LHNNY Recap: Juju & Yandy Hash Out Their Issues + Juelz Makes His Decision

lhhny season 9 episode 3
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Juju and Yandy catch up at Yandy’s place.

They discuss what went down at Jonathan’s party.

Of course Anais is discussed and Juju says her biggest issue was she didn’t like that Jonathan called her secretive.

But Yandy tells her she is secretive and she didn’t even tell anyone about her breakup with Cam’Ron at first.

This doesn’t sit well with Juju. She says that she was hurt and took her time telling people for her own emotional health. She feels Yandy should understand that.

Yandy only feels slighted because she wishes she could have been there for Juju sooner. Regardless, the friends will just have to respect each other’s positions although they don’t agree.

Rich isn’t thrilled that Jaquae is working with Nya Lee.

They have a history and don’t get along.

However, Jaquae says Nya has matured since becoming a mother. So he is not ashamed of them working together on a song.

The subject changes.

Rich then says that he wants Jaquae to write a song for a female artist he’s interested in. While he won’t disclose who that person is yet, he tells Jaquae he wants to see if the artist is worth his attention.

Jonathan falls out with Kimbella and Anais.

Cyn and Joe are back from their getaway to Cabo.

In a green screen interview, Cyn says all Joe did was sleep so they are still in a weird place.

When she meets up with Jonathan she tells him that she and Joe still didn’t have s*x.

They are later joined by Anais and Kimbella.

Jonathan wastes no time calling everyone out for the drama at his party.

He starts arguing with Anais and tells her she should have saved her issues with Juju for another time.

Since Jonathan wasn’t expecting Juju to be there, he’s not happy that Kimbella told Juju he was upset with her.

A screaming match happens between Jonathan and Anais.

“Have a good time with your dusty a*s wig, b*tch.” – Jonathan

After Anais leaves, Jonathan says he’s done with the friendship.

Minute slater, he then gets into it with Kimbella. She explains that Jonathan was wrong to call Juju fake and that’s why she’s done with him. As for Kimbella, she’s now washing her hands of Jonathan as well.

She storms off.

Juju gets some support from Remy Ma.

So she shows up to Remy’s photo shoot and speaks to Papoose.

Remy is pregnant but she says she is still focusing on her music and her upcoming clothing line.

With the clothing line, Remy wants to donate some of the proceeds to other women who have been incarcerated.

They talk about Juju’s fallouts with Anais and Jonathan. She believes that Jonathan heard Juju was secretive from Yandy. And Yandy feels Juju was too secretive about her breakup with Cam.

But Juju says Yandy was secretive when she didn’t want to tell anyone her marriage to Mendeecees wasn’t legal.

Regardless, Remy will have the two women hash things out while she mediates.

Rich is working with Sidney Starr.

He meets her at a restaurant to talk about her career. Rich is considering working with her.

Sidney wants to prove herself and show him she can be the biggest star he’s ever worked with.

Jaquae pops up and joins them at their table.

Not too long after, Sidney starts freestyling.

When she raps about having a nice p*nis, she confirms to both that she’s a transgender woman.

Jaquae says that Sidney needs to work on her flow a little bit. But he’s open to working with her.

Things are stressful for Anais at home.

The kids are keeping her very busy.

Her husband Ruben tries to help but it’s not enough.

When she explains this, Ruben gets annoyed because he’s doing what he can on top of working.

But Anais says she just wants more understanding.

Sidney meets up with her friend.

She tells him that she thinks Rich can really help her career.

Sidney wonders if Rich and Jaquae may be hesitant to work with her because she’s a transgender woman.

Regardless her friend tells her not to worry. He especially thinks Rich will be open-minded and not worry about critics.

Kimbella and Juelz clash in the studio.

Juelz is recording music about his current legal struggles.

Kimbella comes in and speaks.

In a couple of days, Juelz will have to go to court and reveal his decision. The time has now doubled according to his attorney.

With a plea, he is now looking at 27 to 37 months if he takes a deal. And if he doesn’t, he’s looking at a few years.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do.” – Juelz

Kimbella tells Juelz that he doesn’t take responsibility about his bad choices and drug problems.

This angers Juelz and he says he doesn’t want to continue the conversation.

Remy mediates Juju and Yandy’s conversation.

Juju tells Yandy that she believes that Yandy told Jonathan that Juju is secretive. And she feels this is hypocritical because Yandy didn’t tell anyone she wasn’t really married.

But Yandy says that she and Mendeecees weren’t ready to say anything because they were still trying to figure everything out. Juju points out that she experienced the same feelings after she broke up with Cam. She wanted to tell everyone when she felt she was ready to.

Now both women realize they can understand each other’s choices.

Yandy says she’s not going to take to it personal if Juju doesn’t trust her. The two women laugh and agree they are on good terms again.

Sidney gets into it with Nya.

Nya Lee says that she’s matured since becoming a mother.

She’s performing in the club with Jaquae. She hopes everyone can see how much she has changed.

After they end the performance, Jaquae goes off to the side to speak to Rich.

Although they had a feud in the past, Nya comes up to speak to Rich anyway.

It doesn’t take long before she calls Rich out for sleeping with his artists.

Rich says she has no right to question him because he’s been in the business for 20 years.

Sidney comes in and interrupts the conversation. Things immediately go left between her and Nya.

As they argue about who is more famous, Rich decides he needs to prevent anything from popping off physically. So he drags Sidney away.

Jaquae comes over and tells Sidney she shouldn’t pop off on Nya when she just performed. He feels that was rude.

“I don’t want to work with nobody with energy like that.” – Jaquae

So Sidney cools down and says she understand she has to keep cool.

Juelz makes his decision.

Kimbella and Juelz are on the way to court.

Both are still upset about their earlier blowup at the studio.

In a green screen interview, Juelz says he has no idea what his decision will be.

They enter the courthouse hand in hand.

Juelz decides to take the plea. It’s no telling how long the sentence will be, so he’s still nervous.

When Kimbella and Juelz get back in the car, they argue some more.

Since Juelz doesn’t want to talk about his addiction, she’s not sure how he can really become better.

He then says that Kimbella hasn’t even been there for him the whole time.

“You said we wasn’t together.” – Juelz

Feeling like Juelz is saying it’s all her fault, Kimbella questions why they are even still together. Juelz then says he’s going to be locked up soon, so she can do whatever she wants.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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