BFV Recap: Trina Reveals Sad News About Gabe + Towanda’s Boo is Revealed

BFV Season 6 Episode 19 Recap Sister Secrets
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The sisters hear good news about Trina’s trip to St. Louis.

The episode begins at Tamar’s apartment. Tamar has all of her sisters over to catch and plan a birthday party. It’s Trina’s birthday and Toni really wants to celebrate it. 

While together, Trina recaps her time in St. Louis to meet Von’s mom and aunt. During the conversation, Tamar’s prepared for Trina to reveal she’s secretly married. They all get shocked when Von asked his mom for her blessing to marry Trina. Tamar’s convinced more than ever that they’re married.

Toni asked if they would elope this time. Von wants a wedding and she’ll give it to him when he proposes. Traci makes it uncomfortable when she jokes about Trina saying yes while they’re having s*x. 

Luckily, Evelyn shows up and things get PG once more. Next, Tamar wants Towanda to reveal her secret relationship. However, that doesn’t happen. 

Towanda gets to planning Trina’s birthday.

It’s time to shop for Trina’s birthday cake and Towanda has Toni with her to taste cakes. Toni brings up how Tamar believes Trina’s married. Towanda lets her know that Trina is not married. 

During their time out, Toni reveals she still doesn’t have a wedding date and Towanda’s really concerned. 

She feels that something is off. 

Speaking of Tamar, she’s trying to get to the bottom of who’s dating Towanda. She heads out to a speciality shop to get help and is shown a GPS tracker. While in the shop, she suspects Towanda is dating one of her friends Sean and calls him. 

When he answers, he replies, “Hey baby!” 

That really gets Tamar’s suspicions and she invites Sean out to lunch in order to grill him.

Tamar and Traci are hanging out by themselves. Traci’s happy to be hanging out and is glad their beef is in the past. 

They are out shopping for decorations for Trina’s birthday. While out, They talk about their experience with Iyanla and they agree that they need to look within the next time they have conflict. Later on, Tamar lays out her suspicion Trina eloped with Von and Traci suspects it too. 

Tamar continues to investigate.

Evelyn and Trina are talking about Von. Trina talks about her time in St. Louis and asked if Von asked for Evelyn’s blessing. Evelyn’s adamant he didn’t ask and doesn’t know if he’s going to propose. 

Finally, Tamar meets with Sean to inquire about Towanda. While out, Sean asks Tamar about a drink.

“You talking about Towanda’s drink!?” – Tamar

Sean plays this off and tells Tamar she’s seeing someone when she asks if he’s dating. 

Eventually, she asks Sean if he’s dating Towanda. Towanda calls and Tamar reveals her suspicions. Sean denies he’s dating Towanda and Towanda hangs up. 

Tamar goes off on Sean for keeping things a secret despite Sean saying they aren’t dating. 

Later on, Towanda has Toni, Traci and Trina out to dinner and Towanda brings up Toni’s wedding details. But Toni doesn’t want to talk about it. Next, Towanda’s boyfriend comes up and she reveals her boyfriend’s name is Sean. 

She had to tell them because Tamar found out. 

Trina receives a devastating text message.

Just before Trina’s party, Trina received a devastating text message. Her ex-husband has a serious form of cancer and she’s devastated. She meets with producers and she doesn’t want to tell them. 

But she knows the effort her sisters put into the party so she shows up and puts on a strong face. 

Meanwhile, her sisters and Evelyn arrive to dinner without the slightest clue of what occurred. 

Trina shows up and is warmly greeted by her sisters. Tamar and Traci show off the numerous gag balloons they purchased. Then Tamar shows off the IG post were Trina called Von’s son her stepson. 

Trina tells them adamantly she’s not married. Trina begins to sheds a few tears. They notice something is off about her. They show off a surprise for Trina; Von showing up. 

He’s smitten with Trina and gives a heartfelt speech.

They show off Trina’s cake and it has a doll in a bride’s dress. When she makes a wish over her candles, she takes a long time. They then dig their hands into the cake. 

This isn’t the end for surprises as Towanda reveals they’re having a sister sleepover.

Trina sadly reveals details of Gabe’s cancer.

The next night, they all meet up for the sleepover hosted by Tamar. Tamar has everyone dressed in plaid pajamas. They give Trina a bouquet when she arrives as she still believes Trina’s still married. 

Toni couldn’t make it and Trina doesn’t mind. As everyone is getting pampered, Trina’s in heavy thought. She goes over the edge when Tamar asks about how her ex would feel about getting married to Von. 

She asks the producers to turn off the camera. They oblige then she tells them about Gabe’s stage 4 kidney cancer. 

This news breaks everyone’s hearts. 

The episode ends with everyone consoling her. 

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