Did You Catch Tanya Shading NeNe’s Plastic Surgery?

nene and tanya fight
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NeNe and Tanya are just not on the best of terms.

Things went left after NeNe told Tanya that she could end up marrying another man.

Tanya felt this was a messy thing to say and she doesn’t feel like Gregg’s battle with cancer gives NeNe a pass when it comes to clashing with the other women.

And while NeNe has made it clear she’s not ready to be cool with Tanya again, it looks like Tanya isn’t interested in being friendly with NeNe again either.

On the most recent episode, Tanya even threw a little shade at NeNe’s plastic surgery.

During her green screen interview, Tanya says she could sense that NeNe was still upset with her.

Then she said this:

I can tell NeNe’s still mad at me. She’s not trying to be real at all. But sometimes that’s hard if your face is not able to move.

Check out the video below.


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