GUHH Recap: Briana Concerns the Cast + Angela Lands Date With NBA Player

Briana and Lil Twist hang out at the beach house.

The episode opens with Briana and Lil Twist starting their day drinking at his beach house.

Lil Twist invited everyone, including Sam to his listening party. Briana called Sam the “b**** at the barber shop.” Apparently, Sam is not happy that Briana broke up with his friend Sonny. She also tells Twist how she believes Lil Eazy-E called her father Kendu Issacs a deadbeat.

“He’s a disrespectful n****.” – Briana

Lil Twist brings up how his father is in prison for 75 years due to human trafficking. This brings a bunch of emotions as Briana tries to keep him calm. Twist says if his father was there in his life, he may have stayed out of jail.

Meanwhile, JoJo is face timing his girlfriend and daughter Mia. They’re moving into their new place and his girlfriend Tanice wants JoJo there to help them pack. JoJo tells them he’s going to handle one more event with Boogie then head home.

Despite being together for 9 years, they aren’t married. He wants to propose one day.

Angela get sets up on another blind date.

Angela’s working with Katrina to set up her fitness event to celebrate a building she purchased. During the event, Angela’s PR person Adonis is going to introduce her to a basketball player named Christian Wood. Christian is a NBA player with the Milwaukee Bucks.

Katrina brings up the Romeo blow-up and Angela says he’s been acting funny. She brings up to Angela that Romeo didn’t go through with the double date because he likes Angela. However, Angela doesn’t appreciate Romeo’s antics and wishes Romeo would’ve just spoken up.

At the dispensary, Lil Eazy-E brings Boogie and Sam to meet up. Sam brings up how Sonny got dumped at Tee Tee’s singles party. Eazy brings up how Briana blew up on him.

“With her, you don’t know what you’re gonna get so its hard.” – Lil Eazy-E

They all get shocked when Eazy brings up how she’s been having bad trips off drugs. In her interview, Boogie brings up how Briana isn’t coping with negative comments on the internet.

Pepa spills more tea about Aundre.

Pepa is ready to mingle again since being newly single. She’s talking to Egypt, Sam and Tee Tee when the conversation gets uncomfortable when Sam brings up Aundre’s experience in gay p*rn. Pepa brings up how he has a “big d***” and who knows it.

“Even a p*rn gay site knows it.” – Pepa

Things get serious when things turn to Briana. Tee Tee’s fed up with her and everyone is concerned for Briana’s well-being.

“I don’t know what could happen but only Briana could cause chaos.” – Tee Tee

At Angela’s exercise event, Angela’s excited as the cast shows up. Angela says she had body-shaming issues growing up and discovered exercising could help her conquer this. Adonis is bringing Christian but they are late.

Lil Twist gets a call from his father who’s in prison.

As the event goes on, Lil Twist finds a woman there and begins flirting with her. But things get interrupted with Twist’s father calls. He steps out and takes the call. The call goes good and his dad tells him he’s proud of Twist. Twist says his father was a hustler that did his best to provide for his family.

In his interview, he says he has to go see his father to maintain their relationship.

Meanwhile, Tee Tee heads outside to talk to Kyndall and Vanessa. Vanessa tells them about the tension between Angela and Romeo.

Despite the event being a success, Adonis and Christian still aren’t there. However, they show up once the event ends. Christian says his flight was late. Angela says this is a big red flag. However, Christian used his charm and slowly win her over. To make up for showing up late, he says he’s going to take her out.

Angela gives him her number and tells him to plan something fun.

Is a proposal in the future for JoJo?

JoJo is with his mom and tells her he’s ready to propose to Tenice. This excites his mom and he’s going to take an image of a ring Tenice had on her vision board to find a ring to propose with.

Meanwhile, Master-P has Lil Eazy-E on the set. P gave Eazy a role in “I Got the Hook Up 2” and he’s happy for the opportunity. Eazy also tells P about the investigation into his father’s passing and they are finding some interesting information.

As this goes on, Romeo’s talking to his boys and they heard about things going on with Angela. They tell her that Angela being this angry means she clearly has feelings for Romeo.

Angela heads to Shape House with her friends. This is a chance to relax and detox before her date with Christian. Angela says she’s nervous to go on this date with Christian and jokes about cancelling.

Eventually, Angela makes it to his date at a batting cage. She says this is completely different from her double date with Romeo as Romeo didn’t show up.

Things get interesting when Christian gets Angela into the batting cage to try to hit baseballs. Despite Angela feeling like they both suck at swinging the baseball, she’s having a good time on the date. However, she thinks he’s too young for her. In her interview, she says Romeo never asked her out on a date.

When they leave,paparazzi capture her out on the date with Christian.

Briana causes more specultation.

It’s the day of Twist’s listening party and the cast shows up to Twist’s house. He plays his upcoming mixtape for them and they all seem to like it. The last one to show up is Briana. She walks in and says she’s been drinking, celebrating her birthday early.

“It’s been a hard time and I just don’t give a f*** right now.” – Briana

JoJo gets told to invite Angela and Vanessa to her birthday party and JoJo doesn’t know how to take this. Egypt then runs off to go talk to Briana as she seems to think Briana has been doing more than just drinking.

Later on, Briana jumps into Twist’s jacuzzi in her panties and bra. In the hot tub, Tee Tee open questions whether or not Briana is on something.

Afterwards, Tee Tee goes to find Briana doing yoga in the grass. Twist comes out to see Briana wilding out on the lawn.

“I just think my friend needs some help.” – Twist

“I think the wrong person got an intervention.” – Sam

The episode ends when the cameras get too close to her and tells them to get from behind her.

“If you don’t want your a** on camera, get our a** out the camera.” – Lil Twist

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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