LHHMIA Recap: Trina is Fed Up with Trick Daddy + More Rumors Come out About Amara

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Trina has been busy putting the finishing touches on her album.

She’s on her way to a speaking engagement being hosted by Rico Love.

Trina is on a panel with other female rappers, including Dreezy. When she is asked about her joint album with Trick Daddy, she reveals he hasn’t been trying to get things done in a green screen interview.

Once the event is over, Trina explains to Rico that Trick has been avoiding recording with her. She’s drained and she’s getting close to going off on Trick.

But Rico tells her to  be patient and hash things out.

She agrees to this.

Gunplay and Keyara broke up.

Young Hollywood is back.

In a green screen interview, he realizes he needed to make some changes after the controversy from last season.

He meets Gunplay at a local restaurant.

Gunplay says he is now clean. His album is coming out soon and he’s now single man.

Apparently Keyara didn’t appreciate him getting DMs from an ex girlfriend. He also claims that one DM came from Amara.

“You hit that?” – Young Hollywood

However, Gunplay reveals he didn’t sleep with Amara nor his ex.

But he still feels like Keyara also has some blame in their breakup since she wasn’t giving him enough attention.

Amara has had more opportunities thanks to the show.

So she’s been booked something serious. She even has a hosting and performing gig at New York Fashion Week.

Since she’s so focused on her career, she’s not dating anyone at the moment.

After Amara wraps up her performance, her assistant tells her that her mother has been blowing up her phone.

Jessie Woo is singing during a church service.

She considers herself the Haitian Queen.

While she’s dabbled in comedy, music is her true passion.

He mother wants her in church more, but Jessie works too much for that to be possible. Regardless, her mother supports her.

She just wants Jessie to tone down on her comedy routines.

Jesse is having a sister talk brunch soon. So she invites her mother to attend. With it being on a Sunday, Jessie’s mother isn’t sure she can go.

Jojo is meddling.

Prince is still on the nightclub scene.

He’s hanging out with his dad, who is also a successful club promoter. At this point, Prince feels like he wants more.

In a green screen interview, Prince says that he had a lot of legal problems. He also lived in his car at one point. So he’s determine to stay focused.

When it comes to his love life, he still loves Liz but he has to focus on himself right now.

Bobby and Miami Tip come by and speak.

Both Bobby and Prince are annoyed that people think Prince is gay just because he’s close to Bobby. Regardless, they are going to still be friends.

After Prince walks off to mingle with others, Bobby tells Tip that Jojo told him that Prince isn’t Bobby’s real friend. Tip thinks this is nonsense and warns him not to let Jojo get in his head.

Amara’s mother has an accident.

When Amara gets to her mother’s place, she learns that her mother had major accident. She was badly burned as a result.

Amara explains that she works hard to take care of her mother. So she doesn’t want her to hurt herself working hard.

Regardless, Amara’s mother explains that part of being in the real world is being able to make sacrifices. And that’s what she intends to do. She doesn’t want Amara taking care of her.

Trick Daddy is still being difficult.

Trick Daddy is fellowshipping and playing pool.

While he’s there, he gets a phone call from Trina. He ignores it.

Trina is at the studio and running out of patience.

So she decides to just focus on her solo album.

Amara catches up with Jojo.

Jojo explains that she’s close to Bobby and Amara warns that he can be messy.

When she says this, Jojo says Bobby acts like he’s jealous that she’s close to other people. Bobby also says that Prince embarrassed him on social media.

Prince played a prank on Bobby and it bothered him.

Jojo says she doesn’t have a problem with Prince, but she told Bobby he needs to leave Prince alone if he’s upset about the prank.

More rumors come out about Amara.

It’s the day of Jessie Woo’s brunch event, “Sister Talk Live.”

Her panel consists of Miami Tip, Jojo, Jojo’s mother and Joy. After they wrap up the panel, Jojo’s mother reveals that Jojo is dating Pleasure P.

When Amara’s name comes up, Jessie says that Amara tried to hit on her ex boyfriend while they were still together.

At this point, Miami says that Amara did the same thing to Gunplay.

Jojo feels like she needs to talk to Amara because the rumors are getting out of hand.

After Jojo says she has to do this because she’s real, Tip calls out Jojo for telling Bobby that Prince could’t be trusted.

This catches Jojo off guard but she decides to keep it cute. She has a bone to pick with Bobby though.

Things can’t be worked out between Gunplay and Keyara.

Keyara and Gunplay meet.

They attempt to discuss the end of their relationship. Things get emotional after Keyara expresses she was upset to find out about the DMs.

But Gunplay says he would never cheat on her. He was just not happy at the time.

They start arguing and comparing sacrifices they both made to be with each other.

Since Keyara doesn’t feel like Gunplay understands what he did wrong, she still wants some time to be single. In a green screen interview, Gunplay says he will give her space. But he’s not giving up on a reconciliation.

The tension between Trick Daddy and Trina worsens.

Trina and Trick talk before their performance.

She explains that they need to get their joint album out while they are still hot.

But Trick doesn’t feel like talking about it. He just wants to hit the stage.

They perform “Take It To The House.”

When the DJ then plays one of Trina’s new songs, Trick gets mad. He demands the song is cut off while Trina is on stage.

This causes Trina to go off when she gets backstage.

She decides she’s no longer going to work with Trick and the joint album is not happening.

When alone, she breaks down in tears.

One of the producers consoles her.

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