‘Porsha’s Having a Baby’ Recap: Porsha & Dennis’ Mothers Clash Days Before She Gives Birth

Porsha Having A Baby Episode 3
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Porsha and Dennis still can’t decide on a baby name.

Dennis buys Porsha some flowers after their argument after therapy.

They still haven’t decided on a name for their daughter.

So Dennis suggests they pull a name from a jar. They go through possible P names for a girl.

Porsha makes it clear that she loves the name Pilar. But Dennis doesn’t want to use it because it’s his ex-girlfriend’s name.

They agree to name the baby Porsha if she looks like Porsha. And they agree to name it whatever they pick from the jar if the baby looks like Dennis. So they pull the name and it’s Penelope. Porsha doesn’t like this name so they haven’t made any progress.

Porsha meets her mother Diane for a bite to eat.

They discuss the fact that Porsha and Dennis are clashing over their living arrangements.

Porsha is convinced that Dennis’ mom Gina is the one who convinced him that they need to move out of Porsha’s home sooner than they agreed on.

“That makes me angry.” – Diane

Diane says parents need to know when to back off and she’s going to have a relationship with Gina.

Porsha and Dennis go to the doctor.

She’s four days away from her delivery date.

It’s such a surreal moment to know their baby will be here soon.

They get another ultrasound and can’t contain their excitement.

The doctor tells them everything looks good and the baby is above average in size. So Porsha is thankful to be getting a c-section.

Diane confronts Gina.

Both women meet at a restaurant.

They discuss Dennis and Porsha’s living arrangements.

Diane feels there should be no rush in getting a new house. But Gina says they should do it now because commuting will be hard.

Gina says that Dennis was raised to get married before having a baby.

Diane then says that she thinks Porsha and Dennis need to figure things out for themselves. So she thinks Gina should mind her business and also chill out on the prenup talk.

Gina says she’s never going to mind her own business and the two women begin to get snarky.

Diane says she wants to have a great relationship with Gina but that can’t happen if she doesn’t change her ways.

At this point, Gina says she isn’t sure she even wants to talk to Diane again and Diana tells her they won’t have to see each other again until Porsha gives birth.

Both mothers leave the restaurant visibly irritated with one another.

Porsha catches up with Rickey Smiley.

She tells Rickey about the drama surrounding their living situation.

They get candid and Porsha says she just wants to protect herself legally after what happened with Kordell.

So Rickey tells her to make some more space for Dennis in her house until they can figure things out. That will at least help with the tension.

On her way back from her time with Rickey, Diane calls up Porsha.

She tells Porsha that the conversation “went left.”

It’s clear that a family meeting needs to happen soon.

Diane and Gina face off again.

After the confrontation, Dennis and Porsha invite Gina and Diane over so they can hash things out.

When Gina comes in, she refuses to say hi to Diane.

They get right into it. Gina says Porsha being pregnant isn’t a reason to put off doing a prenup.

But Porsha says a prenup is essentially preparing for a breakup. So she doesn’t want any negativity while she’s pregnant.

Diane gets short and annoyed at this point, upsetting Porsha and Diane.

Both Porsha and Diane break down in tears, and Diane says it would be horrible if the mothers break up Dennis and Porsha.

Gina gets emotional and apologizes to Diane.

They then hug it out and Diane hugs Dennis and Porsha.

Porsha cries and hugs Diane. They agree they are a family and they have to be there for each other.

Help arrives.

After things are settled between their mothers, Porsha has closet organizers come over to make room for Dennis’ things.

He’s really happy about this.

With one day left until her delivery date, Dr. Sherry comes over for a therapy session.

Porsha tells Dr. Sherry that they decided their moms don’t need to live there after the confrontation they had. So they will just hire a nanny instead.

The couple prepares to head to the hospital.

Lauren is driving and Dennis has been drinking already in excitement.

When they get there, Porsha gets prepped for her C-section.

Later on that day the couple meets their beautiful baby girl.

They name their daughter Pilar.

Porsha says that a C-section wasn’t the easiest way to give birth. Her body was put through a lot.

But they are glad to have the baby home.

Although Dennis denies getting a push gift, he has a man come in with shopping gifts.

Dennis takes out a Rolex and puts it on Pilar’s wrist as Porsha laughs.

He then gifts Porsha with a Rolex that matches his.

“We’re so ghetto. I love it.” – Porsha

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