‘Friends & Family Hustle’ Recap: LeToya & Tommi Pump the Brakes + Toya is Ready to Drop Wright

Friends And Family Hustle Season 2 Episode 12
Photo Credit: VH1

Tiny is at rehearsals for her upcoming performance.

She watches as the dancers practice the routine.

For Tiny, it’s a bit intimidating to take the stage alone when she’s so used to be performing as a member of Xscape.

Tommi is back in town.

He plays some basketball with LeToya.

They discuss having more kids.

She tells him she’s open to surrogacy. But she wonders how Tommi feels. Tommi says that he’s open to using a surrogate after watching what LeToya went through.

The renovations have been finished at the Harris estate.

Tiny is really impressed with how things turned out. She finally got her bathroom with the TV.

The ladies chat and do some boxing.

Toya confirms Reginae found a house and placed an offer on it.

LeToya confirms that she and Tommi are considering using a surrogate.

Days later, they interview a few prospective surrogates. The couple comes to the conclusion that they aren’t sure what they want to do. So they will take their time to figure things out.

Toya and Red go get new tattoos.

They decide to get their daughter’s name.

Toya tells Red she’s been thinking about changing her last name.

With things moving forward, she is ready to drop Wright, the last name of her previous husband.

Marriage is now something Toya is open to. This makes Red happy to hear as he wants to having another baby.

But they want to get married before they have another baby.

It’s the night of Tiny’s show.

LeToya opens up the show and feels comfortable back on the stage.

TI watches on in the crowd and he’s extremely proud of his wife.

What are your thoughts on the season?

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