RHOA Recap: Kandi Spills Tea on Dennis + Shamari & Ronnie DeVoe Make Their Debut

rhoa season 11 episode 3
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Porsha and Eva catch up at the gym.

Eva is trying to lose baby weight and prepare for her upcoming wedding. She feels like it’s necessary for her career.

She throws some shade at Cynthia in a green screen interview.

“I’m sorry, I’m a model. When’s the last time you saw a model with a big booty? Cynthia’s the only one I know.” – Eva

The trainer comes over to get them started and Porsha struggles. She confirms she gained some weight, about 5 to 10 pounds.

After they wrap up their workout session, they discuss Porsha and Dennis’ romance. Porsha feels like Dennis is the one but knows that it may seem like she’s moving too fast.

But Eva assures her it’s nothing wrong with that. She knew Michael was the one for her after just a few months.

This leads to Eva shading Marlo.

“You have some people like NeNe who may have been married for 20 years. Then you have people like Marlo, who’s 42 and never been married.” – Eva

Porsha catches the shade and asks Eva if she likes Marlo.

Apparently Eva was offended by Marlo telling her she didn’t need a luxurious room while they were in Miami.

Eva says she does like Cynthia, but once again shades Cynthia’s age when Porsha says she think they have a little modeling competition going on.

What I love about it is, it is what it is. I’m 33, she’s 51…She’s been doing this thing for a long time.” – Eva

Once again, Porsha catches the shade.

“Show us the veteran walk. Show us how they used to do it…She’s the mother, honey. You respect mother but mother is still mother.” – Eva

Both women laugh.

It’s time for Gregg to make a tough decision.

Gregg and NeNe go see a doctor.

Although he had the cancer removed from his colon, they want to see what options they have to make sure the cancer doesn’t return.

He has to get a CT Scan and he complains about it. In a green screen interview, NeNe says she’s tying to be strong for Gregg even though he can be a difficult patient.

To keep his spirits high, he sings a gospel song as they walk down the hallway.

When the doctor greets them, he tells them that they can’t detect the cancer anymore. But it’s possible that there are cancer cells they can’t see and they must do something to reduce the risk. He recommends chemotherapy.

This news saddens Gregg. He wonders if he can use alternative medicine. The doctor tells him chemo is the best way.

“It’s a lot.” – Gregg

NeNe reminds Gregg that he told her he was up for the fight. But she understands that ultimately, this has to be Gregg’s decision.

Shamari makes her entrance.

Kandi and Shamari hang out.

Shamari is the lead singer from the R&B group Blaque. Kandi wrote the lyrics for the remix to their hit single “808.”

In a green screen interview, Shamari says Blaque is a multiplatinum selling group who was discovered by Left Eye from TLC. She’s hoping the group can get back out there.

Left Eye discovered the group in 1996. Shamari feels like Blaque is on the same map as Xscape, BBD and New Edition.

She’s married to Ronnie DeVoe, a member of New Edition and BBD. BBD performed at Kandi’s wedding.

Both ladies discuss motherhood. Shamari just gave birth to twins.

Shamari was born in Detroit but moved to Atlanta when she was five years old.

Back at home, she and Ronnie have been staying busy with their twin boys. They are 11 months old.

Ronnie is 13 years older than Shamari. In a green screen interview, Shamari says Ronnie is a legend.

The couple also has a group together, Me And Mari.

They hit the studio to work on their music. In a green screen interview, Shamari says they slept together one day after they met. But she doesn’t think it’s a big deal because they have been together for 17 years.

Shamar hopes she and Ronnie can make music and travel the world together performing like Jay Z and Beyonce.

Of course Shamari lays down her vocals first, then Ronnie.

Cynthia drops by to see NeNe and Gregg.

They open a box of healing trees. The couple is hoping a holistic approach will work out for Gregg.

Gregg isn’t interested in doing chemo. He and NeNe feel like it’s dangerous and can “destroy people.”

In a green screen interview, Cynthia says it’s Gregg’s choice to make and she’s going to support.

But both NeNe and Gregg are touched by all the support they have been getting on social media.

With Shamari’s performance coming up, Kandi makes some calls.

Kandi calls up Eva to see if she’s okay with meeting her at ATL Live. Shamari is performing.

Eva says she’s down. Kandi then calls Porsha, and Porsha is willing to go as well. Shamari and Porsha went to the same high school. They laugh about Porsha posting swimsuit pictures on Instagram. Kandi and Porsha are following each other now since they are on friendly terms.

Porsha happens to be at Dennis’ place during the FaceTime call. Although, Kandi doesn’t know him, it’s still weird for her to speak to him knowing what she knows.

Shamari and Ronnie meet the group.

Shamari reunites with Brandi from Blaque at ATL Live.

This is the first time they have performed together in years.

They pray before they hit the stage.

NeNe, Porsha, Cynthia, Kandi and Eva are in the audience.

In a green screen interview, Cynthia says the group did a great job but their hair, outfits and makeup looked dated.

Back at the table, Cynthia tells the girls that she’s thinking about having a “Bailey Que.” She wants all the ladies to bring their best dish.

Porsha says that Dennis can handle the food since he’s a chef and owns hotdog shops.

“Your man is a chef?” – Kandi

Kandi throws some shade in a green screen interview.

“Okay, since you own a hotdog shop that makes you a chef now? What type of hotdogs you selling? He’s a dog alright.” – Kandi

When Porsha is asked who she’s bringing, Eva says she’s not trying to meet any more of Porsha’s friends after she clashed with Shamea.

Shamari comes out and introduces herself to NeNe and the others. Ronnie comes out to speak not too long after.

Things get awkward.

Kandi brings up the fact that BBD and Xscape have been touring together.

“You got some pointers you want to give Kandi?” – Shamari

The show was amazing. Y’all sound f*cking incredible. Right? Y’all got hits. Placement. Placement. Just so the show takes them on a journey.” – Ronnie

Now this doesn’t sit well with Kandi. She claps back in her green screen interview.

“What is happening here? Why are we bringing up my show when your group was opening up for me? Honey you just need to give all that good advice to your wife right there. That’s who we here for. We’re here for her. Put New Edition back together. Do something. Don’t come over her critiquing me.” – Kandi

Ronnie says his goodbyes and Shamari thanks the ladies for coming before leaving.

Eva then says that she likes Kandi’s friends.

Porsha tells Eva that she really doesn’t know Shamea yet.

“I don’t but Blaque is cute. She’s black and she’s snatched and she’s married. Shamea black too. She ain’t black with a Q.” – Eva

This comment offends Kandi and she explains why in her green screen interview.

What did you mean by Shamea is black but not black with a Q? I’m hoping she did not mean because she’s dark skinned. I don’t like that. I like you but I don’t like that.” – Kandi

Todd and Kandi are opening up another OLG.

The success from the first one has been massive.

Things are moving ahead and they have already secured the second location. It passed health inspection and it’s time for them to focus on the cosmetics.

Minutes later, Carmon pops up. She now has her own insurance agency. When Kandi and Todd need insurance for their properties, they just call Carmon.

After they talk business, Kandi and Carmon go off to the side to catch up. They discuss Porsha.

Apparently both Carmon and Kandi know other women Dennis has been with in the past. Carmon tells Kandi to stay out of it and not tell Porsha what she knows.

Meanwhile, Porsha is catching up with her mom and assistant at home.

She tells them Denis gave her a Rolex while they were in Miami.

Kandi tells Carmon that Dennis bought Porsha a Rolex.

“Oh, he likes Rolexes, huh?” – Carmon

Carmon laughs and Kandi said Dennis bought his last girl a Rolex too.

More tea is spilled on Dennis.

Jami then shows up and greets Carmon and Kandi. Jami is Porsha’s former friend whom Porsha beat down outside three seasons ago. Kandi says she’s still cool with Jami and can work with her despite Jami’s falling out with Porsha. Just for clarification, Jami is a Brand/Marketing consultant and has been helping Kandi.

Of course, Jami joins in on the conversation about Dennis and Porsha.

She says her friend dated him. This friend found out from another friend that Dennis was messing around with Porsha too.

“So it was a big situation.” – Jami

Jami says Dennis dated her friend for 2 1/2, 3 years.

“That can’t be right because I know a couple of girls he was dating at that time.” – Kandi

Meanwhile, Porsha shows her mother a photo of Dennis rocking his new tattoo of her name.

“He falls pretty quickly and he tattoos people’s names on him.” – Kandi

It gets messier.

Kandi knows of other women Dennis has gotten tattoos of, and Jami says he got her friend’s name tattooed on him.

Porsha says that Dennis told her he’s going to tattoo her face on his back as well.

“He ain’t going nowhere.” – Porsha

She also says Dennis told her she’s the first woman who has made him this happy.

“He cooks for chicks.” – Jami

“Porsha was just telling us the same thing.” – Kandi

At this moment, Porsha iis bragging to her mother about how Dennis will cook for her or have a meal prep delivery service handle dinner.

Jami says that Porsha needs to check the receipts because Dennis is sending somebody to the grocery store to go cook the food. And Jami believes it’s other women that he’s sleeping with running these errands.

“Cook, tattoo, watch. It works.” – Carmon

As Carmon tells Kandi to keep her mouth shut, Porsha’s mother gets emotional and tells Porsha how happy she is for her.

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