‘Porsha’s Having a Baby’ Recap: Porsha Has More Tension with Dennis & His Mom

Porsha Having a Baby Episode 2
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It’s time to find a nanny.

Dennis is in the kitchen preparing breakfast. 

After Porsha comes downstairs, he tells her the dog pooped in the house. 

They have nanny interviews in a few hours. 

The couple heads to Dennis’ office for the interviews. 

Although Porsha’s sister Lauren is against Porsha having a nanny, she comes to help with the interviews. Porsha and Dennis’ mothers also come to give their input. 

Porsha wants someone more traditional. Dennis wants someone with Beyonce’s energy and looks. Of course Porsha is not here for this. 

They end up being impressed by a middle-aged black woman named Yvette. She’s a grandmother and has years of experience. However, Dennis prefers the younger black woman, Kelsey.

Since Porsha and Dennis can’t agree, Lauren says they should keep looking. 

Porsha and Dennis continue to clash over houses. 

While sitting outside, the couple discusses the fact that Porsha doesn’t want to move. 

Porsha is still upset that Dennis put an offer on a house without talking to her first. 

She wanted to just “window shop” for a home. 

Dennis suggests they go back to the house so Porsha can see it again. 

But Porsha doesn’t want to do this.

The nursery is revealed. 

Back at the house, Dennis and Porsha are opening up gifts. 

Dennis’ mom Gina comes over. 

Porsha tells her that the nursery is finished, so all three go upstairs to look at it. 

Everyone loves it. It has a very contemporary look.

The thing Porsha is most excited about is the cocktail bar, which Gina side eyes. 

After Dennis leaves to go find something, Porsha and Gina talk. 

Gina pushes for a prenup and quickie wedding. 

Porsha says she’s still upset Dennis is renting out his place after he told her he sold it. 

And she doesn’t like that he put an offer on a house without talking to her first. 

Gina says he was just trying to surprise her. 

They then talk about getting a prenup. Porsha says they put it on hold so she won’t be stressed out while pregnant. 

Gina says this is keeping them from progressing. 

Porsha then says that they are getting married on New Year’s.

Gina can’t understand why they can’t get married sooner and have a formal wedding later.  Porsha says she doesn’t want a shotgun wedding. 

“What are you waiting for? Do you want to be a baby momma or wife?” – Gina 

“Oh baby, I’m far from a baby momma because I’m already a fiancé.” – Porsha

Porsha tells Dennis to handle Gina.

Porsha tells Gina that she gets that Dennis is a momma’s boy, but she wants Gina to stay out of her relationship. Gina says her relationship with Dennis won’t change and Porsha needs to make sure she doesn’t bring her baggage from her first marriage to her next one. 

Dennis comes back and Porsha says she’s ready to go to bed. 

Porsha tells Dennis that she’s never had to deal with a mother in law who likes to talk about personal stuff so much. 

Dennis says that Gina wants a quickie wedding because she doesn’t want the baby born out-of-wedlock. 

After Porsha says Gina is overbearing, Dennis asks when is the last time Diane called Porsha out about anything. 

Regardless, Porsha tells Dennis he needs to tell Gina to “back off a little bit.” 

Dennis goes back downstairs and tells Gina that Porsha feels she’s being too hard on her. 

Gina says she has no issue with Porsha and she’s adorable as ever.

Porsha and Lauren head to Shamea’s place. 

They talk about Dennis and Porsha says that she cleared out half of the bathroom so he can move his things in. 

But she’s annoyed with Gina. 

Lauren says it sounds like the parents are on teams now. 

Porsha says she likes that Gina speaks her mind, but it’s a bit much at times. 

The couple is headed to therapy. 

Back at home, Porsha is in bed with Dennis. 

In a green screen interview, Porsha says she’s thankful Dennis is still attracted to her this far along into her pregnancy. 

When it comes to a name for PJ, Porsha like Pilar for the first name. 

Dennis doesn’t want to name PJ after an ex girlfriend. Her name is Pilar. 

Porsha doesn’t care though and Dennis says they need to learn how to compromise. Porsha is making a lot of the decisions on her own, including picking out the baby’s name and designing the nursery. 

So Porsha suggests they have a therapy session with Dr. Sherry. 

He agrees to it. 

Dennis expresses his frustrations to Dr. Sherry. 

When they begin the session, Porsha says she wants to make sure that she and Dennis are in a good place before the baby gets here. 

The main thing that is bothering Dennis is their living arrangement. It’s not easy to commute to work from Duluth. 

Porsha says they agreed to live in Duluth for a few years. Now he wants to  move back to Atlanta immediately. 

Dr. Sherry says it was no structure to their agreement. 

Porsha brings up the fact that Dennis put an offer on a house without discussing it with her. 

It became a concern for Porsha because Dennis changed his mind on selling his place. He also did not discuss this with her. 

She has dealt with this in her past marriage. 

Kordell made moves without talking to her, including renting out his place after he told Porsha he sold it. 

Dr. Sherry gives a warning. 

Dennis says he doesn’t like that Porsha asked him to pay half on the down-payment on the Duluth house. And now she’s pushing for him to sign a rental agreement. 

But Porsha says this is just to protect herself legally. 

Dennis also brings up the fact that his things are in Porsha’s basement. Dr. Sherry says this isn’t fair. 

“It’s a little selfish.” – Dennis

When Porsha says that both of their mothers are also moving into the five bedroom house, Dr. Sherry is in shock. 

Dr. Sherry says things can get nasty really quickly with Gina and Diane living there. So she tells them to work out their issues now. 

Porsha and Dennis clash after therapy. 

When Dennis and Porsha get in the car to head home, Dennis says their relationship is getting rocky. 

And he feels like Porsha needs to deal with the issues from her past marriage. 

Porsha says Dennis needs to do better and be honest when he knows what she’s been through. 

Dennis then says that it’s hard for him to feel like Porsha’s house is his too when she wants him to sign a rental agreement. 

Porsha says she can eventually move into another house. But she doesn’t like that Dennis isn’t staying true to their agreement of being in Duluth for a few years. 

Dennis says he doesn’t want to end up stuck there. 

He says they need to both learn how to compromise. 

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