A Nicki Minaj Fan Accuses Erica Mena of Being Obsessed + She Responds

Nicki Minaj And Erica
Photo Credit: Instagram

Safaree’s engagement to Erica became a hot topic on the most recent season of “Love And Hip Hop New York.”

While some of the cast is happy for them, others aren’t.

In fact, Safaree ended up clashing with Joe and Cyn when Erica popped up during the group’s trip to Costa Rica.

This led to some heated moments, and Safaree also got into it with Erica’s other ex Rich.

Now Erica is having some tension with fans of Safaree’s ex Nicki Minaj.

They have been coming for her on social media since she called Nicki “cartoony” in a recent interview.

You can check out the clip below.

And some of Nicki’s fans seem to think Erica is obsessed with Nicki.

When one expressed such to Safaree on Twitter, Erica wasted no time in clapping back.

She wanted Nicki’s fans to know that she’s the only woman who matters to Safaree at this point.

Check out the screenshots below.

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