Nikki from ‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Talks Split with Phor + Quitting the Show

nikki from black ink crew chicago
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While some fans of “Black Ink Crew Chicago” were thinking Phor and Nikki could work out their issues, it appears that won’t be happening.

In fact, the couple called it quits after Nikki learned Phor sent another woman some risqué photos of himself.

Phor denied that he slept with the woman but Nikki wasn’t buying it.

During Instagram Live, Nikki confirmed the breakup:

No. me and Phor aren’t together anymore, you guys.

I’ve been single for about two months now. Life just happens. People grow apart. That’s it. 

When it comes to her status on the show, she’s done:

No, I’m not on the show anymore. I quit. I told y’all I ain’t wanna play none of them games. I quit.

I quit. After all that sh*t happened, I’m like y’all not finna play me for no fool. I already did enough goofy sh*t. It wasn’t even that serious. We knew how the set up was gonna go. They was gon try to put the girl on the show. And they gon want a woman to woman talk. No, I’m okay. I’m not going to have no woman to woman talk with no woman. 

I’m not gonna do that for you all to watch. 

Me and Phor not together no more. What’s the purpose of me being on the show? I told them I’m about to chase my dreams. So I’m chasing my dreams. Y’all I’m good. I was doing good before I got on the show, and I’m doing even better once I get off. 

She explained further that leaving Phor was about her knowing her worth.

You know, I know my worth. I don’t care if I’m single for the rest of my life. Although, I know that’s not gonna happen. 

Check out the video below.

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