GUHHATL Finale Recap: Bow Wow’s Done with Kiyomi For Good + Brandon Returns Home

GUHHATL Season 2 Finale JD
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Da Brat’s furious Bow Wow trashed her party and Teresa’s concerned.

The season finale begins with Da Brat talking to JD at their concert rehearsal. Despite the Da Brat loving the party, she is angry with Bow Wow for attacking cameramen and production. She tells JD that Bow attacked one of cameramen, which angered her.

“Bow Wow was out of control man.” – Da Brat

JD was surprised to hear about what happened and Da Brat is concerned Bow Wow could go off during the tour. As a result, JD wants to talk to him to let him know that this wasn’t cool and he needs space from Kiyomi.

“We’re gonna have to shut that s***. down.” -JD

Meanwhile, Teresa meets with Deb about Bow Wow. Teresa tells Deb that Bow Wow’s been dealing with depression since being a teenager and she’s really concerned after what happened at Da Brat’s party.

Deb’s really concerned about Bow Wow and she tells Teresa how Bow Wow’s behavior reflects how her son behaved before the suicide. Deb really regrets how she failed to see the red flags with her son and tells Teresa she needs to talk to Bow Wow.

“Allow him to dump that s*** on you.” – Deb

Teresa opens up and fears that she’ll experience what Deb did if something happens to Bow Wow.

Bow Wow tells Teresa he’s done with Kiyomi, unfollowing her on social media.

Later on, Teresa takes Deb’s advice and meets with Bow Wow. She asks him about why he behaved the way he did. When Teresa says she went home to get 5 bibles and pray, Bow Wow felt really bad. He explained to her that he only had two drinks and got real angry when Kiyomi left, telling him he was up to something.

He’s essentially blaming Kiyomi for his outburst and Teresa lets him know that if he continues with Kiyomi, his career could end. Bow Wow agrees.

“Our relationship is too toxic and I can’t deal with it. I’m done.” – Bow Wow

Teresa suggests he unfollow her on social media. He takes her advice and unfollows Kiyomi on Twitter and Instagram. Now Bow Wow wants to meet with Da Brat and JD to clear the air so they can focus on the tour.

Lil Mama wants to venture into the Gospel genre and wants to collaborate with The Walls, a group comprised of siblings. She invited them to Atlanta to record with her and she hosts them with their parents for a dinner. Everyone is excited to collaborate with one another.

Despite having an anxiety of singing, she’s willing to expand her horizons to do this.

Bow Wow explains how Kiyomi fueled his outburst to Da Brat.

He stays with his word and meets with Da Brat. Brat isn’t trying to see him, listening to his explanation of ruining her party. But first, Da Brat unloads onto him, expressing frustration of Bow Wow ruining her party. She gets even more angry when he jokingly says it was the Hennessey.

“All you do is make excuses!” – Da Brat

Bow Wow says he’s no longer distracted by Kiyomi, breaking up with her, and apologizes to Da Brat for his actions. Da Brat doesn’t accept his apology but isn’t willing to give up on him.

In the studio, Lil Mama finally sings in the booth.

The next day, Lil Mama meets The Walls in the studio to finally overcome her fears. Before hitting the booth, The Walls find out her inspiration. Lil Mama wants to use her anger behind her ridicule in the media to fuel her singing. She and The Walls seemingly write a song on the spot and they create a beat that inspires her to sing.

When it’s time for her to hit the booth, Lil Mama gets nervous. But she overcomes that nervousness and sings in the booth with The Walls cheering her on. She also thinks back to what she learned from Kelly Price.

As she sings, everyone is impressed with how well she sounds.

JD tells Bow Wow to focus on their So So Def 25th Anniversary performance.

After talking to Da Brat, Bow runs into JD and explains how Kiyomi left him and how their argument sent him over the edge. After laughing, JD tells Bow Wow he needs anger management. Despite that, Bow Wow tells JD that he broke up with Kiyomi for good.

Regardless, JD tells him he needs to focus and be ready to start their tour.

Afterwards, Bow Wow meets up with Soulja Boy. Soulja Boy wants to work with him but first, Bow Wow tells him about breaking up with Kiyomi. Meanwhile, Deb’s at peace looking to get things right with someone close to her.

Brandon Barnes and Deb hash out their differences.

So she invites Brandon Barnes over to chat. When he returns home, she nervously brings him into her home. It’s been a year since their fallout.

However, she’s ready to bury the hatchet with Brandon. During their talk, Deb lets it be known that she felt Brandon went behind her back.

“Don’t you ever come in my face with bulls*** like that.” – Deb

Brandon apologizes and explains how he felt and why he did what he did. He felt pressure on him and felt pressure that there was beef between him and Deb. So he separated himself from Deb.

Despite what happened, Deb missed him and at the end they share a hug.

Bow Wow performs then ends the season hanging out with Masika getting shady about Kiyomi.

It’s the day of the So So Def concert in Atlanta and JD’s getting everyone together. Bow Wow shows up with his team in their dressing room. His team is excited that Bow Wow’s back to himself.

Bow Wow tells Pimpin he’s reaching out to someone from his past that isn’t Kiyomi.

During the show, Bow Wow does well and is happy so many people who care about him are in attendance. The concert went well and Bow Wow praises JD for everything.

After the concert, Bow Wow’s at his place FaceTiming his friend about a potential fun night with someone.

“Penthouse Bow is Back.” – Bow Wow

The season ends with his friend showing up, who is none other than Masika. Masika gives him heat for what happened with him and Kiyomi. He’s adamant he’s done with Kiyomi.

“Do you do like a video girl casting for your girlfriends?” – Masika

She throws more shade, calling Kiyomi a fun girl and saying he can’t be taking fun girls home. Masika also tells him that he can’t have an “aspiring girl who doesn’t have their bag.”

Bow Wow appreciates the advice from Masika.

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