‘Queen Sugar’ Recap: Aunt Vi Disowns Nova

Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 3
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Aunt Vi faints at the sight of Jimmy Dale.

The episode begins with Aunt Vi getting ready for her day. Aunt Vi is feeling emotions from reading Nova’s book. She’s angry with Nova over the book.

She and Hollywood arrive in the diner when her ex shows up. She turns and faces him in shock and faints into her arms.

“It’s been awhile.” – Jimmy Dale

Hollywood shows up, allowing for her ex to scurry away when she regains her senses. Aunt Vi wants to go home and Hollywood obliges. Meanwhile, Charley notices Micah reading Nova’s book.

Micah isn’t really feeling Charley right now.

Charley and Nova speak about Charley paying Molina to keep quiet. She tells Micah that Nova’s book wasn’t how she wanted Micah to find out but he’s angry about it.

“I just don’t understand you at times.” – Micah

Overall, Micah has Nova’s back, saying the book’s written, “by someone [he] can trust.”

Speaking of Nova, her editor Deborah calls as she’s preparing for an interview. The New York times shot them in advance of their review, and it’s called a love letter. The NY Times loves Nova’s book that’s tearing her family apart.

It’s time for the Harvest with Prosper and Ralph Angel meeting at the farm. Ralph Angel tells Prosper about Nova’s book and tells Prosper about Blue. But, Prosper isn’t sweating it, telling Ralph Angel his father wasn’t his biological one.

“He wasn’t my father but he was my daddy. A book doesn’t change that. Make sure he knows it.” – Prosper

Unfortunately, a few of the field workers fall ill on the farm.

During Nova’s interview, the guests speak out in favor of the book. One question Nova receives regards how she built her relationship with Charley despite the drama. Nova says she “cleaned out the drawer” that held their feelings and drama. Meanwhile, Charley calls Ms. Boudreaux about why she can’t attend board meetings while Jacob can attend while owning the same amount of shares in Landry Enterprises.

Aunt Vi tells Hollywood why she fainted.

At home, Hollywood notices Aunt Vi still not feeling well at home. She tells Hollywood that she saw Jimmy Dale at the diner. This angers Hollywood and he calls Rhonda at the diner to tell him if Jimmy Dale comes back in.

He then tells Aunt Vi that he’s around to start something and that he’s going to finish him. Meanwhile, Kiki’s been avoiding Micah at school. He confronts Kiki about it and she’s mad that he’s acting brand new, beating up people. He promises he won’t lash out in anger like that anymore.

An angry Charley storms into Jacob’s office when he’s meeting with a new consultant. He tells her that bylaws were passed that family members can attend. He texts her, however, to meet out back to explain. Once out back, he tells her not to ruffle anymore Landry’s. He then tells her that shutting down the prison didn’t stop the Landry.

“There are things going on that shouldn’t be, Charley.” – Jacob

Hollywood confronts and threatens Jimmy Dale.

At the diner, Hollywood meets with Jimmy Dale and tells him to cut out the act. However, Jimmy still keeps on the charm. Hollywood tells him to bounce, bringing up how Ernest whopped him once before.

Jimmy leaves at this point, noting that the Bordelons were his family too. When he gets home, Hollywood tells Aunt Vi he followed Jimmy Dale west out of town.

Ralph Angel’s on his date with Joie’s mom. She’s surprised Ralph Angel found time to see her during the harvest season. Overall, the date goes well.

After her meeting with Jacob, Charley calls her cleaner Vickie regarding a $1.5 million purchase of land completed by Landry Enterprises. Meanwhile, she meets with Romero, talking about migrant workers. The topic of the migrant workers dying on The Bordelon farm comes up and it surprises Charley he knows about it. She also probes about setting up services to help migrant workers with their medical issues and offers space at the mill to help them out.

This makes Romero very happy.

At home, Aunt Vi pulls out a box of memories, which includes her medical band from when Jimmy Dale put her in the hospital.

During their date, Ralph Angel learns about Joie mother’s past and learns he had his background check ran by her.

Charley reveals to Micah the extent she protected Micah from death threats.

Kiki and Micah make it to his home when he gets a death threat in the mail and Kiki wants to take the note to the police but he takes it to Charley first. However, he doesn’t trust when Charley says she’ll handle it.

She then pulls out previous death threats he received, telling him how she hired a security detail to protect him. Charley tells him that she’ll do whatever it takes to protect him.

Darla learns of Nova’s betrayal.

After his date with Joie’s mom, Darla comes to pick him up. At this point, Ralph Angel tells Darla about what Nova wrote in her book, angering her.

“Does she even consider other people’s feelings?” – Darla

“We can’t let that happen.” – Ralph Angel

He tells Darla that they’ll need to speak.

Aunt Vi’s confronted by Jimmy Dale, thanks to Nova.

Meanwhile, Aunt Vi’s scared when Jimmy Dale shows up. He tells her they’re due for a talk but she tells him to leave. After a little persuading from Jimmy Dale, she lets him in.

He apologizes how things ended between them, calling them dumb mistakes. Nova shows up and demands to know why he’s there.

“Oh hey, Nova; Good to see you again.” – Jimmy Dale

“What’s he talking about?” – Aunt Vi

“I can explain.” – Nova

Things get tense when Hollywood shows up and he gets good on his threat to continue Ernest’s beating. Before Jimmy leaves, he says he really wanted to apologize but takes it all back.

When he finally leaves, Nova reveals to Aunt Vi and Hollywood she spoke to Jimmy Dale to see if he could redeem himself. But after speaking to him, she realized this was a mistake.

Aunt Vi tells Nova Ernest would be disappointed in her and she doesn’t even want to speak to her again, anytime soon.

“Don’t darken my doorstep, deliver flowers to my gravestone or disturb my peace. This is the last time I want to see you at my house, Nova Bordelon.” – Aunt Vi

The episode ends with Nova leaving Aunt Vi’s in tears.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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