LHHMIA Recap: Everyone Comes for Jojo + Bobby Denies Being in Love with Prince

LHHMIA Season 2 Episode 14
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Trina and Trick are still arguing.

But the last straw for Trick is after Trina says he looks sick and ugly in the face.

Security escorts her off the stage and Trick says that producers let Trina get away with saying anything.

Prince talks about doing music.

Bobby says Prince is really passionate and takes it serious.

Apparently Prince even has a record deal.

He’s ready to see how far things can go with his music.

Khaotic and Prince’s beef is discussed.

Prince says it wasn’t cool for Khaotic to speak on Liz the way he did.

As for Khaotic, he says he doesn’t owe Prince loyalty because they weren’t really friends. They were just getting to know each other.

A screaming match ensues, and security keeps them apart.

Seeing how tense things have gotten, Nina decides to move on.

Shay and Jojo address their fallout.

Jojo dating Pleasure was the last straw for Shay.

Although Pleasure says he and Jojo only went out on a few dates, Jojo says she didn’t know that her friendship with Shay was that serious.

Regardless, Shay says she’s upset Jojo said she had cancer on social media because she was actually dealing with fibroids.

As Shay demands an apology, Nina ends the segment as security steps in.

Amara is also not in a good place with Jojo.

But Prince says their fallout is the worst because they’ve known each other for ten years.

Jojo tries to explain what happened but then ends up saying Bobby is in love with Prince.

Both Prince and Tip accuse Jojo of lying about this and being messy.

Tip goes off on Jojo for shading her for being a stripper as security intervenes.

Jojo then explains why she believes Amara put roots on her.

She says a couple of readers told her someone had cursed her life.

While they never revealed who it was, she thinks it’s Amara.

Amara denies this and she denies practicing Santeria. She calls Jojo ignorant and says that the bad things in her life are her karma.

Bobby and Prince open up about their friendship.

They are cordial now but no longer close.

Bobby denies being in love with Prince. And Prince says the last straw was when Bobby hit him.

But he misses the friendship and hopes they can get back to that.

When Nina asks what’s next for Prince and Liz, Bobby blurts out that Liz is pregnant.

Liz and Prince get quiet and Prince says they will have to see what happens season 3.

Keyara and Gunplay haven’t made any progress.

Although Gunplay still wants to get back together, Keyara just wants to stay single for now.

Amara says she sent Gunplay a DM because her manager wanted his number, nothing more.

Jessie and Chinese Kitty open up about being rape victims.

It was emotional for both women.

And Kitty says she was surprised that her story resonated with so many women.

As everyone says their last words, Young Hollywood asks Shay out on a date and she blushes.

What are your thoughts on the season?

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