charity’s angry, Although Grace apologizes, Charity lays into her, believing she could’ve stopped Kevin from calling the police and having her arrested. 

While she’s running, Sophia keels over in pain, however, she keeps going. 

Tasha is handed paperwork by Rochelle. Rochelle wants her to have Jacob sign paperwork which would have a bank account opened for the Real Church. 

Connie denies Mae’s hopes to take over Calvary.

Mae meets with Connie to tell her she’s ready to step over once James agrees to step down. However, Connie tells Mae that she and the deacon board want Grace to take over as lead pastor instead of Mae. 

Sophia’s with her Sunday school children, and she’s teaching them about faith. Her boyfriend is there, complimenting her abilities with them. He invites her out, but she wants an apology first. 

James has Percy in his office and Percy’s joking about James’ money issues. James asked for advice and Percy recommends he reaches out to Rochelle. 

Percy lets James know that Rochelle’s into Cryptocurrency. 

“You know you ain’t nothing but trouble.” – James

“Yeah, good trouble.” – Percy

Tasha heads over to Jacob’s office and he’s with his son playing chess. Jacob reaches out for the paperwork, and Tasha decides not to go through with it. She’s supposed to seduce him into signing all of the papers, but with his son there, Tasha changes her mind. 

A conniving Mae heads to Grace’s office about her “conspiracy” to take over. However, Grace says it was Connie’s idea. Grace tells Mae that she doesn’t want the church, and wants them to end the speculation by getting back together. 

However, Mae says that isn’t happening. 

Charity turns to pills to cope.

Meanwhile, Charity hands Kevin their son and doesn’t say a word. She’s quite distraught over being arrested and losing Jabari. 

Tasha heads over to Rochelle and Tasha stammers about not getting the paperwork signed. Rochelle gave her a warning. 

“You want to see Basie again? Then get him to sign the paperwork.” – Rochelle

Grace heads over to see Connie about taking over the church. Connie still wants her to take over, over Mae, but Grace’s still adamant about making the church comfortable for the LGBT community. 

Connie seems willing to listen, but advises Grace the other deacons may not be as open to it. As a result, Grace won’t budge from her stance of not taking over until the deacons change their feelings.

Rochelle receives a visitor in James at her office. James apologizes for what happened at his dinner and asks for forgiveness. She says she forgives him and James then asks for advice on how to escape his IRS issues. 

However, Rochelle cuts things short with him. 

In her room, a still distraught Charity decides to try to find comfort in a bottle of pills stuffed in a drawer under clothes. 

Sophia ends up in the hospital.

Zora’s listening to music on a CD. Sophia tries to make small talk, but Zora ignores her. While they’re talking, Sophia winces in pain. Eventually, the pain becomes unbearable and she falls over, screaming out in pain. 

Grace’s with Darius talking about her running the church when Mae calls. Mae delivers bad news. Grace makes it to the hospital and is by Sophia’s side. Sophia has to go into surgery as a result of her pain. In the waiting room, Grace tells her family there’s a painful twist in her ovaries.

Charity’s there too, high off the pills. 

Eventually, Sophia’s prepped for surgery and is on morphine. While on the morphine, Sophia tells Grace Roberto wants to marry her, respecting her boundaries. 

Jacob and Kerissa make it to the hospital and talk to Zora. Zora’s still angry over being left with Lady Mae. After Zora brushes them off, a high Charity over and taunts Kerissa. 

Charity heads over to a vending machines and begins to go ballistic. She starts shaking the machine as Mae heads over to try to calm her down. However, Charity punches the glass, breaking it and cutting her hand. The Oxy numbed her and Mae’s shocked over what occurred.

“I’ma need stitches, and a good lawyer.” – Charity

Meanwhile, Grace’s in the hospital chapel. She heads over to the chapel cross and prays. 

James and Mae find out Charity’s high on oxycodone. James tells Mae that they need to get back together for the sake of their kids. However, Mae’s still holding firm about their divorce. 

Eventually, the family heads down to the Chapel to stay with Grace. This includes Charity, who’s now in a wheel chair. Once everyone is there, they begin to pray amongst themselves. Charity gets out of her wheelchair to sit next to and consoles Grace. 

As this happens, Rochelle texts an apology to James. 

Sophia’s surgery has devastating effects on her.

The doctor heads to Sophia’s room. Grace receives news that the damage from the ovaries were caused by cysts. As a result, the doctor had to remove her ovaries, causing her to be unable to have kids. 

The next day, Tasha finally takes Rochelle’s paperwork to Jacob to sign. As he’s signing the paperwork, Tasha nervously listens to Jacob as he praises her for her assistance with everything. He signs the paperwork for the bank account, but Tasha gets a change of heart when Jacob seemingly opens up to her, calling her family.

“You’re family.” – Jacob

When Tasha leaves the office, she feels second thoughts about everything. 

The next morning, Sophia finally wakes with Grace still by her side. Sophia asked if she’s okay and Grace tells her she will be back to her normal self. However, Sophia knows something’s wrong. 

So, Grace had to tell her the truth about her ovaries being removed. Sophia begins to cry heavily, asking why that happened. 

James stops by Mae’s office to let her know he accepts Mae’s wishes. He hands Mae a copy of their announcement to the church on Sunday. The episode ends with James telling Mae, “I’m sorry.” 

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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