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Apryl Jones Responds to Rumors Stirred by Moniece Slaughter + Spills Tea About Omarion

moniece slaughter and fizz

Photo Credit: VH1

Moniece Slaughter reveals she has a new man in her life.

Moniece Slaughter and Apryl Jones caught plenty of attention on Instagram last night. It all began when Moniece revealed she’s moved on from her ex AD Diggs. It appears she has a new man in her life and he’s been very supportive of her.

In an Instagram post, Moniece left a lengthy message for the mystery man she claims has been holding her down.

Check out the post below.

For the past year and a half, you’ve been consistent. Even when I wasn’t. I’ve cried. I’ve cursed my face off. I’ve shared blissful moments with you when I thought I was at my happiest. You’ve been a shoulder to cry on. Even in the midst of your own storm. You checked on me when too much time passed that you didn’t hear from me. You provided a judgement free zone.

Never criticized me or made me feel crazy through my ups and my downs. Instead, you offered empathy. Patience. And understanding. A true friend. And I cherish every moment. I just wanted to say thank you for helping me see my worth when I was at my lowest. For encouraging me not to give up on the idea of loving the next person that enters my life. Constantly reminding me not to be too hard on myself. Supporting my every career move. From tears of doubt to tears of joy. You’re the best friend a girl could hope for.

I appreciate you for staying solid through the most fluid time in my life. They say you know who your true friends are when you go through your darkest times. You were there holding my hand. So for that. I’m forever Indebted to you. And to show my gratitude, I promise to be just as good to you, as you’ve been to me. And I’ll hold your hand through every trial & tribulation. Helping you over every obstacle.


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Moniece allegedly spills tea about Lil Fizz involved with Omarion’s baby mama Apryl Jones.

In the post comments, things got really interesting. Fueling rumors that Lil Fizz moved on from Tiffany Campbell, when someone referred to Moniece’s new man as Lil Fizz, Moniece said he’s in Chicago with Apryl Jones.

During her live, Apryl was asked about dating Lil’ Fizz. Apryl vehemently denied this allegation from Moniece. Apryl says she knew Fizz for a long time and they are just friends.

Rumors surrounding April and Fizz began back in February this year when photos revealed the two were hanging out in VIP during a club event.

Moniece Slaughter Instagram

April spills more tea about her issues with Omarion.

During this same Live session, Apryl threw out even more allegations regarding her current standing with her ex Omarion. Not only do they no longer talk, Omarion served her papers on Mother’s Day.

This stems from a Los Angeles County Department of Child Support Services case filed against Omarion. Apryl and Omarion apparently settled the case back in June.

She also revealed she’s tired of Omarion’s treatment and their relationship was not goals at all. They put up a front for the “Love and Hip Hop” cameras and what really was going on between them was further from the truth.

Check out the live highlights below.

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