GUHHATL Recap: Deb Quits Jhonni For Good + Bow Wow & Kiyomi Get Counseling

GUHHATL Season 2 Episode 17 Bow Wow
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Bow Wow thinks it’s good idea to set Lil Mama up on a date.

The episode opens with Bow Wow and Pimpin in the studio working on Greenlight 6. Pimpin’s focused on mixing everything down but Bow Wow’s distracted when Lil Mama stops by.

He’s looking to hook Lil Mama up with one of their friends. Lil Mama agrees to go on the date if Bow Wow heads to New York City with her to her family reunion. Bow Wow emphasizes he isn’t looking at Lil Mama romantically but he agrees to the terms.

Deb gets back to her place in Jamaica after walking away from Jhonni Blaze going off on her. She FaceTimes Waka and tells him about the new man in her life. This news shocks Waka as he learns Debs been dating Ahmad.

Ayana and Shania think Bow Wow and Kiyomi need counseling.

Meanwhile, Ayana and Shaniah are gossiping on Bow Wow’s breakup with Kiyomi. They both feel that Bow Wow’s in a bad place and he needs support. Shaniah’s encouraged Bow Wow to talk to Kiyomi again despite not talking since their breakup. So they come up with a plan to put them back together in front of a therapist.

Brandon schools Jhonni again & Deb spends time with Ahmad.

Jhonni’s still frustrated in Jamaica when she gets a call from Brandon Barnes. She vents to him about what happened between her and Deb once again. Jhonni explains how Elephant Man’s scheduling conflict led to him not being in Jamaica for the video.

Brandon tells her that it’s tough love time and her manager should’ve handled everything.

“Everyone’s always blaming her for s*** when she didn’t have anything to do with it.” – Brandon

He helps her realize that she needs to apologize once again and reveals he wants to bury the hatchet with Deb as well.

As she finishes her talk to Waka, Deb is getting ready to have her boo visit her in Jamaica.

“Stella’s got her groove back.” – Deb

Ahmad is younger than Deb but Deb’s excited to be with him. When he arrives, she unloads about Jhonni and lets him know that she’s ready to spend time with him. They then kiss.

Ayana and Kiyomi are hanging out at a tattoo shop. Kiyomi’s happy to see Ayana but she doesn’t know what Ayana is planning.

While they’re hanging out, Ayana asks if Kiyomi wants to go to counseling but she is holding firm about Bow Wow needing to apologize. Ayana was able to convince Kiyomi to show up to counseling if Bow Wow shows up.

Deb ends her working relationship with Jhonni.

The next morning, Ahmad and Deb are enjoying the beach when Jhonni texts her. Deb tells Ahmad she’s going to have another talk with Jhonni. Ahmad asks if Deb still believes in Jhonni.

“She’s her own worst enemy.” – Deb

Lil Mama’s heading to her blind date and she has her guard up. But it quickly comes down when she sees Bow Wow set her up with his friend B.T. Their date is at an escape room and she thinks it’s a cool first date.

As B.T. and Lil Mama seem to build a bond on their date, he invites Lil Mama to kick it with him as he hosts a club event.

Jhonni is at the beach filming her video. Despite the challenges, Jhonni has fun in front of the camera. As the shoot commences, Deb and Ahmad stop by. Deb gets a chance to pull her aside to talk. Deb unloads and lets her know she’s tired of Jhonni flying off the handle.

Jhonni says she’s sensitive right now and Deb lets her know that she needs to get her temper under control.

“The ones who love and believe in you the most are the ones you stab the most.” – Deb

Jhonni’s left speechless when Deb says she doesn’t want to work with her anymore.

“I feel like I got slapped in the face.” – Jhonni

Bow Wow and Kiyomi head to counseling.

Shaniah heads over to Bow Wow’s to pick him up for the therapy session. Meanwhile, Ayana has Kiyomi. Kiyomi is still waiting on her apology from Bow Wow as she still feels she did nothing wrong.

Eventually, Teresa answers the door befuddling Shaniah. Bow Wow eventually shows up saying he’s getting cold feet. He doesn’t understand why make-up s*x won’t work.

Despite this, Shaniah is able to get him to the therapy session. When he walks in, he gets frustrated when Kiyomi doesn’t hug him.

Meanwhile, Deb and Masika meet back in Atlanta. Deb lets Masika know that after Jhonni turned up on her in Jamaica, Deb quit being her manager. Masika’s happy to learn Deb’s ready to work with her. She warns Deb that she’s going to have to “smack a ho” if Jhonni comes back into the picture.

Despite saying Masika could be messy, Deb sees Masika’s talent and wants to work with her.

Back at the therapy session, Bow Wow and Kiyomi aren’t talking. Kiyomi breaks the ice with the therapist telling him about their breakup. Bow Wow mentions that he’s constantly told Kiyomi he won’t cheat on her and he’s sick of being accused of things. Kiyomi says Bow Wow isn’t willing to change his lifestyle.

The episode ends with Bow Wow walking away from their therapy session and Kiyomi is in tears.

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