GUHHATL Recap: Waka Flocka Exposes Brandon & Bow Wow Says Women in ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Lied

GUHHATL Season 3 Episode 7 Recap
Photo Credit: We TV

By: A.J. Niles

On the latest “Growing Up Hip Hop,” Waka Flocka reveals more details about Brandon Barnes’ alleged lie at their family dinner.

However, Brandon remains adamant he’s telling the truth about becoming a firefighter. Next, Bow Wow’s new love interest Corri appears to be prepared to stay with Bow Wow for a while. She heads over to his condo with bags packed, appearing to move in.

Bow Wow also learns Teresa befriended Andrea Kelly and wants Bow Wow to meet her. Bow Wow isn’t having it but meets her when she pops up at his upcoming du-rag party.

Finally, Reemarkable’s mom feels Ree is too good to try-out for Brat and Deb’s rapper boot camp, and Ree seemingly agrees.

Here’s the recap for, “It’s Gettin Hot in Herre.”

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