GUHHATL: Bow Wow Gets Disrespectful + Waka & Tammy Don’t Trust Brandon

GUHHATL Season 3 Episode 2
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Bow Wow and Deb argue.

The episode begins with Bow Wow and Deb arguing over Bow Wow’s incident. It’s been eight days since the incident and Deb’s still questioning Bow Wow’s involvement. Bow Wow stands by his claims that Kiyomi was drinking too much. She asked if he watched the elevator footage and has he explained what happened. Bow Wow says she took his keys.

Deb wants Bow Wow to own up to his contributions and stop blaming Kiyomi. However, Bow Wow’s adamant Kiyomi assaulted and hurt him. He says she was also going through his phone. But, Deb doesn’t care.

“Here’s why you’re guilty. You knew what kind of woman she was before you got with her. You knew it was toxic.” – Deb

Andrea’s dancing skills and confidence impress Tammy.

Meanwhile, Tammy heads back to Andrea’s studio. Tammy’s wants Andrea to teach her how to dance and perform “s*xy” on stage and Andrea’s definitely up for it.

Before they get into the dancing, Andrea has Tammy stretch while praising her. Andrea wants to do all she can to bring out Tammy’s confidence.

Andrea also asks how Waka feels about Tammy pursuing her music career and Tammy says he’s very supportive. In fact, Wake’s been fighting for his marriage, according to Tammy and she’s happy about it.

Speaking of Waka, Tammy meets up with Waka after her class with Drea. Tammy says she’s been inspired by Andrea’s story and it made her happy to be with Waka. During their time out, they talk about Wake’s retirement. It’s not going the way Tammy expected and she mentions she wants another child. Waka jokes saying he wants Gemini twins.

Brandon and Deb talk.

Meanwhile, Brandon stops by Deb’s house for a chat. Deb’s proud of Brandon because he’s actually in the City of Atlanta Fire Academy. He’s working on becoming a firefighter. However, there’s an apparent issue between Ayana and Brandon, stemming from their sit-down last season. Brandon wants to talk to Ayana and brings up the event she’s throwing with Bow Wow.

Brandon says he’s not surprised that the situation happened with Bow Wow and Kiyomi and feels Bow Wow’s not completely innocent.

Meanwhile, Bow Wow’s still very nervous about his legal troubles. His lawyer stops by to tell him that his case isn’t going to court anytime soon. Bow Wow wants the entire situation to go away. Even though he’s working on getting the case dismissed, Bow Wow’s lawyer tells him that it can take a long time for this to happen.

Of course, his lawyer tells Bow Wow to not contact Kiyomi and Bow Wow agrees.

“There is no way I will ever speak to [Kiyomi] ever again. Any time someone gets you locked up, they don’t give a [bleep] about you.” – Bow Wow

Eazy-E’s daughter speaks on her rough upbringing.

B.T. is in the studio and his artist HenRee, Eazy-E’s daughter, is late showing up for an interview. Eventually, she shows up, they get the interview going. During the interview, her father comes up and she wants to be respected as an artist, not just being known for her dad.

She also talked about being born and raised in Decatur and struggling growing up. In fact, people didn’t even want to deal with her due to her dad’s diagnosis.

After the interview, they get personal. She reveals she’s been in a 10-year relationship. She’s not focused on the relationship because of her career. Before he leaves, he invites her to his party.

Ayana and Amy moved in with one another and Ayana’s dad DJ Hurricane stops by. He eventually gets there with gifts and Deb’s not far behind with gifts of her own. Bow Wow reminds Ayana about the party via text and she lets him know she and Amy will be there.

Since Amy’s paying the rent for their place, DJ Hurricane and Deb ask what Ayana’s going to do for money. When she says working on a YouTube page, they side-eye it. Deb suggests to work with Brandon to help promote the page and Ayana scoffs at it.

Ayana’s doesn’t trust Brandon because she’s been burned by him not holding secrets. In fact, she feels Brandon isn’t genuine. However, Deb wants Ayana to give him another chance.

Of course, Bow Wow comes up and Deb says he’s going through issues and doesn’t feel any remorse about what happened.

The next day, Deb tells Tammy about Ayana and Brandon’s beef and Brandon becoming a fireman. Tammy asks Deb if she ever met Brandon’s parents. Deb says she hasn’t.

“I’m just saying that’s a question mark. You put us in harm’s way.” – Tammy

Bow Wow disrespects Kiyomi.

She also tells Deb’s Waka and his brothers felt some kind of way about Deb giving Kayo’s room to Brandon. Kayo is Waka’s brother who passed away a few years ago. That move hurt Waka and the brothers.

It’s the night of Bow Wow and B.T.’s party and Ayana showed up. The place is packed when Bow Wow arrives. The party was thrown just two weeks after Bow Wow’s arrest Super Bowl weekend. As the party goes on, Bow Wow’s surrounded by plenty of women. A wrench gets thrown when one of the girls brings up she’s Kiyomi’s friend and he shuts that down.

“We’re not talking about that b****. F*** that b****, that b**** locked me up.” – Bow Wow

The episode ends with Angela Simmons showing up at the party.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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