‘Black Ink Crew’ Recap: Teddy Eyes Krystal After Tati Gets Real + Donna Slams Bae & Kitty

Black Ink Crew Season 7 Episode 16
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The gang wonders who vandalized the shop.

Tati returns to the shop to sweep up the glass.

The others come in to see all the drama. Apparently someone threw a brick into the shop, shattering the glass.

“Are we at war with somebody?” – Tati

In a green screen interview, Kitty says things have been taken to a completely different level. And she’s worried about everyone’s safety.

Sky invites Tokie and Krystal to do some hot yoga.

While enjoying the spa, Sky attempts to get to know both Tokie and Krystal better.

Tokie says that she plays multiple instruments. This impresses Sky.

Sky gets a phone call about her store.

She tells her employee that she needs the numbers from the shop. In a green screen interview, Sky says that she’s proud that she can multitask.

Cease and Teddy try to figure things out.

They aren’t sure who vandalized the shop.

Both were caught off guard but they are convinced it had to be planned.

Teddy then asks Cease if he saw Alex’s Instagram posts last night.

He wrote that he doubts Cease and Teddy want any smoke. They are starting to think Alex is responsible.

Cease and Teddy are both ready to get even if Alex did this.

Sky hires a security guard for the shop.

His name is Ben. The locks have even been changed.

She feels this is the only way to keep everyone safe.

Melody returns.

While she’s confused to see Ben, she’s happy to see the gang again.

She confirms that she and Lalo got back together.

As of now, she is going to continue to work at Lalo’s shop. But she will stop by Black Ink to stay in touch.

They discuss the shop being vandalized, and Cease tells them he thinks Alex did it.

Walt jokes that it could be anyone because Cease has so many enemies.

Bae’s mom has been having too much fun shopping.

When Bae looks to see how much she spent using her credit card, she is livid to find out her mom spent over $6000.

She’s considering turning off her mom’s phone and keeping her from doing any more shopping.

Donna, Kitty and Bae catch up.

Immediately, Donna calls them out for not checking on her and Alex.

They explain they felt stuck in the middle and wanted to give everyone some space.

Donna tells them that Alex is now having back problems after being jumped by Cease and Teddy.

After Bae and Kitty tell Donna that Cease thinks Alex thew the brick into the shop, Donna says they set up the meeting to spy for Cease.

She denies Alex did this and goes off on Kitty and Bae before storming off.

Back at the shop, Bae and Kitty tell Cease about their meeting with Donna.

When they tell him that Alex’s back is hurt, Ceaser isn’t buying this.

Walt changes the subject and tells the gang that his kids are coming to town.

He doesn’t want them to see him in the projects, and the new place he wants to move in requires a $6000 deposit.

So he wants to put together a Black Ink calendar to raise the funds.

Cease agrees to this and says he wants a whole month to himself.

Tati gets honest with Teddy.

Teddy and Tati go out for drinks.

They discuss Alex.

Tati tells him that she feels like they did Alex wrong.

“You need to apologize to Alex.” – Tati

“Man, I’m not apologizing for sh*t.” – Teddy

Teddy says that he has to always have Cease’s back. But Tati says he was wrong to sucker punch Alex.

At this point, Teddy says he doesn’t feel like Tati is loyal to him.

Alex has been going to physical therapy.

He’s making progress and Donna is ready for them to get back to having a s*x life.

They then discuss what Kitty and Bae said.

“A brick? I can barely pick up a pencil and they think I threw a brick?” – Alex

He says Cease had it coming but he didn’t do it.

Alex tells Donna that neither Kitty or Bae are her real friends.

Bae’s mother becomes the new receptionist.

Sky decided to do this after Bae told her about the credit card bill.

This works since they needed a receptionist for the days that Tokie isn’t there.

Cease wonders how this will work since Bae’s mom can’t really speak English.

The gang gives her some tips on how to greet customers.

Sky gets a phone call telling her that the staff is under their sales goal.

She gets angry when she finds out they didn’t even make enough to pay the rent.

Teddy sets his attention on Krystal.

Walt has his calendar shoot.

While there, Teddy ignores Tati. It’s clear he’s angry about what she had to say about Alex.

Kevin shows up with Melody.

He left the shop to work with Kat in LA from the Chicago crew. Everyone is thrilled to see him.

Teddy goes off to the side to flirt with Krystal.

Tati catches this and says Teddy is being really immature in a green screen interview.

Not too long after, Teddy watches Krystal’s shoot.

“Is this Hoetober?” – Tati

In a green screen interview, Krystal says she Tati should keep an eye on Teddy because he’s a flirt.

Annoyed with Teddy’s behavior, Tati decides to leave the shoot early. Teddy doesn’t have much to say to her before she heads out.

Donna is waiting for Alex to finish his doctor’s appointment.

She’s there to pick him up but he ignores her and continues to walk past.

Donna questions why he won’t get in the car.

“Alex, what is wrong with you?” – Donna

Alex tells her that he was told by the doctor that he can’t tattoo anymore. His spine was ruined.

“I just need to take a break.” – Alex

He walks off to think about some things.

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