Quad Webb-Lunceford Wants Dr. Gregory Fired from ‘Married To Medicine’

quad from married to medicine
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Well it’s safe to say more friendships are being tested on the current season of “Married To Medicine.”

Although Quad has been busy amid her divorce, she’s also not in a good place with some of the other ladies.

In particular, she’s currently at odds with Dr. Simone and Toya.

Both had issues with how Quad distanced herself from the group earlier in the season.

While Quad said she just needed time to prepare to share with the group, Simone and Toya weren’t convinced. Especially since Quad has been sharing much more with her “Sister Circle” co-hosts.

But now Quad feels like Toya and Simone were conspiring to get her kicked off the show.

During an interview with Madame Noire, she said the following:

I know that there was a plan when I walked into Heavenly’s Crab Boil. They had already conjured up something. Her, Toya decided…I guess they wanted me off the show or out of the circle. I gotta tell ya, I’ll be the person who makes that decision.

It most certainly won’t be women running me off the show. It’s just not gonna happen. They don’t even have the power. They don’t possess the tenacity to push me off a show.

When it comes to Mariah Huq, Quad is sure they won’t ever be friends again:

That’s never going to happen. Cause she clearly is going out onto social media and utilizing the demise of my marriage to push an agenda of what she wants people to believe about me.

No one who cares about you and who says they want to be your friend again would do that. So I just gotta tell you, you can make a mistake once or twice, and of course I can forgive that. But to perpetrate and constantly make the same mistake…it’s no longer a mistake now. It’s practice. So no, we’ll never be friends.

Plus, she doesn’t think Dr. G deserves to remain on the show now that the marriage is over.

When asked if he should be able to remain on the cast, she said:

Absolutely not. I don’t think Gregory has a place on the show anymore. We’re not married. Well especially after the divorce transpires. We’re not together anymore. He’s moved on. He’s doing his own thing. I’m not going to his office on his job. I’m not going to the hospital on his job. So why does he have the privilege to come on my job at Married To Medicine?

You can check out the video below.

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