‘Greenleaf’ Recap: Calvary & Triumph are Raided by the FBI + Grace Learns about Lionel

Greenleaf Season 3 Episode 11 James and Rochelle
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Mae tells Maxine about Grace’s paternity.

The episode begins with Mae feeling really sad as she’s in makeup with Maxine. Mae finally opened up about Lionel being Grace’s father.

She explains to Maxine that after finding out James cheated with her sister Mabel, she looked to sleeping with Lionel as a way to get her “groove back.” Mae doesn’t want to tell Grace because she doesn’t want Grace to look at her as a source of all of her problems.

However, Maxine thinks it’s a good idea to tell Grace if she wants to lead Calvary with a clean slate.

The FBI raid Calvary and Triumph.

Grace enters James’ office with evidence of Rochelle’s true identity. She shows pictures from the foster-mother and other things she brought up about Rochelle. Despite their evidence, James doesn’t want to believe Grace.

“She’s a virtuous woman and I can’t believe it’s true.” – James

Their talk gets interrupted when the FBI storm into the Calvary offices and Triumph.

The FBI confiscates both churches’ computers, files and paperwork and kick everyone out of their offices. This shocks James, Jacob and Kerissa. The accountant tells the investigators that something is unorthodox and they should look into it.

At least Mae and Maxine get to complete their interview promoting their Lady Mae event. Mae’s asked if Grace will speak and Mae shuts that down.

After the interview, Mae furiously heads to James and lets him have it. Charity tries to get Mae’s attention but Mae tells her to try and be useful. Another Agent tells Mae later on that she’s on the warrant too.

When Mae finally runs into James, she’s smacks him in the arm, yelling at him. While they argue, Grace calls her lawyer Counselor Garner.

Grace gets Counselor Garner to explained what happened.

Garner shows up and sets up a meeting with James, Jacob, Grace and Kerissa. Here they learn how they got set up:

  1. Tasha had Jacob set up an account and had $200,000 of church funds deposited into it.
  2. James withdrew the money from the account and used it to pay the IRS.

As James and Jacob explain themselves, they both take shots at one another for letting something like this happen under their watch.

Garner then shows them the evidence that the IRS has, however, James explains the account is supposed to be a church-based cryptocurrency account.

Ironically enough, the app no longer works on James’ phone. Luckily, Garner says the raid was just to put fear into other churches.

As they meet with Garner, Mae’s getting a pep-talk from Maxine. She tells Mae she can rewrite the sermon for the event and make it better than ever. Lionel calls but she declines to talk.

Charity heads up to the Agent that took Mae’s computer, Agent Dallas. She tells him he has the rest of her life in his hands. Darius also stops by and takes Grace for a talk.

Grace lays into him when she finds out he’s being used a source for a story about the raid. She angrily tells him that Rochelle and Tasha conspired with Basie Skanks to ruin their family.

Charity decides to “become useful.”

In her office, Charity tells Agent Dallas a story that she has some compromising photos on Mae’s computer that she really needs to get rid of. He agrees to talk to his superiors about the computer.

Jacob calls Tasha and she’s silent on the line. Basie is in the room and coaxes her to stay silent about what happened.

Losing out on getting anything from Tasha, Jacob tells her he loves her with coaxing of his own from Kerissa. Basie snatches the phone from Tasha and hangs up the call. Rochelle’s there too and says, “Told you.”

Tasha pleads that she doesn’t know what he’s thinking.

“But I do.” – Basie

Zora and Isaiah are getting ready to leave to the studio. However, Isaiah tells Zora to stay behind. She wonders why and he brushes this off, giving her $100 to get her nails done.

When he leaves, she swats the $100 bill off her phone.

After leaving her tense meeting with Darius, Grace heads over to confront Rochelle about everything that’s happen. She tells Rochelle she knows that she’s Basie’s half-sister.

“Is that a crime?” – Rochelle.

“No but it gives you a motive.” – Grace

Grace knows Rochelle is behind the FBI raid and knows she did it so James would pay for her father’s death. But Rochelle plays her part well, calling her insane and doesn’t know what Grace is talking about.

James learns his days at Calvary may also be numbered.

Connie confronts James about the FBI raid and lets him know that the Deacon Board will look at replacing him. When she leaves his office, he looks defeated.

Speaking of looking defeated, Tasha’s nervously fixing Basie a plate. But Basie sees right through her. He’s angry that she fell for Jacob.

Tasha pleads that nothing happened between her and Jacob, and she thought Basie was dead. Basie revealed he went underground without telling her to protect her.

At the end, he tells Tasha he doesn’t know he can ever trust her. Later on, Tasha overhears Basie talking to someone about their plan to take down the Greenleaf’s and how they used Tasha to do it.

At Triumph, Jacob shows Kerissa paperwork of the account authorization he signed. Tasha called Jacob and lets him know they need to talk. She tells Jacob she’s scared and Jacob assures her she’s okay.

When he hangs up, Kerissa tells Jacob he cares about Tasha. Jacob brushes this notion off.

Lionel passed away.

Mae’s scrambling with Karine to work out a new Powerpoint presentation when Aaron calls Mae. Aaron tells Mae Lionel passed away. He was starting a new round of chemo when his body gave out.

Grace stops by also and Mae stumbles about telling her the truth about Lionel.

Afterwards, Grace sees James in the basement to tell him about Rochelle revealing sleeping with James. This angers James and he leaves to “handle this once and for all” with Rochelle.

Mae heads to the sanctuary where Maxine is having a sound check. Maxine asks how Grace took the news and Mae reveals Lionel passed away.

“You still have to tell Grace.” – Maxine

Mae hears it from Maxine who wants her to get this secret off her chest.

Zora learns Isaiah’s being unfaithful in addition to being abusive.

Sophia’s at home when she comes across Isaiah on social media with a woman named Kimora. Kimora posted videos of them in the studio drinking and getting really close with one another. She shares this with Zora and asks her if she’s seen the video.

In Charity’s office, Agent Dallas comes back with Mae’s computer. She is able to get Mae’s sermon and Powerpoint off the computer.

Zora got Isaiah’s message and confronts Isaiah about Kimora. Isaiah lies and says it was a meet and greet.

Zora asks if they are really together again and Isaiah says yes.

“It doesn’t feel like it.” – Zora

“…You know you’re my First Lady.” – Isaiah

They kiss and makeup on the counter.

Charity feels proud of herself after she was able to make herself useful and presents Mae with the Powerpoint presentation.

“Useful enough for you?” – Charity

Mae’s good feelings won’t last long as Aaron returns to Calvary to tell Grace news about Lionel being her father.

At night, Zora wakes up and sees more photos of Isaiah and Kimora really close together.

Basie and Rochelle further trap Jacob and James.

At the meeting Tasha set up with Jacob, Basie shows up and tells him, “Lets worry about our own wives for a moment.”

Basie then demands to know what happened between him and Tasha. Jacob says it’s his fault and it was just one kiss.

Basie says thank you and that was more than he got from Tasha. Jacob won’t be able to talk to Tasha anymore because he has her phone. This indicates something possibly happened to Tasha at the hands of Basie.

James enters into Rochelle’s office demanding answers. He gets out of her that she is Darrell James’ daughter.

But Rochelle keeps playing innocent, saying she believes James when he says he didn’t kill him. She also stands behind her lie of them sleeping with one another.

“You got me… But you won’t get away with it.” – James.

He walks away.

“B****, I already did.” – Rochelle

The episode ends when Grace stops by the sanctuary to see Mae. She tells Mae that she knows about Lionel being her father.

When she asks if its true, Mae got real honest with Grace.

“I don’t know.” – Mae

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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