Transgender Woman Masin Elije Puts Dwight Howard On Blast + Royce Responds

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Throughout his NBA career, Dwight Howard’s personal life has been dramatic to say the least. He’s had to deal with former “Basketball Wives” star Royce Reed, and others who are the mothers of his children.

But what he has to deal with now may pale in comparison.

Dwight Howard’s currently trending on Twitter because a Transgender woman named Masin Elijè decided to expose the alleged harassment and threats she received from Dwight and his pastor.

In a series of tweets, Majin detailed her alleged romantic relationship with Dwight, including how they allegedly met at a “Wild N Out” taping earlier this year in Atlanta. Their alleged relationship disintegrated when Majin allegedly discovered Dwight was not only allegedly sleeping with another Transgender woman, but he was allegedly attending parties, allegedly engaging in high-risk s*x acts.

As the news broke on social media last night, Royce Reed appeared to have a front-row seat. She apparently had a good time reading everyone’s comments and tweets about Dwight and Masin.

When she posted a meme to her IG account about reading the comments, Royce was quick with the clap back. She let the follower know that despite having a child with Dwight, they haven’t talked in 12 years.

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Check out Masin’s story below.

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