‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Sky Tries to Attack Her Son Des + Accuses Him of Stealing from Her

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Fans of “Black Ink Crew” were happy to see Sky reunite with her sons.

While she bonded with Des pretty quickly, it was a harder thing to pull off with Genesis.

Genesis felt like Sky abandoned him and Des. So his initial feelings towards her were resentment and anger.

They nearly came to blows twice on the show.

Eventually, Genesis came around.

But social media revealed the peace didn’t last.

Sky is no longer on good terms with Genesis or Des. The first sign was she unfollowed them on Instagram.

Then Des and Genesis began to call her out on the social media platform.

Genesis felt like Sky wasn’t supportive enough. Then he later said he only made up with her to get paid to be on the show.

Des confirmed he’s no longer on speaking terms with Sky. But he’s grown closer to his biological father. He also feels like Sky only reached out to him and Genesis for a storyline.

Regardless, Sky is now convinced Des stole from her.

And that is the reason she no longer talks to him.

In a preview for the upcoming season, Sky accuses Des of stealing from her. She runs up on him and has to be restrained by security.

Sky then tells Des that she’s disowning him.

Check out the video below.

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