GUHHATL Recap: Jhonni Blaze Clashes with Stevie J & Just Brittany + Teresa Questions Kiyomi’s Motives

Bow Wow introduces everyone to Kiyomi Leslie.

The season begins at Bow Wow’s mansion. He’s getting ready to step out and he’s got a new woman in his life. Of course, it’s Kiyomi. They explained how they met, which included Bow Wow sliding in her DM’s.

Once they started hanging out, they’ve been together ever since, according to Bow.

Next, Da Brat and Debra Antney are hanging out shopping. Deb’s now running an establishment called The Ivory. For the opening, she’s looking to also showcase Jhonni Blaze. Da Brat doesn’t think Deb still working with Jhonni is a good Idea. Brat feels Jhonni’s too mentally unstable and a hot head to work with anyone.

Speaking of bratty behavior, Da Brat says she isn’t talking to Bow Wow after what happened last season.

Deb says he has a lot of growing up to do.

Bow Wow is at his mom’s place. His mom’s taken aback when he says he’s in love with Kiyomi. She openly questions if Kiyomi is good for Bow Wow.

Bow Wow’s a question-mark for the So So Def’s 25th anniversary tour.

JD stops by Dish Nation to talk about So So Def’s 25th anniversary celebration. He’s also going to be inducted into the songwriter’s hall of fame. To celebrate the 25th anniversary, they’re planning a tour with all of the So So Def artists. Da Brat pointed out that Bow Wow’s name wasn’t on the set list.

JD says he’s still thinking about it, pointing out that people who would buy tickets aren’t necessarily Bow Wow fans.

“I can’t wait to see this.” – Da Brat

At the sweet hut restaurant, Bow Wow’s mom Teresa meets with Kiyomi. They make small talk and Kiyomi’s nervous about her. She has good reason to be nervous because Teresa isn’t sure if she isn’t around for a come-up.

During the conversation, Teresa asked if they are using protection.

“We’re using the pull-out method.” – Kiyomi

She then invited Teresa to the studio to hear what she and Bow Wow’s been working on.

Meanwhile, Shaniah heads over Amy and Ayana’s place. Ayana’s thinking about moving in with Amy, but that’s not the topic of the conversation. They immediately start talking about Bow Wow’s girl Kiyomi. They call her an Instagram model and pull up her IG page.

They don’t know their intentions, but they point out how Bow Wow always has her around. Shaniah says she wants to meet Bow Wow’s girl.

Bow Wow get’s angry when he finds out Teresa’s invited to the studio.

Kiyomi’s riding with Bow Wow and she tells him about her conversation with Teresa and she’s invited to the studio. Bow Wow’s nervous about this because the song they’re working on is really explicit. He doesn’t like this and he’s angry.

This causes an argument. Doors get slammed and Bow Wo walks into the studio angry. He stays in the studio as she records and it makes her nervous. As she raps, Bow looks visibly unimpressed.

He tries to coach her but it just comes off abrasive towards her.

As if things don’t get more tense, Teresa walked into the studio. Pimpin plays the record for Teresa and this takes her aback. However, she gets gentle towards Kiyomi.

Bow Wow doesn’t appreciate how Teresa’s understanding towards Kiyomi and he’s just getting angry.

Later on, Deb meets with her niece Ayana at the ivory. Ayana’s impressed with the place. Deb tells Ayana she’s happy running the Ivory instead of what she was doing before.

Interestingly enough, neither one of them have spoken to Brandon since he’s no longer on the show. Of course, Deb invites Ayana to the grand opening.

Kiyomi puts her foot down.

The next day, Bow Wow returns home and Kiyomi’s there. She’s mad he stayed at the studio all night and a woman was there that called him her brother.

“In Atlanta, ‘Brother’ means someone I had relations with.” – Kiyomi

She didn’t appreciate how she didn’t know about this up-front.

Kiyomi then gets Bow Wow to agree to the communication improvement and not to be in the studio when she’s laying down tracks.

Next, Bow Wow takes Kiyomi to meet Ayana, Amy and Shaniah.

Ayana and Shania are really interested to meet Kiyomi to learn about her. Shaniah wants to really make sure she’s with him for all of the best intentions.

Bow Wow introduces Kiyomi to everyone when he arrives. The topic of JD’s ceremony in New York comes up. Shaniah doesn’t want to go because she’s salty about JD not supporting her fashion line last season.

Ayana talks about her fashion line, and Kiyomi volunteers to join Ayana’s modeling event. Lastly, Ayana invites Kiyomi to Deb’s party at the Ivory.

Jhonni Blaze clashes with Just Brittany and Stevie J. at her showcase.

They all arrive at Deb’s event and Deb’s really excited. Ayana learns Jhonni’s performing and she gets worried, because she has Kiyomi and Shaniah with her.

So she nervously tells them both about Jhonni Blaze performing. Kiyomi doesn’t like learning about this from Ayana, and she wants to talk to Bow Wow about this.

As the party goes on, Jhonni shows up for her performance. Although she’s excited to perform, Shaniah isn’t happy to see her.

As they are talking about her, Jhonni gets into an altercation. This was the event where LHHATL stars Just Brittany and Stevie J (blurred out) showed up after their reunion taping, causing an altercation.

The altercation shocked and angered Deb and surprised the rest of the cast that was there.

The episode ends with Jhonni Blaze on a warpath as Stevie and Brittany leave.

“Y’all wanna see Jhonni Blaze? You’re gonna get Jhonni Blaze!” – Jhonni

What are your thoughts of the episode?

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