LHHH Recap: Paris Throws Drink & Cup in K. Michelle’s Face + Akbar Exposes Teairra

lhhh season 5 episode 12
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The group discusses Nikki leaving the trip early.

They also feel like Moniece is playing both sides when it comes to K. Michelle and Teairra. Brooke still wants to talk to Moniece about the panic attack she had at the studio.

Regardless, everyone is hoping they can end the trip on better terms with one another.

Apple meets her dad John at church.

She tells him that she has a new manager. She’s hoping this is the right move for her music career. Since Shun Love worked with a lot of big artists, Apple wants to trust her.

But John says she really needs to be sure about Shun Love. This annoys Apple because she feels like John is being too overprotective. They will meet again after Apple meets with Shun and her attorney to look over the contract.

A DUI is sending Apple to jail for 30 days. She’s stressed out and worried about how her kids will survive during this time.

Moniece and Brooke talk it out.

Bridget is doing a photo shoot with a friend named Critical.

Brooke tags along and rides with her there. She’s hoping she can talk to Moniece about what happened in the studio. But Bridget worries this can only make things messier. Moniece has been invited to the shoot.

When she shows up, Brooke pulls Moniece to the side.

Moniece feels Brooke was being shady in the studio. Brooke tells Moniece that she just needs some time to perfect her craft. At this point, Moniece makes it clear that her panic attack had nothing to do with her singing that night. Brooke says she’s not buying this in a green screen interview.

Regardless, Brooke decides to play nice and not challenge this to Moniece’s face. She does admit that she recorded the song after Moniece left in an ambulance. Although Moniece thinks this was a dirty move, she’s willing to move forward and be cool again with Brooke.

Jay Will meets with Mister Ray.

He goes to a radio station so they can catch up. Ray isn’t happy that La’Britney skipped her Pride performance to go to London instead. Jay jokingly says that La’Britney went to London to get some aid for her chronic body odor.

They talk and Jay apologizes for refusing to audition as Kandie. Ray accepts this and tells Jay he can perform as Kandie in the show.

Teairra and Moniece clash.

Back in London, the girls go out for drinks.

Moniece uses this time to try to reconnect with Teairra. Teairra tells Moniece that she feels like Moniece has been going behind her back and sharing private information she wasn’t supposed to share with others.

The K. Michelle situation is proof of that in Teairra’s opinion.

So Teairra says she wants to take a step back from their friendship. Moniece wants to do the same.

K. Michelle is brought up again and Moniece wonders what K. Michelle has to do with the conversation.

But Teairra makes it clear that she’s mad K. Michelle is cool wth Akbar.

Brooke thinks this is childish and says so in a green screen interview. Moniece thinks the K. Michelle situation has nothing to do with her. However, Teairra feels like Moniece being cool with K. Michelle is a sign of disloyally.

“I’m a grown a*s woman and decide who I’m friends with.” – Moniece

When Teairra becomes irrational, Moniece decides she’s done with the conversation.

John meets up with Shun Love.

He tells her he wants to get a feel for her since she wants to sign Apple. But Shun says she’s already signed Apple. They start arguing when Shun says she’s changed Apple’s life in just a few months while he’s been making excuses.

When he asks her what her plan is for Apple, she gets irritated. It appears he wants to co-manage Apple with Shun. This angers Shun.

“What do you plan on doing for her?” – Shun

After they argue some more, John says he’s not sure that Apple is his biological child. Shun calls him ugly and tells him to get a DNA test.

Brooke meets up with Akbar.

He tells her he’s not happy things didn’t work out between them romantically. But Brooke is fine that things didn’t work out because she didn’t want to join his harem.

It doesn’t take long for them to discuss the leak. According to Akbar, he and Teairra have still been seeing each other.

“I didn’t even know we weren’t together until the press conference…we’re definitely not done.” – Akbar

Akbar says he still messes around with Teairra and she flew out to see him in Dallas recently.

Teairra told him that she will drop the lawsuit if Akbar drops all the other women in his life. Brooke is taken aback by these claims.

Paris gets her first movie role.

She goes by Amara La Negra’s trailer to chat. Now that she’s back from London, she feels like the trip was very messy. But her bigger mess is with K. Michelle who keeps telling people that Paris stole money from her.

In a green screen interview, Paris says K. Michelle is overreacting.

Amara tells Paris to stay focused and not worry about what’s being said about her.

Brooke gives an update on Akbar and Teairra.

K. Michelle has been busy working on her fifth studio album.

She meets up with Moniece and they chat about Paris.

To K. Michelle, it’s all about the principle. Not the amount that was stolen.

Brooke shows up to give them an update on Akbar and Teairra.

They tell K. Michelle that it was said that K. was on social media talking to Akbar. K. Michelle doesn’t see the big deal because she’s not friends with Teairra.

After this is said, Brooke shows video of Teairra being dropped off at LAX to fly out to London after meeting Akbar in Dallas.

This makes Moniece question Teairra’s whole leaking story.

Jay Will calls out Misster Ray.

Misster Ray is happy Jay showed up to the Pride event to perform as Kandie.

Kandie hits the stage and the crowd enjoys the performance.

After the performance, Kandie calls out Misster Ray on stage for not allowing him to perform as himself.

Ray pulls Jay to the side afterwards, and they arguing. For Ray, it’s disrespectful for Jay to be upset because he championed in the right for Jay to perform as Kandie for 10 years.

The friends can’t seem to agree on anything and end up storming off with no resolution.

K. Michelle and Paris face off.

They meet at a restaurant and both are prepared to get a lot off their chests.

Paris tells K. what Moniece said. They start discussing what happened with Paris and K. Michelle’s credit card.

After Paris says she only stole $50, K. Michelle pulls out receipts that show that Paris spent $300 dollars.

“You’re a thief.”

This angers Paris and she throws her drink and cup in K. Michelle’s face.

Security restrains them and escorts Paris away as she screams more insults at K. Michelle.

“You a fake a*s Keyshia Cole!” – Paris

When Paris is taken away, K. Michelle jokingly deals with the aftermath.

“She almost messed up my new nose.” – K. Michelle

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