‘Queen Sugar’ Recap: Charley Announces Her Campaign & Nova Calls Things Off With Dr. Laurent

Queen Sugar Season 4 episode 6
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Nova’s book tour gets even more positive news.

Nova gets a call from the publisher with fabulous news. She’s been shortlisted for the National Book Award and she’s hopeful this helps her family see how the book helped people.

She is reminded by her lover/professor that she doesn’t need the award for the validation.

Back at the farm, Darla hounds Ralph Angel about making a therapy appointment for Blue. Charley’s also getting her team prepared to canvas for signatures and supporting her election campaign. This also includes Leon’s sister who seems smitten with Prosper.

Charley’s told to meet with Pastor Martinez.

Romero tells Charley she needs to meet with Pastor Angel Martinez. He’s also concerned about the Landry family attacking Charley in the election. However, Charley knows what they’re going to do but will fight.

“Can’t lose my daddy’s land.” – Charley

Aunt Vi’s not making a big deal of the recent incidents involving Jimmy Dale and Nova but Hollywood isn’t sure. Nova’s with Dr. Laurent for an interview and the interviewer asks how they know one another. Dr. Laurent sings her praises and the interviewer backs off, sticking to the interview.

Nova learns from the reporter Charley’s running for City Council in St. Joseph, which surprises her.

Ralph Angel made the appointment with the therapist and she makes one visit. Blue’s not interested in telling what happened, but Kenya helps tells the story. The therapist is surprised to hear the news about Ralph Angel not being his biological father.

Blue goes to play and Darla believes the therapy will be good for him. They also learn from the therapist that they need to be patient. They then are tasked to write down the goals they have for Blue.

Aunt Vi learns why her mood changed for the worst.

Aunt Vi’s on the phone with the doctor talking about her lack of mood in the bedroom. The doctor helps her realize that a traumatic experience occurred, that’s affecting her.

Dr. Laurent and Nova end up having an argument over Charley and running for office. Nova wants to help but Dr. Laurent says that she’ll have to put her family in the “rear view” if she’s to go what she expects to go.

Kiki stops by to see Micah and drop off a book. She’s short with him but he asks if she could come with him to see Ant. However, Kiki doesn’t want to spend time with him right now.

At the farm, Hollywood and Ralph Angel talk about Charley and Nova’s book. He tells Hollywood that he’s in therapy with Darla and Blue. Ralph Angel hasn’t sat down yet to think about his future goals with Blue.

Hollywood tells him not to worry about the past snatching away the future.

Charley meets with Pastor Martinez.

Later that night, Romero takes Charley and Micah out to eat. When Romero steps away, Charley thanks Micah for coming out with him. Micah notices Charley’s falling for Romero and tells her she “deserves to be happy.”

Micah leaves dinner early to give his mom and Romero alone time. Charley uses the moment to introduce herself to Pastor Angel Martinez. Pastor Martinez doesn’t seem too friendly towards Charley so far.

At a cocktail hour, a few white women casually question Nova about her past relationship with the white cop Calvin. Dr. Lauren helps her navigate the conversation, however, Nova’s not too enthusiastic. Dr. Laurent gets disappointed when she gets overlooked to edit a book on race, as the editor is looking to work with Nova.

Back at their date, Charley tells Romero Pastor Martinez isn’t too warm towards her. However, she’s appreciative of Romero extending the olive branch anyway and notes how he’s the first man to add to her and not take anything away.

Later on, Charley takes Romero home and thanks to him for everything he’s done for her in the bedroom.

Nova ditches Dr. Laurent.

At a bar, the bartender notices Nova’s stressed. He gives Nova a strong drink on the house. He introduces himself as Terrence and he lays it on thick. He then invites Nova out to a club to dance her worries away.

Nova declines.

At the farm, Darla and Ralph Angel are out on the front porch talking about animals. Blue comes across how male penguins keep the young safe, keeping the egg warm. Blue notes it’s similar to how Ralph Angel kept him safe.

The next day, Charley tries to make inroads with Pastor Martinez but he’s not budging. She tells him she’s in this for the long-haul. Her persistence seems to take down the pastor’s wall just a bit.

Meanwhile, Hollywood surprises Aunt Vi by buying a motorcycle. He wants Aunt Vi to ride with him but she’s unmoved. Finally, Aunt Vi opens up about her conversation with the doctor. Jimmy Dale negatively affected Aunt Vi mentally and emotionally.

She asks Hollywood for patience and just a little “space.” Hollywood responds by hugging her.

Nova and Dr. Laurent argue when Nova heads back to the room because Nova blew her off. This was in response to Dr. Laurent trying to take the book editing offer.

The argument ends with Nova saying, “I’ve outgrown you.”

Charley announces her campaign.

Dr. Laurent begins to break down in tears as Nova kisses her cheek goodbye. Prosper’s packing envelopes with his friend at Charley’s campaign office. And he invites her out to dinner.

Unfortunately, a brick comes flying through a window and Charley’s hit by broken glass. Charley’s scratched in the neck but she’s okay. Meanwhile, Ralph Angel sits to write down “Blue’s College Graduation” down as a goal. Nova also calls Charley to congratulate her for running in the City Council elections. She has to leave a voicemail as Charley isn’t answering her calls.

Finally, despite the vandalism, Charley officially announces her campaign for city council. Councilwoman Barrera is present, lending her support to Charley’s election bid. Charley’s speech riles up the crowd as she wears a bandage on her neck proudly.

The episode ends with her family, sans Nova, joining her in support.

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