GUHHATL Recap: Lil Mama Wants to Sing + Jhonni Goes Off on Deb, Again

It’s the day of Ayana’s first fashion show.

She’s disappointed that there is no light backstage and there are no hair stylists there. Apparently the power isn’t working.

To add to the stress, Kiyomi isn’t there yet. So Ayana calls her up and Kiyomi says she’s still at home. But Ayana senses that Kiyomi is depressed by her breakup with Bow Wow. Ayana isn’t sure Kiyomi is going to show up.

Luckily for Ayana, the power comes back on.

Shaniyah shows up with a friend. She checks in on Ayana and Ayana tells her she’s really stressed. Although Kiyomi is supposed to be there, Ayana is not sure she’s coming.

Minutes later, Kiyomi calls Ayana and tells her she’s still at the hair salon. She may not make it in time.

Annoyed, Ayana prepares to cut Kiyomi from the show.

Jhonni is shooting a music video in Jamaica.

So she invites Deb for support.

While Deb is packing, she FaceTimes Masika and tells her that her new boo Ahmad is going to Jamaica with her.

Masika tells Deb that she spent time with Bow Wow recently.

“What the f***?” – Deb

Kiyomi ends up showing up to the fashion show.

She greets Ayana and hopes that she won’t have drama with Bow Wow if he does show up.

Not too long after, Bow Wow arrives to the event.

Ayana greets him outside to make sure he won’t fight with Kiyomi.

He greets Ayana with flowers. Bow Wow tells Ayana he’s not staying for the fashion show because he doesn’t want to see Kiyomi. He still loves her but doesn’t want to cause drama at the fashion show.

Of course Ayana is thankful for this.

Lil Mama pulls up.

Since she loves fashion, she’s thankful Ayana invited her.

She sits down to take in the show.

A little later, Ayana gets on the stage and welcomes the attendees.

The show then begins and the models strut down the runway.

When Kiyomi walks down the runway, Kiyomi spots Lil Mama in the crowd. In a green screen interview, she says she’s ready to throw down with Lil Mama if need be.

Meanwhile, Shaniyah admits she’s a little jealous Ayana’s fashion career is taking off while hers isn’t.

After the show, DJ Hurricane tells Ayana he’s proud of her and he gifts her with flowers. He’s really impressed with the line.

As Kiyomi is leaving the building, she realizes she needs to show Bow Wow what he’s missing.

Bow Wow is in the studio with Pimpin.

He adds some verses on one of Kiyom’s tracks.

In a green screen interview, he admits he misses her and she sounds great on the song.

Pimpin is convinced the song is going to be a club banger.

Lil Mama meets with Kelly Price.

Kelly’s resume is very long and impressive.

They greet each other and Lil Mama tells Kelly she really wants to sing.

Her mother encouraged her to sing when she was young and it’s something that’s in her heart.

“One thing I know about my mother is she would want her legacy as a singer to continue.” – Lil Mama

Right now, Lil Mama wants to figure out how to find her voice. And she wants Kelly to vocal train her. When she’s in the booth, she gets anxiety.

“It’s all mental.” – Kelly

Kelly assures Lil Mama that she can help her get out of her own head.

Kiyomi shops with her friend and talks about Bow Wow.

Her friend feels like Bow Wow needs to work hard to get Kiyomi back. The blogs don’t know about their breakup yet.

She’s feeling like Bow Wow doesn’t care about her. But her friend tells her to be strong and make Bow Wow regret that they are over.

Bow Wow meets with Shaniah.

The two link up at a restaurant and Shaniah’s really interested in his well-being. They recap Bow Wow making a pop up at Ayana’s event but not coming in. He also tells Shaniah his side of his breakup with Kiyomi.

He does admit that he said terrible things to Kiyomi and she called his mom at 5 am. Shaniah tells him he should not have allowed what others said to affect his thoughts of Kiyomi. Lastly, he admits he’s still in love with Kiyomi.

“My heart’s still there. I still love her.” – Bow Wow

Despite this, he doesn’t want to call her. Instead, he’s been self-medicating with partying and drinking.

Deb lands in Jamaica for Jhonni’s video shoot, and her man.

Once in Jamaica, Deb already is hearing Jhonni’s ruining the video shoot.

Lil Mama meets with Kelly Price for vocal lessons.

She’s excited to work with Kelly and overcome her anxiety. She is with her friend Jeffery “J-Dubb” Walker. He’s a well-known producer and his status amplifies her singing anxiety. Despite the anxiety, she’s looking to overcome this coming from a family of great musicians.

They first get her to sing her ABC’s.

“People who can sing could sing anything.” – Kelly

Being asked to sing the last part of the song to her mom really breaks her down. Despite this, Kelly does her thing to break her out of her shell.

Jermaine cuts it to Shaniah straight about the clothing line.

Shaniah was finally able to get Jermaine to sit down to talk about the clothing line. He’s been busy from setting the So-So Def tour up. He asks about the clothing line and Shaniah says she stopped working on it.

Jermaine tells her she wasn’t taking it seriously and that irks her because she felt Jermaine wasn’t taking her seriously. He wanted her to take it seriously and make it without using his name as a crutch.

Bow gets in his feelings over some Kiyomi thirst traps.

At the Moss Mansion, he’s trying to have a good time with his friends at his pool. Masika texts him “Hey Bighead,” and BT checks in on him. Bow’s still in his feelings and at this point he gets notifications of some new posts on Instagram.

He likes the photos of Kiyomi in a revealing bikini. Bow Wow couldn’t help himself.

Jhonni goes off on Deb, again.

Back in Jamaica, Jhonni Blaze reveals to Deb that Elephant Man wasn’t in Jamaica for their photo shoot. His excuse that he was booked for a festival and extended for a video shoot until Monday.

Deb digs in about her not changing her flight and her tone irks Jhonni.

“She’s got a disrespectful f***ing mouth and I am sick of it.” – Jhonni Blaze

After Jhonni works herself up, Deb decides to leave.

The episode ends with Jhonni Blaze going off about Deb to producers.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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