‘Black Ink Crew’ Recap: Sky Attacks Herb, Gets Wig Knocked off + Cease and Teddy Intervene

black ink crew season 7 episode 4
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There’s major news revealed by Jadah. 

Donna checks on Jadah.

She’s very hurt that Teddy had her fired.

“Everybody knows Teddy is a f*cking a*shole.” – Donna

Jadah feels like she was blindsided and she’s feeling helpless. The timing of everything is awful because she’s pregnant. She just found out before she got to New Orleans.

She is asked if the baby is Teddy’s and she tells Donna no. Jadah considers the father just a fling.

Donna consoles her as she breaks down in tears.

With everything that’s going on, Jadah is ready to go back to New York and figure out her next move. She’s not sure if it’s an abortion or not. They hug it out.

Herb and Jadah are discussed.

Later on, the crew is barbecuing and eating burgers.

They discuss the firing of Jadah. Ceaser thinks it was the right thing to do. Meanwhile, Donna flips a bird at Teddy.

Sky doesn’t trust the new artist Herb. He didn’t know who Sky was when they first met and she feels like his energy isn’t right.

“There’s something weird about him.” – Teddy

Topics change, and Kitty tell Cease that she closed the 113th shop. Melody is in New Orleans, Bae just had a baby and no one else is really there to run things.

But Cease says they need to call Bae and have her run the shop.

So Kitty calls Bae to see if she can make her way there.

Bae isn’t feeling like going to the shop because she’s still on maternity leave. Kitty begs her to reconsider and she reluctantly does.

Cease gets some bad news.

It’s the official opening day of the shop in New Orleans.

Everyone gets dressed to head to the shop.

A new group of artists have been hired, as well as a new receptionist.

But when they get to the shop, they find out the inside of it has been trashed.

“Yo, they violated my shop! Are you f*cking kidding me?!” – Cease

When they examine the bar, they see that all the liquor was stolen.

“Somebody gonna pay for this sh*t.” – Teddy

Cease is convinced that what happened is street level. He wants to find out who did this and beat them down. But with clients on the way, they will have to hunt down the perpetrators later.

Bae makes her way to the 113th shop.

She has her son with her. It’s stressful for her watching the baby and running the shop at the same time.

A client shows up to get a tattoo done. She gets overwhelmed when another one arrives not too long after. When Nikko starts crying, Bae begins to wonder why she agreed to end her maternity leave early.

Teddy learns Jadah is pregnant.

After the New Orleans shop was vandalized, the gang goes out for drinks.

They cleaned the shop up but Cease is still angry about what happened.

Not even shots can make Cease feel better.

To lift his spirits, Cease takes a shot out of Kitty’s cleavage. This works.

In a green screen interview, Cease says he plans to find out who trashed the shop the next day.

Donna arrives at the bar, and refuses to interact with Teddy. She’s still mad he had Jadah fired. But Teddy says Jadah should have never been in New Orleans in the first place. Tati agrees and Donna says that Tati is being fake because she wanted to make peace with Jadah the other night.

Teddy isn’t hearing this and he starts arguing with Donna. She tells him he was wrong to mess around with someone who works at the shop. Donna then says that Jadah is pregnant by Teddy.

“F*ck you, Jadah and f*ck that baby.” – Teddy

Cease finds out there is footage of the break in.

Back at the New Orleans shop, the gang is there running things.

There’s a good number of customers already there, so the vibe is good. Apparently Herb is the one who brought in a lot of new customers.

Teddy is still not on good terms with Donna. And despite Herb being good for business, Sky still doesn’t like him.

Sky approaches him and tells Herb that she’s trying to see if he’s even legit. He jokes that he’s watching her too.

This annoys Sky. She lets this slide because she knows it’s not the time or place to have a confrontation with him.

Cease pulls Ace and Herb to the side to ask them about the break in. Turns out the security cameras were rolling.

He has them watch the footage.

Both say they don’t recognize the intruders.

It’s time for Donna and Alex to make things official.

Alex and Donna spend some time alone together in the city.

Donna tells Alex she’s taking him on bayou tour. He’s not exactly thrilled about this because alligators are in the water. But he agrees to do it to make Donna happy.

They lick and kiss on the boat ride.

This makes Alex question if they can finally make their relationship official.

“At this point, you’re all I got. So me calling you my girl is not an issue, right?” – Alex

In a green screen interview, Alex says he loves Donna and she brings a lot of happiness into his life. Donna feels the same way.

“‘I’m ready to call you my boyfriend.” – Donna

The new couple shares a kiss.

Young Bae has some issues with Black Ink.

Jadah gives Bae a recap of what happened in New Orleans after she drops by the 113th shop.

She explains that she clashed with Tati during the trip and Teddy had her fired.

So Jadah is only there to collect her things. But Bae wants her to stay because she’s overwhelmed running the shop on her own.

“You brought your baby here in the shop?” – Jadah

In a green screen interview, Jadah says it was wrong from anyone to make Bae work during her maternity leave.

“If I was you, I would be looking for a new job. You need to quit.” – Jadah

While Bae feels Jadah is making good points, she needs a job now to take care of her son Nikko. After bae tries again to convince Jadah to stay and help her run the shop, Jadah refuses. She then leaves the shop.

Sky’s dislike of Herb leads to violence.

The gang decides to have a pool party to celebrate their last night in New Orleans.

It’s packed and Cease is happy to party the stress away.

Police pull up to ask Cease questions about the party. A cop asks him if he knows people are smoking weed. A neighbor called in a nose complaint, so Cease tells the officer he’s shutting down the party.

Not too long after, Herb walks in.

He speaks to Sky and she shoots him a cold glare.

She makes it clear that she doesn’t want to speak to him.

Herb then calls her fake.

After Sky says she’s fake and proud of all her plastic surgery, he gets smart.

“Alright, I’m a fake a*s b*tch. I got fake t*tties, fake a*s, fake everything. I’m fake as f*ck. What’s next?” – Sky

“That sh*t is bad.” – Herb

Sky then punches Herb and both start throwing punches before others around them intervene. Herb punches Sky in the face and her wig flies off her head,

Walt goes off but is restrained.

“That n*gga punched my sister in the face!” – Walt

Cease and Herb come to blows but get broken up by security. Teddy gets loose and starts tagging Herb in the face after he falls on the ground.

Security then restrains Teddy, Herb and Cease.

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