Former LHHMIA Star Puts Safaree on Blast

Erica And Safaree Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

While Erica and Safaree are planning a wedding, someone just put Safaree on blast.

Hours ago, former LHHMIA star Gabrielle Davis took to Instagram to make some accusations.

She claimed that she and Safaree dated in the past.

Now she’s saying his engagement to Erica hasn’t kept Safaree from contacting her.

So she posted text messages of Safaree saying some things a fiance shouldn’t be saying.

In one text, Safaree said he’s never actually marrying Erica.

He also stated his breakup with Nicki did a number on him emotionally.

Safaree also said that he misses waking up next to Gabrielle.

You can check out Gabrielle’s Instagram posts below.

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