RHOA Recap: Porsha Confronts Kandi + Gregg Gets More Bad News

rhoa season 11 episode 5
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Dennis and Porsha take it to the next level.

Porsha and Dennis meet her mother Diane for a bite to eat.

The couple reveals they now have matching tattoos.

While Diane is happy for them, she does kind of feel like Porsha is needing her less now that she has Dennis in her life.

At this point, Porsha feels like she can be her true self with Dennis. She wasn’t able to do that with Kordell.

Kandi gets some advice.

NeNe, Kandi, Cynthia and Marlo meet at a restaurant.

Cynthia tells the girls that she’s happy with Mike. She’s even trying to figure out new ways to keep things sultry.

They change the topic and then discuss Porsha and Dennis.

Kandi says that she’s on decent terms with Porsha now and doesn’t feel conformable enough telling her what she heard about Dennis.

In fact, she’s heard Dennis gets the names of all the women he’s dated tattooed on his body.

She also mentions that he gives out rolexes too. And the most recent woman before Porsha claims she and Dennis just broke up a month ago.

In a green screen interview, Kandi says she knew some of this tea before Porsha got with Dennis.

NeNe says that she wouldn’t tell a girlfriend what she’s heard about their guy because it can cause drama. So they all agree to not tell Porsha and let the couple be.

Eva goes wedding dress shopping with her mother Michelle.

Since she’s her mother’s only daughter, this is a special moment for Michelle.

Eva’s parents have been married for over 35 years. They eloped.

“This is the wedding my mother never had.” – Eva

Not too long after they get to the dress shop, Eva’s friend Jade stops by.

Eva comes out in a glamorous dress but Michelle says it’s not the right one.

As time goes by, Michelle doesn’t seem to like any of the dresses Eva tries on.

So Eva decides she will come back on a later date without her mother.

Ronnie thinks Shamari shared too much with the group.

Shamari and Ronnie are enjoying the weather in the backyard with their twins.

The nanny comes out to take the boys so the couple can talk.

They discuss the fact that they are going all out for the twins’ birthday. In a green screen interview, Shamrai says her pregnancy and delivery was very rough. In fact, one of the boys almost died. So she has to go all out on their birthdays.

After Shamari tells Ronnie that she told the group they had an open marriage, Ronnie makes it clear he’s not happy about that.

But Shamari isn’t ashamed. However, Ronnie says that people don’t have to know everything about them.

In a green screen interview, Shamari says her open marriage was deeper than the ones Ronnie had. She even thought about leaving Ronnie.

It still hurts to discuss their troubled past but both are thankful they made it.

“I was just bicurious, that’s all.” – Shamari

Michelle clashes with Eva over wedding guests.

Eva and Michelle go out to eat.

They discuss the wedding. When Eva says that she’s only having 40 people there out of the 150 invited, Michelle says that she has an issue with that. She wants to make sure that people who were very involved in Eva’s life will be there. But Eva doesn’t think that’s necessary.

Regardless, Michelle says it shouldn’t be a big deal to add like 3 more people.

Especially since most of the guests are Michael’s people.

Eva says that adding 3 more people will dramatically affect the cost.

This upsets Michelle and she refuses to talk about it anymore. This brings Eva to tears and she decides to head to the restroom to gather herself.

In a green screen interview, Eva says that she feels like her mother just doesn’t understand her. She tells the producer that her mother is a big source of her wedding planning stress.

“The last thing I need is to argue with the one person who supports me the most.” – Eva

When she returns to the table, she apologizes for crying. Her mother then apologizes for upsetting her.

“Let’s find out how to take the stress out the moment.” – Michelle

Michelle then suggests they have some hookah and chill out. This brings a smile to Eva’s face.

The Leakes get some more bad news.

The doctor visits Gregg and NeNe.

Gregg has gone vegan to try to make sure the cancer doesn’t return the natural way.

So the doctor shows him how to prepare vegan meals for himself.

They also create a green smoothie.

“Oh, that’s good.” – Gregg

Gregg gets a phone call from the hospital.

There were circulating tumor cells found in Gregg’s test. So the hospital tells him that he needs to get chemo. Gregg tells them he needs time to think everything over.

When he hangs up the phone, he tells NeNe he has a lot of faith. And he doesn’t want to get chemo.

It’s the day of the twins’ birthday party.

Ronnie and Shamari have spent $10,000. They have plenty of alcohol and even a chef.

About 150 guests are expected.

When Marlo arrives, she brings her 2-year-old nephew.

Kandi and Todd arrive with Ace.

They greet the couple and Ronnie makes it clear that he’s not trying to give Kandi career advice because she’s done a great job building her brand.

Shamari tells Kandi and Marlo that Porsha didn’t even make an attempt to come.

Instead, she quickly blurted out that her niece will be with her dad on the day of the party.

As for Eva, Shamari isn’t sure she’s coming and she felt Eva shaded her fashion at the Bailey Que.

In a green screen interview, Shamari says she doesn’t need a makeover and Eva is a plain jane.

Not too long after, Eva arrives with Michael and the kids.

Shamari wastes no time confronting Eva about shading her fashion.

Eva denies being shady and Kandi thinks Eva is backpedaling.

Things calm down after Eva tells Shamari she doesn’t think she needs a makeover since Ronnie is happy with her regardless.

Porsha knows what Kandi has been saying about Dennis.

Kandi gives Todd and Don Juan an update on Porsha’s current relationship.

She explains to Don Juan that she heard some things about Dennis. Don says that it’s not a good idea to tell Porsha. Apparently, someone told Porsha what was said even though they all agreed not to say anything. Porsha ended up going off on Dennis and Dennis’ exes have even contacting Kandi questioning what she said.

In a green screen interview, Kandi says she thinks NeNe most likely told Porsha.

“This is bad.” – Don Juan

Porsha confronts Kandi.

The ladies meet up for some wine tasting.

Things are awkward as Porsha and Kandi are the first to arrive.

When NeNe and Cynthia get there, Cynthia informs the women that she is opening up a wine bar.

She already has the space secured and it’s going to be called The Bailey Wine Cellar.

They toast to Cynthia’s new wine cellar.

As Porsha keeps bringing up Dennis, Kandi decides to address the elephant in the room. Kandi says NeNe must have went back and told Porsha what was said. Both NeNe and Porsha act like this wasn’t the case.

“See, I don’t get involved in people’s relationships.” – NeNe

In a green screen interview, Porsha confirms NeNe told her.

Porsha then tells the ladies that Dennis got a tattoo of her name so she’s not concerned about the gossip.

“People have s*x with multiple people and they care about them less.” – Porsha

She feels Kandi was being messy to spread what she heard. Plus, she feels like Dennis falls hard for women at times, and that’s why he has gotten multiple tattoos for multiple past relationships.

NeNe then tells Porsha that it’s possible Kandi was just concerned, the same way Porsha was concerned about her Cynthia’s relationship with Will last season. But Porsha says the difference is she went directly to Cynthia about what she heard. Kandi told multiple people first and that was messy.

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